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00:09 pdurbin      melodie: so, you're part of the Ubuntu Openbox Remix project?
00:10 pdurbin      I think this is the thread you linked to: OBUbuntu RC7 - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,198.0.html
00:11 melodie      pdurbin I am leading this project
00:11 melodie      as you have created crimsonfu
00:12 melodie      the other buddies at the LinuxVillage have done the same with Debian testing. We all use the same basis, and about the same main ingredients
00:13 * pdurbin    tries to translate the linuxvillage about page from french to english: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Flinuxvillage.org
00:14 melodie      if you wish there are pages in English as well
00:18 pdurbin      ironcamel: you're a big fan of openbox, if memory serves. I still haven't tried it
00:21 ironcamel    pdurbin: yeah, i'm running it right now
00:21 ironcamel    apt-get install openbox; openbox --replace
00:25 melodie      hi
00:26 melodie      ironcamel did you hear about openbox-menu and "obsession" ?
00:26 melodie      (o b session)
00:39 ironcamel    melodie: i have not. should i try those?
00:39 melodie      yes
00:39 melodie      moment plse
00:40 melodie      do you use Debian, or Ubuntu ?
00:41 melodie      I have done a ppa for Ubuntu, put aside a package for Debian, however obssion needs to be compiled, which I did for Ubuntu and for Debian (but did not package yet)
00:42 melodie      sources here: http://code.google.com/p/mimarchlinux
02:24 ironcamel    melodie: i am running arch
02:25 ironcamel    and looks like arch has both of those in AUR, it's community based repo
02:35 melodie      ironcamel yes
02:35 melodie      I run Arch too and so does mimas
02:36 melodie      you might want to use the aur pkgbuild, as the community repos perhaps is not up to date
02:36 ironcamel    i'm not sure what that means :)
02:37 melodie      then you will need to configure your menu.xml file and your autostart file in .config/openbox
02:37 ironcamel    i'm just doing packer -S openbox-menu
02:37 melodie      ironcamel do you use yaourt ?
02:37 ironcamel    i user packer
02:37 ironcamel    which is an alternative to yaourt
02:37 melodie      I don't know packer, does it access the aur repos ?
02:37 ironcamel    yes
02:37 melodie      then if you can get the aur version it is more up to date
02:38 ironcamel    i am installing from aur
02:38 ironcamel    ok, done
02:38 ironcamel    now what do i do with openbox-menu?
02:38 melodie      I can give you my menu.lst third line if you want and my autostart file line to match it
02:38 ironcamel    sure :)
02:38 melodie      I give the lines to you and openbox-menu will work
02:39 ironcamel    where does menu.lst go?
02:39 ironcamel    i just have a menu.xml
02:39 ironcamel    in ~/.config/openbox
02:39 melodie      <menu id="desktop-app" label="Applications" execute=" cat ~/.cache/menu.xml" />
02:39 melodie      this is the third line here
02:39 melodie      and this third line is just after:
02:40 melodie      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
02:40 melodie      <openbox_menu xmlns="http://openbox.org/3.4/menu">
02:40 melodie      one of the first lines in my autostart file, to match the menu.xml line:
02:40 melodie      openbox-menu -o menu.xml -p -g -x -t "sakura -e" lxde-applications.menu &
02:41 ironcamel    that looks scary
02:41 melodie      ironcamel I mean menu.xml, sorry
02:41 ironcamel    do i need sakura?
02:41 melodie      no
02:41 melodie      you can put your's instead
02:41 melodie      urxvt, or whatever console you use
02:41 melodie      -p is for persistant mode : dynamic
02:42 ironcamel    i use gnome-terminal
02:42 melodie      ok
02:42 melodie      then go for it
02:42 melodie      -g is for gnome menus
02:42 ironcamel    replace sakura with gnome-terminal?
02:42 melodie      -x for xfce menus
02:42 melodie      yes
02:42 melodie      exactly
02:42 melodie      and -t for terminal
02:42 melodie      there is one more switch which I don't use is -k for kde
02:42 melodie      I don't use kde apps
02:43 melodie      in the desktop files you often get ShowOnlyIn=SomeDesktops;
02:43 melodie      or such
02:43 melodie      these switches are made for this kind of thing
02:44 melodie      do you have a pic with your desktop ? :)
02:44 ironcamel    so how would i run openbox-menu manually?
02:44 melodie      I show you a post where I reported it
02:44 melodie      well, in console ? just "openbox-menu"
02:44 melodie      but there is one more way
02:45 melodie      openbox-menu even lighter - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,200.msg1277.html#msg1277
02:45 ironcamel    melodie: http://ironcamel.com/files/ss.png
02:46 ironcamel    when i run it in the console, nothing happens
02:46 ironcamel    what is supposed to happen?
