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12:50 jgtimmer     I use the command (meta) key all the time to launch apps
13:14 pdurbin      huh. on a mac now but next time i'm on gnome i'll try that
16:33 jgtimmer     thx for the alt+~ tip!
16:33 jgtimmer     was struggeling with the alt+tab for a while now
18:31 pdurbin      JoeJulian: is shapado still the horse to bet on? or do you like osqa or something else?
19:04 JoeJulian    I'm not sure how much I like any of them, but shapado seems to be the least stupid from a management standpoint.
19:04 JoeJulian    Frankly, I have a growing loathing for all q&a systems.
19:07 pdurbin      uh oh. i don't like the sound of that
19:08 pdurbin      one thing i like about osqa is that you can snip off the end of the url before the number and you can still get to the page: meta.osqa.net/questions/12821/how-to
19:08 pdurbin      stack overflow behaves the same way
19:09 pdurbin      but i like that shapado has an api
19:09 pdurbin      an api is more important to me
19:10 pdurbin      JoeJulian: what's wrong with q&a systems?
19:11 JoeJulian    idiots
19:13 JoeJulian    What's so damned hard about "Question: ____". How is "replication" or "performance issues". When I see a phrase or statement in place of a question it just irritates me enough that I don't bother answering them anymore.
19:13 JoeJulian    See, so mad I didn't even complete my own sentence.
19:14 pdurbin      too much jeopardy? ;)
19:15 pdurbin      no, i hear you. jeff and joel go on and on about how questions are supposed to be a question, with a ? at the end :)
19:15 JoeJulian    Obviously, I was trying to ask (and breaking my own rule about a question not being a question), "How can [those] be questions?"
19:16 JoeJulian    It just tells me that they're just not skilled enough to get my answer without a far too significant investment of my time.
19:17 pdurbin      so what's the solution? a mailing list?
19:20 spilth       So just ignore those questions?
19:20 spilth       Or moderate them down/away.
19:22 semiosis     JoeJulian: i have been marking them spam
19:26 pdurbin      we have a mailing list now. i'm wondering if we should add a q&a site to the mix
19:27 shuff        huh; i'd much rather just see more of us participating in existing q&a sites :)
19:27 shuff        in the interest of less fragmentation
19:28 spilth       I think it's probably better to post somewhere like SO and link it here
19:30 JoeJulian    The solution would be a natural language parser that tells people, "This is not a question, please try again."
19:34 pdurbin      shuff: sure but on which existing q&a site is the question "how do i visualize my data in a dataverse network?" on topic?
19:35 pdurbin      semiosis: you're on the community leaderboard at http://community.gluster.org
19:35 shuff        SO
19:36 * semiosis   is
19:36 pdurbin      shuff: they'll close it as too localized
19:37 shuff        hm
19:40 pdurbin      but if a q&a site is too much work we could just stick with the mailing list
19:41 pdurbin      i'm kind of thinking of a q&a site as being kind of like a knowledge base but a little more... living, i guess, more interactive
19:45 JoeJulian    <sarcasm>Too bad there's no way to collaboratively create documentation in a nice hyperlinked way with some sort of simple page markup.</sarcasm>
19:46 pdurbin      JoeJulian: so... you're thinking a wiki would be better?
19:48 JoeJulian    I don't know. I know that I like it and participate... wikipedia seems to do well with it... it seems, though, that it depends on the participants.
19:49 spilth       What's the problem we're trying to solve again?
19:50 JoeJulian    I'm reading it as trying to collect knowledge (about a specific topic?) in a manner where it can be easily found and assimilated.
19:53 semiosis     http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3qidwv/
19:54 semiosis     i wish you better luck than brian had
19:58 JoeJulian    hehe
20:03 pdurbin      JoeJulian: yes, how to collect knowledge
20:03 pdurbin      how to answer common questions
20:04 pdurbin      i mean, we could set up a curated knowledge base
20:04 pdurbin      but i kind of like the idea of having the questions come from the users
20:04 pdurbin      and i'm a big fan of stackoverflow
20:05 pdurbin      i don't tend to get much value of out the average knowledge base site
20:23 comptona     we have an OSQA setup, and it gets a fair amount of use
20:23 comptona     mostly for the tricky internal bits, like "what environment variables do I need to specify to run XX job?"
20:26 pdurbin      comptona: interesting
20:27 pdurbin      comptona: are you saying its internal only? not public?
20:27 comptona     correct
20:27 pdurbin      ok
20:27 comptona     I'd like it to get used more; I want to get the HR people to point new people at it and fill it with common new-user questions
20:27 comptona     "How do I get email" and such
20:27 pdurbin      our ticket system is not public... i'm actually thinking of something that's public, like our mailing list, but more in a q&a format
20:28 comptona     well, there's no reason you couldn't have a public OSQA setup
20:29 pdurbin      sure. and i guess if we're running it i would care less about the lack of an api (for OSQA i mean)
20:30 pdurbin      i guess we could just stick with our mailing list
20:30 pdurbin      we've also thought about using uservoice
20:30 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky uservoice
20:30 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.uservoice.com/
20:33 JoeJulian    Hehe, I've been contacted by two recruiters. I'm pretty sure there's some corporate espionage going on between them. They're both trying to make appointments within an hour of each other.