Time  Nick     Message
20:09 pdurbin  a bit ago in #centos Karanbir asked me to go ahead and create this bug: 0006365: Publish official Vagrant base boxes - CentOS Bug Tracker - http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=6365
20:09 pdurbin  well, "cant hurt" is what he said, I think :)
20:10 semiosis i really need to get around to trying vagrant
20:10 pdurbin  got a "nice" from the creator of vagrant: http://irclogger.com/.vagrant/2013-04-03#1365019720
20:11 semiosis i had lunch with gareth rushgrove (of vagrantbox.es) while in boston
20:11 semiosis the devops weekly guy
20:11 pdurbin  nice
20:11 pdurbin  too bad I missed you
20:11 semiosis yeah everyone normally in town was either out of town or just busy with fam
20:12 semiosis except monitorama people
20:12 pdurbin  next time don't have it on Easter
20:13 semiosis hehe
20:16 semiosis there were about a dozen people running friday morning
20:16 semiosis out of ~250 in attendance at the conf
20:16 pdurbin  not bad
20:17 semiosis and did i mention the hackathon?  3rd place!
20:18 semiosis gotta run, presenting to students at the local univ. in 40 min
20:18 semiosis ttyl
21:53 melodie  hi
21:59 comptona hello melodie
22:01 melodie  hello comptona !
22:04 pdurbin  semiosis: good job. you did mention. here anyway: https://twitter.com/pragmaticism/status/318151752413245440
22:09 melodie  hi pdurbin
22:15 pdurbin  melodie: hi. you reminded me to keep the IRC vs. forum thread alive. I just posted http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,256.msg1837.html#msg1837
22:16 pdurbin  well, just seeing your name here made me think of that thread, I mean :)
22:18 pdurbin  comptona: nice to see you say something. I hope openstack is treating you well. floss weekly is going to have a show on ceph soon
22:21 comptona ah, cool
22:21 comptona openstack is going great, people are using it like crazy
22:21 melodie  thanks pdurbin
22:21 comptona I'm going to be doing a big upgrade next month once I get some hardware
22:21 pdurbin  agoddard: that's what you were saying about your openstack. very popular. much used
22:22 melodie  I would have found it, I always check for new messages
22:22 comptona install grizzly, set up quantum, forward-patch a few of my hacks and submit them upstream
22:22 pdurbin  heh. merge those hacks upstream
22:23 comptona in particular the AD support one
22:24 comptona I hear it got dropped from grizzly :-P
22:24 pdurbin  westmaas: you got sick of supporting AD?
22:26 pdurbin  melodie: I should probably turn on email notifications. I forget to check back at the forum
22:27 pdurbin  in general I like having the default experience. to see what most people experience. since most people don't change defaults
22:29 melodie  pdurbin it is possible that email notification does not work. if you enable it, please let me know how it goes
22:30 pdurbin  heh. ok :)
22:30 pdurbin  I had to turn off email notifications for Google+ ... too chatty
22:33 pdurbin  melodie: any more thoughts on logging #linuxvillage?
22:35 melodie  pdurbin yes sir !
22:36 melodie  where is your friend's chan, can you remind me ?
22:36 pdurbin  #ilbot
22:37 pdurbin  moritz might even be in your timezone
22:37 melodie  oh ?
22:39 pdurbin  +/-1 I'd guess
22:46 pdurbin  melodie: he'll probably add a header and footer for you too, like this: https://github.com/moritz/ilbot/blob/master/cgi/channels/crimsonfu.tmpl
22:46 pdurbin  if you ask for it
22:50 melodie  pdurbin I don't want to ask too much
22:50 pdurbin  sure. it took me months to realize that only some channels had it :)
22:51 pdurbin  what's cool is that he's rewritting the bot in perl 6: https://github.com/moritz/ilbot6
22:51 pdurbin  might actually give me a reason to run perl 6 :)
23:22 melodie  pdurbin ok
23:23 melodie  I have met (through the web) some persons who are fond of Perl, and have great coding knowledge with it
23:58 pdurbin  melodie: I've met them too. they're the nicest people :)
23:58 melodie  :)