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12:47 rackerhacker erhmagerd, emarl ferm JoeJulian
12:53 pdurbin      rackerhacker: unable to parse
13:07 rackerhacker i was just being goofy (as usual)
13:29 pdurbin      rackerhacker: +1. carry on
13:29 pdurbin      happy birthday #crimsonfu! we started logging this channel a year ago! http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-01-17
13:31 pdurbin      my thank you to moritz for doing the logging for us: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/ilbot/2013-01-17#i_6344280
13:53 rackerhacker aww
15:08 spilth       I'm at #devopsdays in NYC
15:09 pdurbin      spilth: nice. bring the fu
15:09 spilth       Livestream is here http://new.livestream.com/devopsdaysorg/nyc2013
15:14 pdurbin      neat but i don't hear anything
15:14 spilth       It hasn't started yet
15:15 pdurbin      :)
15:23 spilth       okay, somebody is talking on the mic now
15:23 pdurbin      yup. 87 watching
15:24 pdurbin      spilth: i don't see you waving
15:24 spilth       i'm on the left ;-)
15:28 spilth       Filter Bubble - filtering out things you don't already agree with
15:32 spilth       Talking about the dangers of a positive feedback loop
15:33 spilth       "Figuring out how Unix works is not DevOps!" :-D
15:34 spilth       Using Chef and/or Puppet isn't automatically DevOps
15:35 spilth       Use technologies as a means. Not an end.
15:35 pdurbin      spilth: your live blogging is rather a nice birthday present for us :)
15:36 spilth       DevOps is not how often you "deploy".
15:37 spilth       My perspective - This sounds similar to how people talk about "Agile". Just cause you're pairing or using CI or unit tests doesn't automatically make you agile.
15:38 spilth       Lesson: Maintain Perspective
15:39 spilth       Auotmation increases the impact of your average Snafu
15:40 spilth       Automation
15:42 spilth       Automation requires a human decision, safeguards and accountability & audit trails.
15:47 spilth       Making a new, separate DevOps team = FAIL
15:49 spilth       I am editorializing some of these, I guess
15:49 spilth       Or summarizing
15:50 spilth       hahah. HugOps
15:51 spilth       ChatOps = IRC Bots with root
15:51 spilth       https://twitter.com/wickett is live tweeting nicely too
15:52 spilth       Lesson: Trust does not scale.
15:53 spilth       DevOps is evolution, not revolution.
15:56 spilth       Question:  Is DevOps a threat to the way things are working.
15:56 pdurbin      121 watching now but i'm dropping off
15:56 pdurbin      spilth: keep it up! :)
15:56 spilth       Answer: Evolve. Grow. Figure out how to do things better or you will be left behind.
15:57 spilth       Thanks :-)
16:01 spilth       Now speaking: Dave Zwieback (@mindweather) from Knewton
16:02 spilth       Talking about DevOps Hiring
16:05 spilth       https://twitter.com/hipsterhacker
16:07 spilth       He's pulled a bunch of titles from LinkedIn that include the work "DevOps"
16:08 larsks       Hey, I'm here, too.
16:08 larsks       Fun talks so far :).
16:08 pdurbin      spilth: can you please find dave after and tell him hello for me? i interviewed with him :)
16:09 spilth       Dave Zwieback?
16:09 pdurbin      larsks: or you :)
16:10 pdurbin      then go listen to this, which is great: Episode 15: How to Succeed in DevOps with Dave Zwieback - Food Fight - http://foodfightshow.org/2012/05/episode-15-how-to-succeed-in-devops.html
16:14 spilth       Asking who has deleted their LinkedIn account or who has thought about it.
16:15 spilth       Suggest that DevOps people don't hang out on LinkedIn
16:20 spilth       They check GitHub, Meetup, HackerNews, Twitter
16:20 spilth       for potential "devops" hires
16:21 spilth       these "dark pools" of candidates
16:29 spilth       break time
16:49 spilth       Back from the break
16:49 spilth       pdurbin: I said hi to Dave for you ;-)
16:49 pdurbin      oh good! thanks :)
16:50 pdurbin      he's a great guy
16:52 spilth       Talked to Jeffrey Fredrick too (https://twitter.com/Jtf). Know him a little from his Anthill Pro days.
16:53 spilth       Bare Metal Provisioning Roundtable now
17:00 spilth       Cool to get insight into their provisioning process/interface
17:03 spilth       http://crowbar.github.com/
17:03 spilth       "Crowbar is a platform for server provisioning and deployment from bare metal. It provides server discovery, firmware upgrades, and operating system installation using PXE Boot. It deploys applications on top of functioning operating systems using chef."
