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03:36 pdurbin   went to a http://masshackers.org meeting tonight and it was good. ~30 people there. python core dev gave a talk. maybe a bit too security focused for my taste but a good time
03:37 pdurbin   i love their logo and it's even creative commons
03:38 pdurbin   http://rayarray.blogspot.com/2011/09/masshackers-logo.html
14:54 * pdurbin sends crimsonfubot into #netbeans
14:57 pdurbin   semiosis: can you sent your hubot in to this channel so we can play with it?
15:00 semiosis  pdurbin: eh, therer's not much to play with... all i have is the factoids module... http://pastie.org/5652585
15:01 semiosis  also afaict it can only be in one channel, set by env var before startup, it's in ##semiosishubug now if you want to poke it
15:01 pdurbin   ... YET, right? you'll send it in some day :)
15:01 pdurbin   wat? one channel? lame
15:01 semiosis  I KNOW!
15:01 semiosis  so freakin lame
15:01 pdurbin   oversold
15:01 semiosis  i was really disappointed
15:02 semiosis  maybe there's another way, but i think i'd have to read the source to find out... the brief docs just say set this env var and it joins
15:02 semiosis  and srsly 75% of the plugins are for fetching gifs of pugs & chuck norris
15:04 pdurbin   -1
15:25 shuff     pugs and chuck norris?  i want http://placekitten.com support
15:25 shuff     i guess it's pull request time
15:26 pdurbin   hmm. handy
15:27 pdurbin   >> http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-01-10
15:47 dotplus   hm, I wonder why my ganglia network aggregate bandwidth graphs show weekly spikes to ~6PiB/s. Particularly odd since it's an aggregate of only a single kvmhost.
15:50 pdurbin   dotplus: public graphs?
15:55 dotplus   pdurbin: no, sorry
15:56 pdurbin   http://rc.fas.harvard.edu links to http://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/ganglia/ganglia2_master/
16:03 dotplus   pdurbin: v. interesting. "your"? graph has a similar crazy spike. see the fas grid report network last day
16:03 dotplus   http://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/ganglia/ganglia2_master/?r=day&cs=&ce=&s=by+name&c=&tab=m&vn=
16:04 dotplus   perhaps that means I'm just misinterpreting and should think of it has we shifted 6PiB total during the last day rather than interpreting as a spike to 6PiB/s
16:05 pdurbin   dotplus: not my graph anymore. i'm still at harvard but i switched departments: http://people.iq.harvard.edu/~pdurbin
16:06 dotplus   yeah I remember
16:42 sjoeboo   dotplus: don't know where it is, btu i did see a naglia mailing list post/bug report about teh spikes
16:42 sjoeboo   somethign to do w/ NIC models and bad adata, not really a ganglia problem, but one maniefsted through it if i remember
16:47 pdurbin   dotplus: you're talking about the spike that says Max: 153.7P, right?
17:02 pdurbin   magoo: what do you make of this? vagrant through a proxy doesn't work? https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dataverse-community/wRxRSGE8VpQ/UeGThjqHBQYJ
17:16 magoo     hard to make anything of that
17:16 magoo     I can't tell what's throwing the nilClass
17:18 pdurbin   me neither :(
17:19 magoo     have you told him to try linux? ;)
17:19 spilth    look at minitar.rb:493 and see what object is trying to call the size
17:21 spilth    https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/498
17:22 * pdurbin leaves a comment: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/498#issuecomment-12107950
17:27 spilth    who else is running/managing a CI server here?
17:43 magoo     jenkins here
17:45 spilth    magoo: Do you have multiple teams/projects using it?
17:46 jimi_c    yay for a job that doesn't restrict internet access!
17:46 jimi_c    spilth: i'm in the process of setting up jenkins with vagrant
17:48 spilth    How many projects/teams will be using it?
17:48 jimi_c    just one, my project (cobbler)
17:49 jimi_c    they've also got one here at my #newjob, but it's not really being used yet
17:49 spilth    Ah, okay. I'm looking for people running several projects/teams using a CI server
17:49 jimi_c    in that case, there will be maybe 2 teams using it
18:05 magoo     spilth: we have mutiple projects using it
18:06 magoo     chef plus our multiple applications
18:50 pdurbin   spilth: hudson here. only one project using it
18:50 pdurbin   larsks: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-01-10#i_1694 and other pythonista
18:58 pdurbin   jimi_c: +1 for vagrant. you started the #newjob already?
19:01 jimi_c    yeah been here just over a week
19:04 pdurbin   cool
19:04 pdurbin   Dangers of Java - OUCH! - http://www.securingthehuman.org/blog/2013/01/10/dangers-of-java
19:07 jimi_c    oh java...
19:17 pdurbin   :)
19:19 pdurbin   tychoish: emacs+znc revisited: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-01-10#i_1715
20:14 dotplus   poll for the room: what's your preferred open source approach to load balancing/HA for a standard web app service situation?
20:15 pdurbin   dotplus: coyote point load balancer
20:17 dotplus   pdurbin: looks like a commercial solution to me...
20:19 pdurbin   whoops! sorry
20:19 * pdurbin fails reading comprehension
21:05 semiosis  dotplus: varnish cache
22:10 shuff     dotplus: i'm not sure this is my favorite, but i've been wanting for a while to try out crossroads (http://crossroads.e-tunity.com/)
22:11 shuff     i'm hoping it could be a reasonable general-purpose substitute for e.g. the coyote point load balancers pdurbin mentioned earlier