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01:53 pdurbin        "No one is born an expert, though, and no one gets there without making a lot of mistakes along the way. The key is to learn something from each mistake and to make different ones next time."
01:53 pdurbin        "As a corollary, be kind to other people when they screw up, and help them learn if you can. Not only will you earn yourself some loyal peers/workmates, but you'll eventually find yourself in a position where they return the favor. Fostering an environment of creativity, education, and exploration is just as important for adults as it is for young children."
01:53 pdurbin        -- WiAC Interview: Amy Rich, Manager of Release Engineering Operations at Mozilla Corporation | USENIX - https://www.usenix.org/blog/wiac-interview-amy-rich-manager-release-engineering-operations-mozilla-corporation
01:53 pdurbin        via https://plus.google.com/110918605531791372572/posts/L7LT7hxdnHs
01:54 semiosis       +1
01:55 semiosis       otoh i think there's something to be said for showing a little disappointment once in a while to let people know that you know they can do better
01:55 semiosis       must be done with care though
02:01 pdurbin        oh absolutely :)
02:12 * semiosis     is never using ! expansion in bash again
02:13 semiosis       !sudo pbui executed an rm instead of pbuilder :(
02:13 semiosis       guess the space meant append 'pbui' to the expansion of !sudo
02:13 pdurbin        i have ever feared the !
02:13 semiosis       fortunately the files lost were not *too* important
02:13 pdurbin        ctrl-r ftw, though
02:14 semiosis       i think i'm going to stick with history | grep
02:14 pdurbin        heh. old school
02:14 semiosis       or just typing everything
02:14 pdurbin        took me a while to like ctrl-r but now i use it every day
02:14 pdurbin        every hour? i guess i sleep sometimes
02:15 semiosis       i'll check it out
02:16 pdurbin        that and ... esc period ... to repeat the last argument
02:16 pdurbin        whatever you call that
02:17 semiosis       thats cool, never knew about that
02:17 semiosis       one of these days i'll get around to learning more bash tricks
02:19 pdurbin        there should be a bash tricks meetup
02:19 pdurbin        as some of this stuff is better explained in person
02:41 JoeJulian      ctrl-r is like having a third hand.
02:43 JoeJulian      User can't log in to the web site, keeps getting "invalid password", though everyone else can log in with no problems... Boss: "What can we do to help her, Joe?" Me: "I can add logging to see what passwords are being typed in. That would, however, end up logging plain-text passwords which is a big huge security 'you're an idiot and shouldn't own a computer' level of faux pas. It's got to be a PEBKAC."
02:50 pdurbin        :)
02:51 pdurbin        i don't want to think any more about who knows my passwords: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/ETqpKHLUEKr
02:53 JoeJulian      Yeah, I read that.
02:55 JoeJulian      Before I started here, these custom php scripts used a random 5 digit number as the password if you "forgot my password". The passwords used to be stored as crypt passwords using a fixed salt. I built a quick rainbow table and over half the passwords were 5 digits.
03:04 pdurbin        :(
03:40 rackerhacker   interesting… http://blog.krisk.org/2013/02/packets-of-death.html
03:44 JoeJulian      egads...
03:44 rackerhacker   yeah, i was stunned when the card wouldn't even function after
03:44 rackerhacker   just from reading, didn't try it myself
03:45 JoeJulian      I don't /think/ I have any of those... but I guess it's time to audit.
03:46 JoeJulian      "I’ve been working with networks for over 15 years and I’ve never seen anything like this." - I have...
03:46 JoeJulian      but then I've been doing it longer, too.
03:48 JoeJulian      tbh, it wasn't that uncommon that a seemingly innocuous sequence of data could take out a device back in the 80s and early 90s.
03:49 JoeJulian      Even had one where a specific i/o operation would literally pop a pal chip on one motherboard+bios rev.
03:51 rackerhacker   i remember those idiots who forced crazy current through ethernet cables to blow nics
04:07 pdurbin        tl;dr (yet anyway)
04:08 rackerhacker   pdurbin: send a funky VOIP packet through a particular intel NIC and it's no longer functional
04:37 pdurbin        rackerhacker: thanks
04:50 JoeJulian      ... or perhaps even a 'ping -p 32 -s 1110'
12:38 pdurbin        spilth: i just registered a domain for the thing we were talking about yesterday :)
15:13 pdurbin        going to a tech talk today about AWS. free lunch :)
15:41 semiosis       going to sunshinephp conf tmrw
15:41 semiosis       @lucky sunshinephp
15:41 crimsonfubot   semiosis: http://sunshinephp.com/
16:08 pdurbin        sunny but cold in boston
17:20 pdurbin        feeling a little ignorant that it's called "Elastic Block Store" - http://aws.amazon.com/ebs/
17:21 pdurbin        dunno if i've heard of Simple Queue Service either: http://aws.amazon.com/sqs/
17:22 pdurbin        on this slide are those, EC2 and S3, which i've heard of, of course, and http://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/
17:23 pdurbin        looks like there are other offerings as well: http://aws.amazon.com/products/
17:24 pdurbin        oh, next slide. even more
17:24 pdurbin        SNS, SES, RDS, VPC, IAM
17:27 semiosis       there are a lot of services!
17:27 semiosis       it'll make your head spin
17:27 pdurbin        no kidding
17:27 pdurbin        i mean, i understand that whole business are built on this stuff
17:28 pdurbin        i just haven't used it much myself
17:28 semiosis       then there's things like autoscaling, elb, and simpledb that dont even show up on the product listing!