17:07 spilth       FYI: http://www.netmeister.org/slides/devopsdays201301/ - Jan Schaumann's Slides from the first talk
17:10 spilth       "Hate Driven Development"
17:13 spilth       I wish GitHub let you Star companies
17:14 spilth       http://puppetlabs.com/blog/introducing-razor-a-next-generation-provisioning-solution/
17:16 spilth       Now https://twitter.com/samkottler is talking about Foreman
17:16 spilth       http://www.samkottler.com/open-source-infrastructure-for-the-foreman-project
17:17 spilth       Foreman uses Twitter Bootstrap (it looks like)
17:18 spilth       There's a #foreman channel on Freenode
17:18 spilth       https://github.com/theforeman
17:19 spilth       Foreman is a Rails app!
17:23 pdurbin      spilth: sjoeboo_ uses foreman. it's great
17:24 spilth       I'm built our CMDB using Rails, if I haven't mentioned it before.
17:26 spilth       Question: Why have you guys built 4 different provisioning systems? I'm sure there are 6 more systems in the audience.
17:28 spilth       General Answer: Different needs, different focuses
17:40 spilth       Ignite Talk on Alert Design
17:40 spilth       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignite_(event)
17:49 JoeJulian    rackerhacker: Hehe, I didn't think I was that absent lately. 80
17:52 spilth       http://www.slideshare.net/jschauma/safely-drinking-from-the-data-waterhose now
17:56 spilth       I love slide #3 and #4
17:56 JoeJulian    spilth: Re LinkedIn, I'm on it to keep track of who I know professionally and what skill sets they have - which I draw from for collaboration.
17:57 spilth       JoeJulian - I'm sort of live blogging the DevOpsDays conference. That was part of somebody's presentation
17:57 * JoeJulian  is slow on the uptake... no caffeine yet.
17:59 JoeJulian    I used to use foreman but switching to puppetdb broke what I had working.
18:00 spilth       pdurbin: Maybe I should prefix my live blogging with [devopsdays] or something?
18:02 JoeJulian    No, any reasonable person could have looked at the entire page of scrollback and figured that out.
18:05 spilth       https://github.com/sensu/sensu - monitoring framework
18:05 spilth       https://github.com/paperlesspost/graphiti - alternative graphite front end
18:08 spilth       "Quit your job!"
18:09 spilth       Leveling-up Ignite talk from https://twitter.com/nathenharvey
18:10 spilth       "Step our of your comfort zone"
18:11 spilth       Couple of people mentioned http://www.pagerduty.com/ so far
18:15 spilth       https://github.com/Knewton/graphduty - Graphite + PagerDuty
18:16 spilth       Lunch break
18:16 spilth       bbiab
19:41 spilth       Open Spaces starting no
19:41 spilth       now
19:41 spilth       MC'd by Patrick Debois - http://www.jedi.be/blog/
19:42 spilth       "It starts when it starts."
19:43 spilth       "It ends when it ends."
19:43 spilth       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-space_technology
19:53 spilth       Session dedicated to Ops School - https://ops-school.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
21:13 _bene_       hi, i'm ben
21:13 _bene_       pdurbin told me you all were serving up double helpings of awesomeness in this channel and i should check it out
21:13 _bene_       so... yeah
21:13 * _bene_     goes back about his business
21:15 JoeJulian    Github's broken asciidoc (again). When I asked about a ticket to track the progress, "I am afraid you cannot track internal GitHub issues. Unfortunately it is going to take a while because the problem is rather serious. I am sorry for the trouble we are creating for you."
21:15 JoeJulian    Irony.
21:23 pdurbin      ben_e: i just did a quick search for starcluster in our logs and i don't see anything. but plenty of aws chatter in general
21:23 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky starcluster
21:23 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://star.mit.edu/cluster/
21:34 ben_e        yeah, i chatted with one of the lead devs for an hour or more after a Boston Python Meetup presentation last june
21:34 ben_e        he was super friendly and invited me over for a visit
21:34 ben_e        although maybe that was the beer talking
21:47 pdurbin      :)
21:47 pdurbin      i tweeted at the boston python folks once and they seem very friendly
21:57 ben_e        the boston django meetup is tonight at hubspot in cambridge
21:57 ben_e        it's on unit and browser testing in django