Time  Nick         Message
00:10 pdurbin      with your help, obviously
00:10 pdurbin      dunno if he ever said if it was worth it or not ;)
00:12 melodie      time will tell him if he likes it that way
00:12 melodie      anyway he was happy about help given it seems
00:12 pdurbin      yep
00:39 melodie      hi again
00:43 pdurbin      melodie: you're welcome to just start typing :)
00:48 melodie      well, all who want to test Ubuntu Openbox Remix, code name Bento, version 1 (after several prior test versions) are welcome to do so!
00:49 melodie      all who are willing to help improve it as well (still a few things need to be worked on)
00:49 melodie      here it is shown and linked to: http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,224.msg1494.html#msg1494
00:49 melodie      :)
00:50 pdurbin      does Ubuntu Openbox Remix have its own website?
00:53 melodie      yes, LinuxVillage
00:54 melodie      as well as the Debian boxes the buddies did
00:54 melodie      they also work on nice projects around light environments, with the same spirit
00:54 melodie      we all help each other doing so
00:57 pdurbin      hmm. so the distro is called VillageBox? http://linuxvillage.org/2013/02/06/linuxvillage-distribution/
01:01 melodie      VillageBox is a Debian testing spin made by Taco.22, and meant to be as small as possible, but yet easy to build on top of it (with remastersys which is in it)
01:02 melodie      this is really the linuxvillage spirit : build in a way which allows creative customizations
01:04 pdurbin      cool
01:09 melodie      we are a few there with a few years experience of work done together around this kind of project
01:10 melodie      djohnston also has done spins around Debian testing, interesting ones too
01:11 melodie      he did a script to switch on/off zram in a Debian box, from the menus
01:11 melodie      I have not looked at it yet, I should
01:12 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky zram
01:12 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZRam
01:15 melodie      pdurbin zram from the Compcache projet at google code
01:16 melodie      crimsonfubot lucky compcache
01:16 crimsonfubot melodie: http://code.google.com/p/compcache/
01:16 melodie      yes !
01:16 melodie      that's the one. :)
01:16 pdurbin      :)
01:18 melodie      the author, nitin gupta is an indian student, and the zram module from his project was integrated to the kernel since the version 2.8.37
01:18 melodie      at the beginning, another module from his project was necessary to be able to use it
01:19 melodie      now several distros have made a script to start it and provide a default configuration (which can be slightly modified throught the initramfs.conf file, at least this is what I could see in Ubuntu)
01:19 melodie      pdurbin is Debian what you use ?
01:19 melodie      Redhat ?
01:28 melodie      pdurbin still around ?
01:34 pdurbin      melodie: in and out. getting my kids down for the night
01:34 melodie      oh yes !
01:35 melodie      here it is night already... what time is it for you ?
01:35 pdurbin      the laptop I'm on now is Fedora. my home server is CentOS
01:35 melodie      oh good
01:35 pdurbin      9:30pm. I'm in Boston
01:37 pdurbin      I'm curious about Debian and Arch but I haven't dedicated much time to using them
01:37 melodie      same for me about Fedora and CentOS, tried but very fast
01:43 pdurbin      a buddy of mine is really into NetBSD. I haven't made time for that either :)
02:02 melodie      BSD's use slides, and I read there is a very special way to multiboot linux distros with bsd distros
02:02 melodie      slides instead of partitions
02:05 pdurbin      slides or slices?
02:05 melodie      slices
02:05 melodie      ^^
02:05 melodie      my bad XD
02:06 melodie      strange... such as lemon slices...
02:06 pdurbin      :)
02:07 pdurbin      yeah, solaris had slices too. might still have them
02:32 melodie      when I heard about opensolaris I wanted to try it, then on their chan someone talked to me about a small fork from it, and I tried it in vbox
02:33 melodie      that was strange but fun however all was still under heavy development and I didn't go anywhere with that once it was installed
02:35 melodie      going. good night
10:14 pdurbin      these days, rather than plain Open Solaris, I'm more likely to give http://smartos.org a try... ZFS+DTrace+Zones+KVM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmartOS
14:22 sjoeboo      so, I'm asking this again, in case anyone has answers i haven't found yet...
14:23 sjoeboo      looking for a good, simple datacenter inventory/system location tracking application
14:23 pdurbin      :)
14:23 sjoeboo      pdurbin: yeah, STILL on this
14:24 sjoeboo      so close to just throwing my hands up and doing a 20% project of just writing one, but i can't belive this isn't a solved problem
14:25 larsks       Yeah, my experience is they all suck and appear to be stuck about 10 years in the UI past.
14:25 pdurbin      sjoeboo: hmm, we talked about collins already: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-11-21#i_6173625
14:26 pdurbin      seems to be our most recent discussion, based on https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Airclog.perlgeek.de+inurl%3Acrimsonfu+racktables#q=site:irclog.perlgeek.de+inurl:crimsonfu+racktables&hl=en&ei=HBhLUceqGePV0gHC64DwCg&start=10&sa=N&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44158598,d.dmQ&fp=9c786816b0626539&biw=1052&bih=644
14:26 pdurbin      whoops long link
14:27 pdurbin      long broken link :(
14:28 sjoeboo      yeah....ugh
14:29 pdurbin      sjoeboo: why not nventory again? has api: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/nventory/wiki/RubyAPI
14:29 sjoeboo      yeah, considering it
14:30 sjoeboo      just still one of those "look at all the things we can do not that well" tools it seems like
14:30 sjoeboo      instead of "i tell you where your things are and track very little info about them otherwise"
14:31 pdurbin      yeah
14:31 pdurbin      sjoeboo: if you write your own, please open source it :)
14:32 sjoeboo      oh, of course
14:33 pdurbin      post it to https://projects.cs50.net ... maybe a student will write it for you :)
14:40 ben_e        racktables is the one i hear about from time to time
14:41 ben_e        but i've never used it
14:44 sjoeboo      ben_e: what do you use?
14:44 ben_e        the sysadmins a few desks over have a racktables install
14:45 sjoeboo      ah
14:46 ben_e        but someone filled out the first racks worth and then wrote "hire intern to finish"
14:46 ben_e        and it's been that way for 18 months
14:46 ben_e        :-)
15:01 pdurbin      sjoeboo: what's the latest on the "official" racktables api?
15:01 sjoeboo      i've seen 0 action on that
15:02 sjoeboo      searches yeild the conversation from 2011
15:02 pdurbin      didn't you file some issues?
15:02 sjoeboo      yep
15:02 * pdurbin    checks https://projects.cs50.net/project/97/build-a-restful-api-for-racktables-at-philip-durbin/
15:03 sjoeboo      the racktables github doesn't have issues enabled anymore :-(
15:03 pdurbin      hmm, 5 open issues. 0 closed issues: https://github.com/ibettinger/racktables/issues
23:25 melodie      hi
23:53 pdurbin      melodie: hi
23:58 melodie      hello pdurbin