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09:45 jgtimmer pdurbin: if you use git mv instead of a regular move it will know for sure
09:45 jgtimmer git rm, git add in the same commit will also work most of the time
11:14 pdurbin  jgtimmer: i definitely agree with you about the same commit thing
11:15 pdurbin  in practice i never really use `git mv`. just `mv` and `git add . && git commit .` works well for me usually
11:15 pdurbin  but i'll pass this along. thanks!
11:16 pdurbin  see also https://redmine.hmdc.harvard.edu/issues/1188#note-12
18:58 sjoeboo_ pdurbin: johnmark asking about irc logging, just let him know you're in here
19:01 pdurbin  sjoeboo_: cool
19:01 pdurbin  i love me some irc logging
19:02 pdurbin  here's iqlogbot: https://github.com/dvn/iqirclog-vagrant
22:32 pdurbin  RT @ijstokes: Any Boston Python people want to help out with the Harvard ComputeFest Python Workshops? http://computefest.seas.harvard.edu -- http://twitter.com/bostonpython/status/291203924059381760