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00:54 pdurbin   miah: i'm enjoying your comments at https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/ETqpKHLUEKr
00:59 miah      thanks
01:13 semiosis  interesting conversation
01:39 JoeJulian I saw that when rackerhacker tweeted it.
13:34 pdurbin   got rear ended on my bike by a car this morning: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/99xPso8Tkka ... i think i'm fine but i'm going to the doctor just in case
13:56 larsks    That sucks!  Hope you're okay.
14:01 pdurbin   thanks. i think so
14:12 ben_e     pdurbin: yuck :-(
14:12 ben_e     did you go down? did he push you into the car in front of you?
14:12 pdurbin   no, i caught myself. and i wasn't pushed very far. a bit of a jolt. bent my back wheel
14:18 ben_e     sounds like it was a "good" accident then :-/
14:19 ben_e     are you going to file a police report?
14:19 pdurbin   yeah, could have been much worse. not that i'm exactly happy
14:19 pdurbin   you know, the form is pretty long. seems like a pain
14:20 pdurbin   here's the form: http://www.mass.gov/rmv/forms/21278.pdf via http://massbike.org/resourcesnew/what-to-do-if-you-crash/
14:22 pdurbin   looks like section E has "2 Cyclist" as "non-motorist"
14:23 pdurbin   funny that there's no code for the non-motorist to indicate he was waiting at a red light. i guess "97 Other"
14:23 pdurbin   maybe "1 entering or crossing location"
14:24 ben_e     F3 maybe?
14:24 ben_e     F Traffic Control Device 3 rather
14:25 pdurbin   hmm, yeah
14:25 pdurbin   it seems like the motorist should fill this out
14:31 ben_e     i would not let him file a report without also filing out a report myself
14:31 ben_e     if you put conflicting information down, what happens?
14:32 pdurbin   i have no idea
14:32 ben_e     me neither
14:32 ben_e     i had a friend get screwed over by not filing a report once
14:32 pdurbin   the last time i got in an accident it was another bike. he hit me so hard my handlebars were twisted out of place. he didn't stop
14:33 ben_e     a person backed into their car in a parking lot, was very apologetic, they exchanged info, he took a few weeks to get a quote on the bodywork which came in at $2k+ iirc
14:33 ben_e     and when he called the person, they claimed they had no idea who he was, had never been in an accident, etc
14:34 pdurbin   that sucks
14:34 ben_e     yeah
14:34 ben_e     i think i decided after that to just let the system do its thing
14:34 pdurbin   in this case, the driver seemed like an honest guy
14:34 ben_e     no hard feelings, but i'm going to file the paperwork
14:35 ben_e     yeah, but maybe he crashes into cyclists 3x per year?
14:35 ben_e     honest, but a bad driver...
14:35 pdurbin   i agree for a car... not sure about this bike thing... i'll see what the doctor says and total up expenses. co-pay and a new wheel. shouldn't be too much
14:37 pdurbin   way less than in your friend's case
14:37 ben_e     nods
14:37 ben_e     i think $50 for a wheel is on the low side though
14:37 pdurbin   i'm just glad i didn't get hurt
14:37 ben_e     yeah
14:38 pdurbin   in high school a kid was driving me home from school. wet conditions. couldn't stop. rear ended a car at a red light. totaled his car. i cut my lip against his back seat. scary
14:38 pdurbin   this was way less scary :)
14:39 ben_e     i have managed to avoid car accidents so far
14:39 * ben_e   knocks wood
14:39 ben_e     http://or8.net/~bene/stuff/silver.png <- hoopty
14:40 pdurbin   be careful out there
14:40 ben_e     you too :-)
14:40 ben_e     i'm home today though
14:43 pdurbin   we should do lunch again sometime. and i'm planning on going to the queenshead after work. and hopefully cambridge common after that. open invite to all, of course
14:43 ben_e     abcd main meeting it today
14:43 ben_e     s/it/is
14:43 ben_e     free lunch if you can sit through the talks :-)
14:44 pdurbin   SPECIAL PRESENTATION: CS50 Team
14:44 pdurbin   i took cs75. good class
14:44 pdurbin   maybe i'll join you
14:44 ben_e     do you go to the cs50 fairs?
14:45 ben_e     i was on campus for one and dropped by
14:45 pdurbin   we had a bit of a fair at the end of cs75
14:45 ben_e     the fact that there are students on the cambridge campus is so far removed from my harvard experience
14:45 pdurbin   heh
14:49 shuff     pdurbin: i am glad to see no photo of the inside of an ambulance today
14:51 pdurbin   *sigh*
14:52 pdurbin   yeah, i live tweeted that trip to the ER
14:52 ben_e     nice instagram shot from the stretcher...
14:53 pdurbin   about to get stapled. GRAPHIC! on Twitpic - http://twitpic.com/bl8if
14:53 ben_e     when was that?
14:54 ben_e     3.5 years ago
14:54 ben_e     i didn't realize you were being serious
14:54 ben_e     doh
14:55 pdurbin   my first and hopefully last trip to the ER
15:04 pdurbin   my daughter was 5 days old. not the best timing
15:29 pdurbin   off to the doctor. you guys should check out http://console.neo4j.org/?id=if7gn8 via http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-02-01#i_2562
16:19 pdurbin   doctor seems to think i'm well enough. i did mention a twinge kind of deep in my back but i may have had that when i woke up. he said to let him know if anything develops. i'm glad i went in
18:38 miah      i have to go to the Dr. every 6 months. its bullshit :/
18:45 shuff     pdurbin: i'm glad you did too
18:54 pdurbin   shuff: where's an EMT when i need one ;) miah: sorry to hear that