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14:34 pdurbin we're moving from github to sourceforge... the code is already moved but we still host our installers on sourceforge. i threw them on github (with github pages) but now i don't have the fancy downloads stats sourceforge gives me: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dvn/files/stats/timeline?dates=2007-04-18+to+2013-01-24 :(
14:47 sjoeboo from github to sourceforge, or the other way around ?
14:48 pdurbin sjoeboo: historically, people have downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/dvn/files/dvn/
14:48 pdurbin yesterday i set this up as a proof of concept: http://dvn.github.com/downloads/
14:48 sjoeboo so, moving TO github then
14:48 pdurbin yes
14:49 pdurbin sjoeboo: by the way my water heater burst this morning. i know you feel that pain :(
14:49 sjoeboo ah, yikes, thats retty rough
14:49 sjoeboo ours luckilly was a leak, not a tiny one, but not a big burst, least, not until we had it 90% drained and lifted it up
14:50 sjoeboo but we were lucky, our was summer time
14:50 pdurbin yeah, it's more of a leak i guess. plenty of water though
14:51 sjoeboo yeah, still not fun to deal with
14:52 sjoeboo nor the lack of hot water
14:55 pdurbin yeah. i hope the guys come today to fix it. they're dealing with a lot of frozen pipes. will try to squeeze us in
14:57 pdurbin anyway, i guess i could stand up awstats for some download stats. or that newer thing. webalizer i think. or not even bother tracking downloads