Time  Nick     Message
16:44 pdurbin  hmm, https://github.com/titanpad/titanpad seems cool. http://titanpad.com "TitanPad lets people work on one document simultaneously. We are rescuing EtherPad for your use."
16:45 westmaas it looks exactly like etherpad in fact!
16:45 westmaas I guess just with active development
16:45 westmaas hm
16:45 westmaas well
16:45 westmaas not terribly active
16:46 pdurbin  active enough, maybe
16:46 westmaas 1 commit in 6 months!
16:46 pdurbin  maybe etherpad is feature complete ;)
16:46 westmaas haha
16:47 westmaas then they aren't rescuing anything :)
16:47 westmaas I guess just the etherpad as a service
16:47 westmaas EaaS
16:47 westmaas sorry, its in my bones now, I have to ad an aas to everything
16:48 westmaas goes with my name though
16:49 pdurbin  lol
16:49 pdurbin  westm as a service
16:49 westmaas you know it