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20:24 pdurbin speaking of g+, nice thread about gnome 3. gives me hope: https://plus.google.com/115250422803614415116/posts/KygiWsQc4Wm
20:32 jimi_c  i've gotten used to it, i still just wish the gnome devs would get over their one-size-fits-all obsession and allow more customization
20:33 jimi_c  two things made it usable for me: when i found out the windows start button brings up the app tile view, and alt+tilde (~) switching between windows of the same type
20:33 jimi_c  ie. when i've got multiple chrome incognito windows up and want to switch between them without having to alt tab and select it from a list
20:50 pdurbin yeah, i've gotten used to alt-tilde from the mac
20:50 pdurbin the thing i didn't know about was that plugin linus mentioned
20:51 pdurbin GNOME 3: Bearable with GNOME Shell Frippery - http://all-things-linux.blogspot.com/2011/07/gnome-3-bearable-with-gnome-shell.html
20:52 pdurbin GNOME Shell Frippery - http://intgat.tigress.co.uk/rmy/extensions/index.html
21:25 jimi_c  i always forget about plugins
21:53 pdurbin i used some plugin to restore the normal alt-tab but it kept making gnome crash so i uninstalled it
21:54 pdurbin i guess i didn't know about the start button trick but i don't use that view much
21:54 pdurbin i usually just hit alt-f2 and type the app i want
22:07 jimi_c  i do that too, just hit the win key and type the app's name
23:21 pdurbin yeah