Time  Nick        Message
02:51 pdurbin     JoeJulian: you seemed civil enough :)
02:52 pdurbin     the threading is so deep I can't tell if anyone replied
19:18 StripeyType who *
19:19 StripeyType <- James S., soon-departing HMDC SA
19:50 pdurbin     StripeyType: welcome!
19:50 StripeyType fanks
19:50 pdurbin     StripeyType: will HMDC be hiring a new sysadmin to replace you?
19:54 pdurbin     i can only assume so
19:54 pdurbin     anyway, keep in touch!
19:54 pdurbin     StripeyType: ^^
19:58 StripeyType I believe that they will; it would be foolish not to, given how swamped the group is.
22:24 codex       https://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs
22:24 codex       fantastic distributed FS, in python, very very easy to setup
22:24 codex       you can utilize any folder/extra space on any system. If you lose a node, the system is 100% redundant and encrypted
23:31 pdurbin     codex: hmm. new one on me