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03:05 pdurbin     ben_e: making my terminal wide to see more in irssi stopped working: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-02-09#i_6433637 ... not sure why... now when i make it bigger the irssi window stays at 80x24 :(
03:05 pdurbin     i'm still using screen+irssi
03:46 pdurbin     hmm, `fingerw tobyink@cpan.org` returns something... http://search.cpan.org/~tobyink/WWW-Finger-0.104/bin/fingerw
03:47 pdurbin     i guess web finger is dead :( http://code.google.com/p/webfinger/source/list
13:31 ben_e       http://bugs.irssi.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=372 <- multiline input feature request
13:31 ben_e       no movement though
13:32 ben_e       nothing looked likely in the scripts section
13:32 ben_e       https://github.com/shabble/irssi-scripts/tree/master/vim-mode <- makes input line movement/editing much nicer
13:32 ben_e       i think the problem is that IRC is not the right tool for long-form writing :-)
13:40 pdurbin     ben_e: i agree, but... resizing the window worked... once :)
13:40 pdurbin     i guess i could quit my screen session and start over :(
13:51 ben_e       i use the awesome window manager and i found that its ability to rapidly resize terminals would freak out screen and cause it to hang/crash occasionally
13:52 ben_e       tmux doesn't seem to have the same problem
13:52 pdurbin     hmm. tmux+irssi, huh?
13:53 ben_e       yeah
13:53 ben_e       although i was looking at the weechat page that one of your SO replies linked and it looks kind of good to me
13:53 ben_e       it has multiline input area per the SO response
13:55 ben_e       and jabber support, so i wouldnt' have to run bitlbee
13:56 pdurbin     yeah, but i don't like weechat's attitude toward women: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-09-26#i_6018765
13:59 ben_e       yeah, that's questionable
13:59 ben_e       did you get a response from them?
14:00 pdurbin     i did, in their chat room, but they don't log it
14:01 pdurbin     last i checked the screenshot is still up
14:01 pdurbin     i was very polite
15:39 mattdm      I emailed the webmaster and got a polite and quick response...
15:39 mattdm      screenshot is down now.
15:39 pdurbin     mattdm: no wa
15:39 pdurbin     way
15:39 mattdm      yep.
15:40 pdurbin     Photo not found: "weechat_2010-02-22_caleb.png" at http://www.weechat.org/screenshots/weechat_2010-02-22_caleb.png/
15:40 pdurbin     mattdm: thanks!
15:42 mattdm      pdurbin: small steps to a better world
15:42 mattdm      and etc.
15:51 pdurbin     :)
16:02 pdurbin     heh. "RHN Classic" - https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/articles/63269
16:03 mattdm      "Classic"
16:10 StripeyType anybody know how to send 'PgUp' and 'PgDn' in the MacOS terminal?
16:12 spilth      Fn+Up/Down Arrow?
16:12 pdurbin     Shift-Fn-PageUp on on a MacBook
16:13 StripeyType that manipulates the terminal scrollbuffer, but doesn't send the character to the running application therein. Say, irssi running under screen.
16:14 StripeyType pdurbin: awesome. thanks.,
16:20 pdurbin     i need to merge my local file into http://wiki.greptilian.com/irssi
19:29 pdurbin     bah. i don't understand postgres
19:51 larsks      ?
19:55 pdurbin     helpful: How To Use pg_dump and pg_restore with Postgres Plus® Tutorial for Linux® | EnterpriseDB - http://www.enterprisedb.com/resources-community/tutorials-quickstarts/linux/how-use-pgdump-and-pgrestore-postgres-plus-tutorial-
19:58 pdurbin     there a database on our build box i want to get onto my laptop. into my developement environement so i have some real data to play with
19:58 pdurbin     the build box is rhel. my laptop is mac os with postgres installed via homebrew
19:59 semiosis    you dont have a vagrant box for that dev env?  thought thats what all you cool kids were doing these days
20:00 pdurbin     i tried :(
20:05 pdurbin     mmm, look at all that sweet sweet data
20:50 pdurbin     so on the build server i ran: pg_dump --create myDb > myDb.sql
20:50 pdurbin     then i copied it down to my laptop and ran: ~/.homebrew/bin/psql -d template1 -f path/to/myDb.sql
20:51 pdurbin     the -d could be anything... the pdf from the page above says "The database you specify with the -d option is not affected by the restore operation. The psql program requires a session to be established over a database connection before it can process the SQL statements and psql commands from the backup file."
21:10 pdurbin     huh. now i need to create the role that existed on the build box, apparently
21:17 pdurbin     helpful: Slicehost Articles: PostgreSQL - creating and dropping roles - http://articles.slicehost.com/2009/5/7/postgresql-creating-and-deleting-roles
21:23 pdurbin     i have no idea why ~/.homebrew/bin/psql template1 -c 'CREATE ROLE vdcApp' doesn't respect case sensitivity.. role "vdcapp" is created
21:25 larsks      pdurbin: http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/201004191852.o3JIqiMK012314@wwwmaster.postgresql.org
21:25 pdurbin     larsks: hmm.
21:26 pdurbin     larsks: hmm. "BUG #5431: CREATE USER is not case sensitive, but psql command line arguments are" thanks
21:26 larsks      Basically, shell quoting + sql quoting is hard, so psql is written to not require complex escaped quotes.
21:26 pdurbin     i shortened what i really am doing: ~/.homebrew/bin/psql template1 -c "CREATE ROLE vdcApp WITH CREATEDB LOGIN PASSWORD 'secret'"
21:26 pdurbin     and i'm making the user in pgadmin3 instead
21:26 * pdurbin   hangs head
21:29 pdurbin     it worked! \o/
21:29 pdurbin     asadmin deploy ~/NetBeansProjects/dvn/src/DVN-web/dist/DVN-web.war
21:29 pdurbin     483 dataverses
21:44 pdurbin     larsks: it works if you put quotes around it: ~/.homebrew/bin/psql template1 -c 'create role "mixEdCase"'
21:44 larsks      Yes, that's what I was saying about shell quoting + sql quoting.
21:44 pdurbin     oh
21:44 pdurbin     :)
21:44 pdurbin     thanks