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00:04 pdurbin      melodie: you know what I like? http://blogs.perl.org . It's a place where anyone who likes Perl can have a free blog on a common domain. I haven't seen this for other languages.
00:07 melodie      ok
00:10 pdurbin      and the cool thing is, if you have something to say about Perl, and you put it on that site, people actually read it. They read everyone's blog on there from what I can tell :)
00:10 pdurbin      even mine: http://blogs.perl.org/users/philip_durbin :)
00:19 melodie      pdurbin : the fonts in the h2 class is terrible
00:19 melodie      you might want to try something else ?
00:19 melodie      at least in Firefox it looks terrible
00:20 melodie      all the rest has a good look
00:21 melodie      pdurbin have to go get some sleep. good night
00:29 * pdurbin    thinks he went with the default h2 font :)
00:46 pdurbin      JoeJulian: I got my Google+ back! on android!
00:46 pdurbin      rackerhacker: I'll update https://plus.google.com/101646943125332675164/posts/8dmTLUa6PN4 after I update http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/42335/cant-install-google-play-services
00:46 pdurbin      and I didn't even have to root my phone or install cyanogen mod
02:18 JoeJulian    pdurbin: I was about to cheer, then I read that bit about not installing cm7... ;)
02:19 JoeJulian    Glad you got it working though.
05:47 rackerhacker pdurbin: best of luck to you
05:47 rackerhacker i flipped over to ParanoidAndroid on my Nexus 4
05:47 rackerhacker it used to be built on CM but then they flipped over to AOSP
10:04 pdurbin      "Building, distributing, and using better Vagrant base boxes" -- https://github.com/englishm/betterboxes/wiki
13:46 agoddard     pdurbin: ya, <3 openstack
13:58 pdurbin      :)
18:21 melodie      hello
18:23 shuff        welcome!
18:26 melodie      thanks shuff
21:53 melodie      good night