02:46 melodie      it might be because of the latest menu-cached... :/
02:47 melodie      same here
02:47 melodie      "** (openbox-menu:7407): WARNING **: Cannot create menu, check if the .menu file is correct
02:47 melodie      "
02:47 melodie      just logout/login, then you should have your menus
02:47 ironcamel    $ openbox-menu
02:47 ironcamel    ** (process:18816): WARNING **: removed previous socket file /tmp/.menu-cached-:0-naveed
02:47 melodie      it used to display the whole menu
02:47 melodie      do you have a 64bits install ?
02:47 ironcamel    yes
02:47 melodie      wait a sec
02:48 melodie      I'll show you some comments at aur
02:48 melodie      https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/openbox-menu
02:49 melodie      mimas answered in the comments, I think it might have helped the ones using 64bits boxes
02:49 melodie      mervinb found a workaround !
02:52 ironcamel    i created that script in ~/bin instead of /usr/local/bin
02:52 ironcamel    now when i run it, it just dumps some xml
02:52 melodie      ironcamel I hope you will get to be able to use it, it's a nice program (I have to make a 64bits machine I have working again)
02:52 melodie      dumping xml is good !
02:52 melodie      it means it works
02:53 ironcamel    that's all it does?
02:53 melodie      do a right click on the desktop
02:53 ironcamel    ok
02:53 melodie      you should see "Application" then all the categories on the right
02:53 melodie      I show a few pics to you:
02:53 ironcamel    my menu looks the same as before
02:53 melodie      http://meets.free.fr/debian/images/obubuntu-RC8-menus.png
02:54 ironcamel    yeah, mine doesn't do that
02:54 ironcamel    i don't have the menue on the right
02:54 melodie      http://meets.free.fr/debian/images/2-Ubuntu-Openbox-desktop.png
02:54 melodie      did you logout/login ? first time it might help
02:55 melodie      did you reload openbox btw ?
02:55 ironcamel    i have not logged out/in.
02:55 melodie      after editing menu.xml
02:55 ironcamel    do i need stuff in autostart ?
02:55 melodie      yes
02:55 melodie      you need:
02:55 melodie      <melodie> one of the first lines in my autostart file, to match the menu.xml line:
02:55 melodie      <melodie> openbox-menu -o menu.xml -p -g -x -t "sakura -e" lxde-applications.menu &
02:55 melodie      this
02:55 melodie      openbox-menu -o menu.xml -p -g -x -t "sakura -e" lxde-applications.menu &
02:56 melodie      mine starts this way here:
02:56 melodie      #!/bin/sh
02:56 melodie      # lancer openbox-menu en t√Ęche de fond
02:56 melodie      openbox-menu -o menu.xml -p -g -x -t "sakura -e" lxde-applications.menu &
02:56 melodie      ## autorisations polkit en test
02:56 melodie      /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
02:56 melodie      ...
02:57 melodie      I have also prepared a set of configurations for : Ubuntu, Debian, Sabayon, and PCLinuxOS. each tested and working.
02:57 melodie      all online on a web space, of course.
02:57 ironcamel    what does openbox-menu -o menu.xml do?
02:57 ironcamel    does it overwrite menu.xml?
02:58 melodie      well, you should type in console "openbox-menu --help" then you will have the answer
02:58 melodie      output perhaps ?
02:58 ironcamel    seems the answer is yes
02:58 melodie      :)
02:58 ironcamel    <menu id="desktop-app" label="Applications" execute=" cat ~/.cache/menu.xml" />
02:58 ironcamel    i have a question about ^^^
02:58 ironcamel    ~/.cache/menu.xml
02:58 ironcamel    i don't have that file
02:59 melodie      (sorry, my cat talks to me at same time, I have to listen to her... saying 'mrii')
02:59 melodie      do you have a .cache ?
02:59 ironcamel    yes
02:59 melodie      did you put a " where it must not be ?
02:59 ironcamel    what?
02:59 melodie      I check
03:00 melodie      $ pastebin menu.xml
03:00 melodie      http://pastebin.archlinux.fr/459771
03:00 melodie      $ pastebin autostart
03:00 melodie      http://pastebin.archlinux.fr/459772
03:00 melodie      now we can check together
03:01 melodie      if that still does not work, try login/logout, chances it works
03:02 ironcamel    before i login/logout, i want to make sure my menu.xml is correct
03:02 ironcamel    this seems strange: execute=" cat ~/.cache/menu.xml"
03:02 ironcamel    since i do not have that file
03:02 melodie      what menu files do you have in /etc/xdg/menu ?
03:02 melodie      cat will create it
03:03 melodie      cat does not only show files, it also creates, pipes...
