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12:47 pdurbin this seems to be legit: "no time to waste! To your routers and keyboards to make TuxFamily the new reference of free hosting for free people!" -- http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,262.msg1780.html#msg1780
12:50 pdurbin whoops. april fool's joke
12:50 pdurbin i even warned my daughter about this just this morning :)
12:53 melodie :D
12:54 pdurbin anyway, I'm a fan of free hosting. for a while I used http://pdurbin.freeshell.org as a shell account and for a static site
12:55 pdurbin in a way, crimsonfu is supposed to be a community-in-a-box that's free to host. IRC on Freenode, website on GitHub, IRC logging by moritz per http://perlgeek.de/blog-en/perl-6/an-offer-to-the-perl-community.html
12:55 melodie I can you tuxfamily's features to you
12:56 melodie http://tuxfamily.org/en/about
12:57 melodie ftp access is available, ssh access as well, and sftp is preferred I think
12:57 melodie a faq in several languages is available as well : http://faq.tuxfamily.org/Welcome/En
14:03 pdurbin hmm, there's a reason I haven't put https://github.com/pdurbin/data-liberation-shapado on CPAN yet... it's still pretty rough and not fully automated. but at least the core of it works