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02:07 melodie gn
13:21 pdurbin I'm finally reading The Arch Way ( https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/The_Arch_Way ) after reading this strong endorsement of Arch: https://plus.google.com/115250422803614415116/posts/WDAZTPWxmNC
13:21 pdurbin ironcamel: you were right all along :)
17:19 melodie hi
17:25 pdurbin melodie: we're here :)
17:37 melodie hi pdurbin !
17:46 pdurbin I'm playing a bit with https://github.com/inoks/dropcast ... it's the easiest way I've found to get mp3s into a podcast feed and on to my phone
17:47 pdurbin because the problem is... podcasts will only have the last 10 or 20 shows in their feed
17:47 pdurbin but what if you want to listen to an older episode?
17:47 pdurbin you have to go to their website, and hunt for the mp3
17:47 pdurbin you find it, but then what?
17:48 pdurbin now I wget the mp3 to my server, run the dropcast script (which updates the feed), and then pull down the mp3s with my podcatcher (currently beyondpod on android)
17:51 pdurbin so I guess RSS is not dead :)
17:58 melodie pdurbin that sounds like a turn around
17:59 pdurbin :)
18:09 melodie I think in some podcasts you can add the titles for the files you want to have
18:09 melodie it looks like something such as a vote or so...
18:13 pdurbin dropcast is quite minimal. it's just for getting the mp3s onto your phone. after I listen I delete the mp3 so I don't care much what the title is
18:16 melodie the phone feature used is storage then, no streaming
18:16 pdurbin beyondpod can do streaming too
18:16 pdurbin I just prefer to download the file
18:27 melodie I see
18:28 melodie maybe could you write a short list and present them briefly in the tips and tricks section of the linuxvillage forum ?
18:29 melodie that would be very nice to keep info on each there, until we finally get a wiki we are waiting for :)
18:39 pdurbin meh. you could just send a link to these logs :)
18:40 pdurbin I actually looked at three solutions at once
18:40 pdurbin this one in python "just worked"
18:40 pdurbin the one in perl didn't quite work but I emailed the author and he was very responsive
18:41 pdurbin for the one in ruby, the author opened an issue for me
18:41 melodie very good !
18:41 pdurbin here's the ruby issue: https://github.com/nerab/dropcaster/issues/4
18:42 melodie you could link to these logs... you are the log's expert, if I can say so
18:42 pdurbin this is the perl one I found: http://search.cpan.org/dist/MP3-Podcast/
18:43 pdurbin which I found from http://m0dlx.com/blog/Creating_RSS_podcast_feeds_from_iPlayer_radio_programmes.html
18:44 pdurbin melodie: do you think people on your forum care about this stuff? :)
18:48 melodie why wouldn't they ?
18:49 melodie they are interested in all topics and new information is always good to get
18:49 melodie information from different sources, people, circles...
18:50 melodie some are young French and Belgium guys who understand English well and come once a while to read if there is something new there
18:50 pdurbin which category?
18:51 pdurbin the bistro?
18:52 pdurbin this is why I don't like forums ;)
18:53 melodie tips and tricks
18:53 melodie or wait
18:53 melodie I check
18:54 melodie either tips and tricks or if you make the post a bit technical there is this one which would be fine too : Technical discussions - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/board,8.0.html
18:57 pdurbin here you go: dropcast - for getting mp3s onto your phone - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,280.0.html
19:05 melodie great ! I look