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03:36 codex     melodie - ping (i know you are not here, but if you read the logs)
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20:32 pdurbin   interesting: Welcome: Evergreen open source library system - http://evergreen-ils.org
20:32 pdurbin   written in perl even :)
20:35 ironcamel seems like it is php http://evergreen-ils.org/about.php , look at the url
20:39 pdurbin   ironcamel: nope. see http://evergreen-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=dev:contributing_code
20:40 pdurbin   hmm, i bet i first heard about it at http://twit.tv/show/floss-weekly/132
20:40 pdurbin   but that was before i cared about faceted search :)
20:41 pdurbin   which as far as I can tell they've implemented with postgres: http://open-ils.org/irc_logs/evergreen/2013-03/%23evergreen.25-Mon-2013.log#line359
21:00 melodie   hello !
21:01 melodie   does someone have information related to Free Electronics, since yesterday ?
21:14 pdurbin   melodie: well, codex replied at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-03-25#i_6626581
21:14 pdurbin   why don't you tell us what you're interested in specifically
21:16 melodie   pdurbin I'll look in a few minutes, thanks
21:20 melodie   pdurbin codex said "ping"
21:20 melodie   :)
21:21 codex     pdurbin: you are like a human google -- it's amazing
21:21 codex     idk how you reference all this stuff :)
21:21 melodie   hi codex
21:21 codex     wish you were in my data retrieval class back in college
21:21 codex     melodie: hi
21:21 codex     what's up?
21:21 melodie   I was wondering if there was a ml or a forum anywhere where people talk about FOSS electronics
21:22 melodie   this would be for my companion who is actually in a professionnal training where he is forced to use Windows... very poorly configured also
21:22 codex     FOSS electronics?
21:23 melodie   yes
21:23 codex     having a brain fart moment ...
21:23 melodie   that exists, doesn't it ?
21:23 melodie   I have seen many entries in Google, just typing "Free electronics" or such
21:23 codex     FOSS as in?
21:23 codex     oh free open source software?
21:23 melodie   Open Source
21:23 melodie   yes
21:24 codex     there are actually
21:24 codex     let me pull them up, i had a few
21:24 codex     http://geeknight.org/projects.html
21:24 melodie   great ! :D
21:24 codex     some on there, i had more
21:24 melodie   I'll grab them all and send them to him in my next mail
21:24 codex     obviously anythig w/ the arduino or respberry pi would be good contendors
21:26 melodie   right
21:27 melodie   I thought about places where people discuss about it, and talk about their experiences as others do on gnu/linux chans mailing lists, websites, forums...
21:29 ben_e     http://2013.oshwa.org/ <- open hardware summit is in boston this year
21:29 melodie   oh !
21:40 melodie   codex you talked about a few, if you have more, I'll also have a close look and send them to him!
21:41 codex     will do, i am looking around
21:41 melodie   great, thank you!
21:41 codex     at one point i spent quite some time looking at hardware communities
21:41 codex     but i never had the free time
21:42 melodie   I understand...
21:46 melodie   je suis ici → *
21:46 melodie   :D
21:47 melodie   sorry
21:47 melodie   mistake
21:59 melodie   bbl
22:07 pdurbin_m codex: I'm still interested in getting together for some hardware hacking, if you're interested
23:54 codex     pdurbin: i am definitely interested. But lately time hasn't been in surplus