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13:22 pdurbin  huh. http://crimsonfu.github.com takes me to http://crimsonfu.github.io ... is anyone else seeing this?
13:23 shuff    me too
13:23 pdurbin  why?
13:24 shuff    https://help.github.com/articles/user-organization-and-project-pages
13:24 pdurbin  "Beginning today, all GitHub Pages sites are moving to a new, dedicated domain: github.io. This is a security measure..." -- https://github.com/blog/1452-new-github-pages-domain-github-io
13:24 shuff    https://help.github.com/articles/should-i-rename-username-github-com-repositories-to-username-github-io
13:25 shuff    ok, that's sufficiently non-bogus
13:26 shuff    alas, it looks like there is no .fu TLD :)
13:26 pdurbin  drat
13:39 pdurbin  I guess I'm ok with http://crimsonfu.github.io ... I don't plan to buy a domain for us. Someone else can :)
13:43 pdurbin  I can't even get you people to make member pages: http://crimsonfu.github.io/members/ :)
14:50 pdurbin  shuff: are you still working on https://github.com/hakamadare/geekdir ?
14:55 shuff    i haven't done anything on that in a while, alas
14:57 pdurbin  alex came by to fix up my python and I showed him my "geek" files
14:58 pdurbin  I'm slowly moving them to http://wiki.greptilian.com
14:58 pdurbin  but he seemed interested in a `geek` command like I've got... man pages with examples, basically
14:59 pdurbin  on a related note... "closed as not constructive" -- unix - Where can I get man pages with examples - Stack Overflow - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5486580/where-can-i-get-man-pages-with-examples
15:38 shuff    oh my
15:38 shuff    that is a silly question
15:39 semiosis my answer would be "openbsd" :)
15:41 pdurbin  doesn't seem silly to me
15:42 pdurbin  semiosis: more examples in man pages on openbsd?
15:43 semiosis it's the only BSD i've spent any time on, so maybe this is true of free/net bsd as well, but in my experience openbsd has extremely well maintained man pages
15:44 semiosis very well written, thorough explanations, examples, ...
15:45 pdurbin  good on them
15:51 semiosis http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq9.html - "One important difference between OpenBSD and many other operating systems is the documentation. OpenBSD developers take great pride in the system man pages. The man pages are the authoritative source of OpenBSD documentation..."
15:52 ben_e    i think that's a core goal of all the bsd's
15:52 ben_e    the freebsd man pages beat the pants of the linux ones
15:53 ben_e    even taking into account the horrible gnu habit of "this manpage is incomplete; see the info doc"
15:55 pdurbin  I don't *think* GNU is being malicious
17:24 melodie  hi
17:28 pdurbin  melodie: I don't mind if you say hi but you don't have to. you can just start typing :)
17:31 melodie  hello pdurbin I prefer to say hi so I know when someone is around. I have started on cs50 with the video which is on the page, last night, and then registered on the google group of the course. then downloaded the cs50 fedora vbox export and imported it
17:32 pdurbin  nice. great class
17:32 melodie  once done I started to use a few hours to improve it, because it has nothing natively to fit in vbox the right way : the window is very tiny, the fonts are ugly, there is no background it is way late with updates... so I have started to work on it to fix all this. :D
17:32 melodie  I don't even know Fedora but googling helped finding what is needed to get a better resolution and so on
17:33 melodie  and also adding zram to it is the very tricky part
17:33 melodie  http://mystilleef.blogspot.fr/2011/10/enable-zram-in-fedora.html
17:33 melodie  it is half done, now : I have to do the configuration but installed the kmod-staging package which is meant for this use (from a repos... )
17:34 melodie  I think everything looks strange in a Fedora distro anyhow.
17:35 melodie  do you think it would interest them to get a new export once the improvements achieved ? this would allow for more comfort and also improve speed of the system.
17:37 pdurbin  melodie: you could start by reporting issues: https://manual.cs50.net/CS50_Appliance_2.3#Known_Issues
17:37 melodie  pdurbin I have to find out one or two more things related to this course, there are things I don't understand at all in the words used (not in the course but about the organisation for students registered)
17:38 melodie  pdurbin I will rather list the issues once fixed and want to provide the export.
17:40 pdurbin  melodie: maybe start by emailing the list: http://groups.google.com/group/cs50-discuss/topics
17:42 melodie  pdurbin I have looked at the "known issues" page too, it is very interesting
17:43 melodie  cs50-discuss : I registered there yesterday. Ok I can post there...
17:46 pdurbin  i still kinda wish that mailing list were public, like the one for cs164: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cs164-discuss/RtY4TJiZqnw/SpfsFcys8vYJ
17:56 melodie  pdurbin what is an "oversight" ?
17:57 melodie  pdurbin I wish I would get the list of packages needed for the cs50 distro and would make one out of Ubuntu Openbox (villagebox mode) O:-)
18:01 pdurbin  an oversight is forgetting to do something
18:05 melodie  then I re read you now
18:06 melodie  pdurbin what does this mean ? "if the admins what to flip the
18:06 melodie  switch"
18:06 melodie  is this sentence the way you intended to write it ?
18:15 pdurbin  like a light switch. on vs. off
18:16 melodie  did you mean "what" or "want" ? this is my question aamof
18:16 melodie  :)
18:16 pdurbin  whoops
18:16 pdurbin  i meant want
18:17 melodie  pdurbin ok, now I get it
18:18 pdurbin  sorry
18:22 melodie  pdurbin we often type too fast, don't we ? :D
18:22 pdurbin  yees
18:24 melodie  and I had to ask the question because English is not my mother's language, so I was not sure about the general meaning. :]
19:37 melodie  pdurbin the cs50 doesn't have an IRC chan, does it ?
19:37 pdurbin  buh. dunno. would be nice
19:38 melodie  :p
19:39 melodie  I wonder if this is "fedora" or if this is "cs50 fedora", I can't get the @$*£!!! vbox machine to talk my language. the language tool just does not respond the right way and yum does not find any relevant locale packages when I prompt for it
19:45 pdurbin  i've never used the cs50 appliance
19:48 melodie  ok
19:49 melodie  it's mainly a fedora xfce with not background on the desktop (root window), a nautilus fm with a dropbox plugin and a lamp server
19:49 melodie  the Fedora version used for the latest cs50 appliance is the Fedora 17
20:07 pdurbin  that sounds about right
20:10 melodie  I am about to install fedora 18 lxde on hard file (vbox) to see what happens with it