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03:31 pdurbin_m  jimi_c: that wasn't spam http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-12-23 :)
03:32 pdurbin_m  codex is one of us :)
03:33 pdurbin_m  I realized something about freenode though... it requires auth on mobile networks
03:34 pdurbin_m  I was blaming poor andchat for this, had switched to yaaic
03:35 semiosis   pdurbin_m: znc!
03:35 pdurbin_m  not thinking that what changed was that I was walking around :)
03:35 pdurbin_m  znc for android?
03:36 semiosis   pdurbin_m: znc on a server, then all your clients just connect to your znc proxy
03:36 pdurbin_m  ok
03:36 semiosis   let znc manage your connection to freenode
03:36 pdurbin_m  as has been discussed previously
03:36 semiosis   yeah :)
03:36 semiosis   friendly reminder
03:37 semiosis   i waited a while to set it up but it was easy & i'm glad i did
03:39 pdurbin_m  http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-07-31
03:39 pdurbin_m  ok
03:40 pdurbin_m  won't be setting it up from this phone tonight but glad to know it's easy
03:40 semiosis   easier than supybot
03:41 pdurbin_m  you should write an article and make yourself a member page :)
03:41 semiosis   agreed
03:43 * semiosis &
03:44 pdurbin_m  saw a car on its side a couple hours ago north of Cincinnati
03:45 pdurbin_m  oh, rackerhacker was tweeting about pelican http://docs.getpelican.com
04:09 westmaas   that guy
04:09 westmaas   pdurbin_m: you safe in Ohio?
04:09 westmaas   and do you go through Cincinnati?
04:09 westmaas   I'll be there starting Friday
04:10 westmaas   looking forward to fun driving
04:11 pdurbin_m  so much fun. our 8 hour trip from Paducah took 10. we're fine
04:13 westmaas   ah so you went through cincy but prolly won't go back through
04:18 pdurbin_m  next Christmas maybe :)
04:23 jimi_c     pdurbin: that's why i made the follow-up comment, i saw codex was still in here :) i just saw the original (seemingly unsolicted) message and assumed spam
04:27 pdurbin_m  ah. I do like yaaic, using it now. I think ironcamel mentioned it in #sourcefu
04:30 pdurbin_m  mysql. mongodb. pick one http://mcfunley.com/why-mongodb-never-worked-out-at-etsy
10:43 codex      pdurbin_m: i've been using it for about a year, and I never appreciated it until I tried the other 3 or so clients
10:44 codex      they are just terrible when it comes to multi-tasking (multi-channels)
13:41 pdurbin_m  I like it
17:33 semiosis   building a distro takes a long time
19:42 ironcamel  pdurbin: this patch is going to give a huge speedup to App::p https://github.com/ironcamel/App-p/pull/9
19:53 miah       moin