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12:24 pdurbin    Digital rights management a probable future for HTML (Wired UK) - http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-02/13/drm-for-the-web
14:31 pdurbin    sjoeboo: you around?
16:06 sjoeboo    pdurbin: i am now
16:08 pdurbin    dunno if you're still using ikiwiki but I started playing with the "inline" plugin. allows me to put the same content at http://dvn.github.com/devguide/errors/duplicate-class/ and http://dvn.github.com/devguide/errors/ for example. it's nice
16:08 sjoeboo    oh no, thats all read only and being manually curated and migrated to a wordpress instance
16:08 sjoeboo    but cool, i'll check that out when i have a few.
16:08 pdurbin    ah. ok
16:08 pdurbin    i got the idea from http://joeyh.name/languages/
16:19 * semiosis likes how php isn't even mentioned
16:23 pdurbin    :)
20:32 melodie    pdurbin ?
20:34 pdurbin    about to bike home but go ahead
21:10 melodie    pdurbin then bike home we can talk later :)
21:19 pdurbin    home now but off to pick up the kids soon
21:28 melodie    pdurbin off to do things with my child too... maybe later :)