17:29 pdurbin        i believe it
17:29 pdurbin        quite a soup
17:29 semiosis       oh wait AS & ELB are on the prod list, but simpledb is not
18:12 pdurbin        johnmark: maybe you meen this... here's an example of a zodbot meeting summary: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2013-02-06/fesco.2013-02-06-18.00.html
18:12 pdurbin        (from #dvn)
18:12 pdurbin        zodbot seems like a nice way to summarize IRC meetings
18:13 pdurbin        crimsonfubot: lucky zodbot
18:13 crimsonfubot   pdurbin: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zodbot
18:16 pdurbin        http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2013-02-07#i_530
18:33 pdurbin        don't you wish YOUR irc channel had a zodbot: http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2013-02-07#i_562
19:48 JoeJulian      pdurbin: Here's another expample... ;) http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/gluster-meeting/2012-10-18/gluster-meeting.2012-10-18-16.06.html
19:49 pdurbin        ooo. actions
19:50 JoeJulian      Nice, Ryan Coleman responded to my G+ post.
19:50 pdurbin        the one i commented on?
19:50 JoeJulian      https://plus.google.com/u/0/113457525690313682370/posts/7XtDXBcJmAo
19:50 JoeJulian      yes
19:51 pdurbin        "and we'll then double down on content like puppetlabs/stdlib"
19:52 pdurbin        "that dev or someone else responsible for this, reaches out to community members associated with the project that's being targeted" ... that's what my shibboleth meeting is about
19:52 pdurbin        getting opinions from the community
19:53 JoeJulian      Need more than opinions. Need involvement and ownership.
19:53 pdurbin        sure. it's hard
19:53 JoeJulian      Yep!
19:54 pdurbin        i owe our shibboleth ticket :)
19:55 JoeJulian      Though I think if Dan Bodhe had asked me to take over the management of puppetlabs-{openstack,nova,keystone,horizon,cinder} I would have.
19:56 pdurbin        sounds like a big job
20:02 magoo          anyone have a good recommendation for a great linux/windows dual-boot laptop?
20:03 magoo          with emphasis on hardware that has great support in linux
20:05 pdurbin        good linux support but the hardware has been flaky: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/Hb8qfjoRVSZ
20:06 pdurbin        thinkpad X220T
20:09 magoo          yikes, a bit out of the price range i'm working with
20:09 magoo          i used to have a thinkpad back in the day though... loved that thing
20:09 magoo          built like a tank
20:09 * rackerhacker loves his X1 carbon
20:10 JoeJulian      once he finally got it
20:11 rackerhacker   yeah
20:11 rackerhacker   that was a mess
20:11 JoeJulian      Apparently, though, rackerhacker didn't love it enough to keep both of them! ;)
20:11 magoo          rackerhacker: all hardware works without hacking on it?
20:12 JoeJulian      I was tempted to take that second one though...
20:12 rackerhacker   magoo: everything worked out of the box except for the fingerprint reader
20:12 rackerhacker   proprietary firmware :(
20:12 rackerhacker   i used Fedora 17/18, CentOS 6 and Mint on it, all worked like champs
20:12 magoo          cool, that doesn't concern me
20:13 rackerhacker   F18 is on it now
20:13 rackerhacker   i'm thinking about tossing xenclient on
20:13 magoo          sweet, mint would be my choice
20:13 magoo          or arch
20:13 pdurbin        Selena Deckelmann was complaining at http://devhell.info/post/2013-01-23/artisan-database-administration/ that her webcam doesn't work under linux (fedora, i think) but mine works fine (fedora 16)
20:13 pdurbin        good episode, by the way
20:14 magoo          but i see the x1 in a lower config around 1200
20:14 magoo          is that a non-gloss screen?
20:15 semiosis       i like my asus ux32vd but i was not able to reinstall windows 8 after replacing the hdd with ssd, so no dual boot for me
20:15 semiosis       but linux (kubuntu quantal) rocks
20:16 magoo          and are the hinges built solid?
20:16 magoo          i definitely have to be able to dual-boot... i need to be able to support the dev environment for mac, linux, and windows
20:16 magoo          i know! shoot me in the face
20:17 semiosis       https://twitter.com/pragmaticism/status/299612794083487744
20:18 semiosis       ...is what i tell myself
20:18 magoo          haha, appropriate
20:18 magoo          we hired two windows devs this week... my life was so simple before *sigh*
20:26 rackerhacker   magoo: all are non-glossy, hinges are pretty serious
20:26 rackerhacker   i use two hands to get it open
20:32 magoo          <3
20:32 magoo          might have a winner then
20:32 rackerhacker   i picked mine up from new egg and saved on tax
20:32 rackerhacker   faster delivery, too
20:36 semiosis       rackerhacker: what happened to that samsung?
20:37 rackerhacker   i returned it because either it wasn't working properly or it wasn't working by design
20:37 semiosis       ah ha
20:37 semiosis       your laptop adventures are legend, but i missed that chapter :)
20:38 rackerhacker   oh hah
20:43 semiosis       so is the appeal of mint (over ubuntu) that it doesn't have unity?
20:43 semiosis       anyone have an opinion on kubuntu vs mint kde?
20:44 magoo          rolling release
20:44 semiosis       oh interesting
20:44 magoo          plus cinnamon is terrific
20:45 magoo          i have it on my home theatre box - looks sharp
20:46 magoo          there has to be a wrapper to make ec2-describe-instances not look like screen vomit
20:47 semiosis       have you seen aws cli?
20:48 magoo          nope, github?
20:48 semiosis       http://aws.amazon.com/cli/
20:48 semiosis       based on python/boto afaict, from garnaat
20:48 magoo          nice, reading up now
20:49 semiosis       https://github.com/aws/aws-cli#command-output
20:49 semiosis       never heard of 'jq' before i came across it there
20:50 semiosis       http://stedolan.github.com/jq/
20:51 magoo          man, this is sweet