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00:15 pdurbin   melodie: in and out
00:15 melodie   ok
00:15 pdurbin   semiosis: welcome! lunch tomorrow at harvard square? :)
00:16 melodie   I had an idea about a page on a website where I was sent by a member of the #linuxchix chan and wanted to share this idea here in your chan with yourself
00:17 pdurbin   ok
00:18 melodie   when you have a few minutes available, no rush
00:18 melodie   :)
00:18 pdurbin   probably an hour or so? or go ahead and type and I'll catch up
00:23 melodie   I have been shown a website related to women in tech, Anita Borg place and I have seen the page containing the list of sponsors : I could see many from the Non Free software world and some from different companies but none from a company built on Free sofware
00:23 melodie   http://anitaborg.org/about/abi-partners/
00:24 melodie   so I think this deserves to be known, to encourage companies developing Free software to be shown in pages such as this one
00:31 melodie   good night
02:10 pdurbin   hmm, this programmer with a last name of Borg seems to have been a real person: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anita_Borg
02:12 pdurbin   lots of those companies develop free software: Google, Cisco, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.
02:12 pdurbin   I guess you mean you don't see Red Hat or Canonical on the list?
03:12 GitHub191 [code] pdurbin pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/crimsonfu/code/commit/345cc08e096e13a368e1f10e811c6cf808ca1638
03:12 GitHub191 code/master 345cc08 Philip Durbin: added larsks-gist-3695375.py
03:19 pdurbin   whoops. I forgot I set up that github hook. see also http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-03-27#i_4566 and http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-03-28#i_4682
11:33 semiosis  Turns out tmo is Ok. My own firewall was blocking my znc :O
11:48 pdurbin   semiosis: looks like you're at NERD: http://monitorama.com
12:51 semiosis  Anyone here at monitorama right now?
12:56 pdurbin   I love how the hackathon uses github's issue tracker: https://github.com/monitorama/hackathon/issues
12:56 pdurbin   agoddard: looks like you opened this: sensu-cli · Issue #44 · monitorama/hackathon - https://github.com/monitorama/hackathon/issues/44
13:53 larsks    I am sad I was unable to get a monitorama ticket :(.
13:53 larsks    Post lots of details!
13:56 pdurbin   srsly
13:56 pdurbin   semiosis: live blog it in here
13:57 ben_e     heh
13:57 ben_e     all the bostonians are bummed to be missing a cool looking conference in our backyard...
14:02 melodie   hello
14:02 melodie   pdurbin I posted about Vagrant at the LinuxVillage forum
14:05 pdurbin   melodie: nice! link please
14:06 semiosis  Allspaw was too pep rally. DrQz, on now, very interesting. There is a live stream you know
14:09 pdurbin   semiosis: meh. too distracting. please just give us the highlights :)
14:11 semiosis  Point of DrQz's talk: plot data in such a way that you maximize the human brains pattern recognition ability
14:12 semiosis  Most plus/graphs are useless. .. load average vs time for ex
14:12 semiosis  s/plus/plots/
14:31 melodie   pdurbin Vagrant - development environments made easy - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,252.0.html
14:32 melodie   sorry for the delay, was discussing elsewhere
14:32 pdurbin   no hurry. thanks
14:34 pdurbin   nice post. a link to my wiki even :)
14:35 melodie   :)
14:35 melodie   I hope this will be useful to the devs who come to the forum
14:37 pdurbin   could be
14:39 melodie   I have used the links you gave to me, and quoted a pair of lines from these pages...
14:41 pdurbin   yep. good stuff
14:42 melodie   :)
14:43 melodie   bbl
14:55 agoddard  pdurbin: yaya!
15:46 semiosis  Lusis is rocking.  \m/
15:46 semiosis  Alert on actionable stuff that matters to the business
15:47 semiosis  Turn off the load average&cpu usage alerts
15:47 pdurbin   I think I heard him on http://foodfightshow.org
15:47 pdurbin   miah: I think I heard you on there too
15:50 semiosis  Probably
16:09 semiosis  Jesse is focusing on treating the symptoms of poor quality - lots of alerts and busy on call shifts
16:09 semiosis  Real solution is to build quality, reliable systems
16:10 semiosis  Minimize failure > minimize mttr
16:10 semiosis  Imho
16:14 pdurbin   not sure who Jesse is
16:17 semiosis  Current speaker,  Jesse Newland
16:17 semiosis  Github guy
16:33 pdurbin   thanks
18:30 JoeJulian http://www.redhat.com/about/news/press-archive/2013/3/rackspace-red-hat-win-decisive-patent-victory
18:31 JoeJulian Doesn't that effectively invalidate every patented encryption algorithm out there?
18:32 pdurbin   good lord. "The complaint alleged that the processing of floating point numbers by the Linux operating system violated U.S. Patent 5,892,697."
18:34 ben_e     monitorama live stream came back
18:39 ben_e     the zen version of mark's talk: to own your successes, you must also own your mistakes
19:27 ben_e     cupcake time
20:05 * pdurbin wants cupcakes
20:46 pdurbin   ben_e: what are we missing?
20:49 ben_e     jordan sissel
20:49 ben_e     he's an engaging speaker
20:49 ben_e     talking about logstash
21:26 semiosis  Aphyr aka Kyle Kingsbury have an entertaining talk about riemann
21:30 ben_e     i liked his hand drawn slides
21:32 semiosis  +1
23:55 pdurbin   melodie: thank goodness I found Langue préférée
23:55 pdurbin   hmm. Pour des raisons évidentes de sécurité, votre mot de passe actuel est nécessaire pour modifier votre compte.
23:56 melodie   it means you have to enter your password
23:56 melodie   in the said field
23:56 melodie   :)
23:57 melodie   \o/ !
23:58 pdurbin   in Mot de passe actuel, apparently
23:58 pdurbin   ah... much better
23:58 pdurbin   but now I have to give my kids a bath and pack for a trip
23:59 melodie   great ! have a nice trip, and not too much water on the bathroom floor ! :)