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14:47 StripeyType pdurbin : no, I misunderstood the significance of the nbprofile files; developer-side workflows and tools (generally) ought to adhere to the dev's preference.
14:54 pdurbin     StripeyType: ok. and... this team anyway doesn't want to upgrade their IDE in lock step, which is understandable
14:59 StripeyType right - I'm behind that 100%. What I'd failed to grasp was that the offending file was an IDE-related artifact.
15:00 StripeyType I don't know enough about how NetBeans and that file interact to be able to suggest a solution where you'd all be able to stash those files in the same git repository and not step all over eachotehr.
15:01 pdurbin     yeah
15:02 pdurbin     i'm going to have to rewrite our quickstart guide: http://dvn.github.com/dvn-sourceforge2github/dvn-dev-on-github/quickstart/
23:39 * pdurbin   reads about JoeJulian's linux video driver problems: https://plus.google.com/113457525690313682370/posts/cHCJMUyJc99
23:43 JoeJulian   Two different things irritated me about that. One was the obvious dig I was making against nvidia, but the other was the attitude from the nouveau devs. The whole attitude seems to be that of a hobbyist who's making something only for themselves to use.
23:55 pdurbin     yeah, i wouldn't be into building kernels from a git tree either