03:03 melodie      "    cat - concatenate files and print on the standard output
03:03 melodie      "
03:03 ironcamel    cat file_name will show the contents of file_name
03:03 ironcamel    not create the file
03:03 ironcamel    $ ls /etc/xdg/menus/
03:03 ironcamel    applications.menu  gnomecc.menu  kde-applications.menu
03:04 ironcamel    i don't have lxde-applications.menu
03:04 ironcamel    so should i update my autostart line?
03:04 melodie      you have to adapt accordingly
03:04 melodie      choose one of your menus
03:04 melodie      applications is ok too
03:05 ironcamel    applications.menu?
03:06 melodie      me thinks juste applications might work
03:06 ironcamel    $ openbox-menu -o menu.xml -p -g -x -t "gnome-terminal -e" applications.menu
03:06 ironcamel    ** Message: wrote to /home/naveed/.cache/menu.xml
03:06 ironcamel    looks like i have a ~/.cache/menu.xml now
03:06 melodie      ok !
03:07 melodie      do you have the menu showing in openbox right-click menu now ?
03:07 melodie      ironcamel tell me, then I go to sleep :D
03:08 melodie      horribly late here, didn't see time running
03:08 ironcamel    logging out now ...
03:08 melodie      ok
03:09 ironcamel    melodie: no :( it's the same as before
03:09 melodie      humm
03:10 melodie      you might want to write to mimas
03:10 ironcamel    ok
03:10 ironcamel    thanks for your help anyway
03:10 melodie      you should check here first : http://mimasgpc.free.fr/openbox-menu_en.html
03:12 melodie      ironcamel and from google code his mail is : mimasgpc at free dot fr
03:12 melodie      ironcamel next time you will tell me how you solve it
03:12 melodie      :)
03:12 melodie      good / night: or any other part of the time
03:12 ironcamel    goodnight :)
03:12 melodie      thanks :)
03:18 ironcamel    haha, just got it working
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10:10 pdurbin      semiosis: I made myself an owner of crimsonfubot
10:10 pdurbin      please let me know if you want some other stuff loaded
10:10 pdurbin      or if you'd like to be an owner
13:53 pdurbin      some chatter with ironcamel about scaling web apps: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-03-20#i_4370
14:33 semiosis     @version
14:33 crimsonfubot semiosis: The current (running) version of this Supybot is (2011-06-27T14:41:49-0400).  The newest version available in the gribble git repository is (2011-08-12T18:12:56-0400).
14:34 semiosis     pdurbin: i'd suggest upgrading to the limnoria fork, it's actively maintained
14:34 semiosis     google limnoria github
14:34 crimsonfubot https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria
14:34 semiosis     that's a bug, the bot shouldn't (imho) respond to any message beginning with 'google'
14:35 semiosis     also there's a plugin ('web' iirc) that fetches page titles for urls in channel
14:36 pdurbin      semiosis: is it in base or epel?
14:37 semiosis     pdurbin: JoeJulian might be able to answer that, idk whats in rpm repos these days.  i just pulled the source from github & followed the install instructions -- it was real easy
14:38 pdurbin      semiosis: cool, you can send me a pull request: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant ;)
14:39 semiosis     noted :)
14:43 pdurbin      semiosis: as long as you can automate the install and setup with puppet it's fine by me
14:45 semiosis     well, i *can*, but i have a feeling that's not really sufficient
14:45 semiosis     probably need to actually do it
18:21 pdurbin      hmm. http://mirror-status.repoforge.org
20:25 JoeJulian    One more reason to dislike gem: "invalid option: --include-dependencies". Yum, and I'm sure apt, have allowed the same options that they allowed in 1994. If those options are no longer used, they just ignore them.
20:28 pdurbin      wait, something in ruby dropped backward compatibility?
20:30 comptona     pdurbin: if it's in a distro package, it's too old
20:35 pdurbin      comptona: well, doesn't puppet kinda work with ruby distro packages? or maybe it used to
20:35 comptona     it varies
20:35 comptona     puppet 3 doesn't work with ruby 1.8.5 anymore, which is what RHEL 5 has
20:36 JoeJulian    The ruby distro package update is what broke that. It's been deprecated for a long time. Puppet is from the puppetlabs repo so it's the latest bleeding edge.
20:36 comptona     but in general I think they do a good job of backwards compatibility
20:54 sjoeboo      puppet 3 from the pupeptlabs repo has newer (backported?) ruby w/ it as a dep, so it can be used on EL5 systems
20:54 sjoeboo      thats how we got to 3 a few days after release
23:09 melodie      hi
23:53 pdurbin      melodie: looks like ironcamel figured it out
23:54 melodie      pdurbin great ! :D