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00:21 pdurbin   semiosis: yeah, weren't you trying to hire someone? you had a subnet quiz and everything
00:25 semiosis  yeah well that didnt go so well
00:25 semiosis  ended up with a couple new super jr. devs
00:25 semiosis  linux sysadmins don't exist, statistically speaking
00:26 semiosis  in theory they do but good luck finding one
00:26 pdurbin   good help is hard to find
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14:01 jimi_c    jenkins+vagrant+cobbler up and running, now I just need to start writing more test cases...
14:01 jimi_c    i also found this last night, which describes using jenkins to automate veewee builds: http://www.zivtech.com/blog/one-click-automated-vagrant-base-box-builds-veewee-and-jenkins
14:02 pdurbin   jimi_c: is your jenkins+vagrant+cobbler on github?
14:02 jimi_c    not yet
14:03 pdurbin   plz fix. ;)
14:03 pdurbin   i was looking at http://codeslife.com/2011/10/21/make-ci-easier-with-jenkins-ci-and-vagrant/ last night but it seems a little backwards... having jenkins spin up vagrant vms for you
14:04 jimi_c    this is my "Execute shell script in Vagrant as admin" script: http://pastie.org/5557290
14:05 jimi_c    the rest is based on this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o590cmra0g
14:05 pdurbin   i mean, that's fine, but my plan is to continue to run vagrant on my laptop and have jenkins running as one of the vagrant VMs there. other VMs would be glassfish, postgres, rserve... in an attempt to model our production environment within vagrant
14:05 jimi_c    well the idea is to have clean build environments, since cobbler touches so much stuff
14:05 jimi_c    alternatively, you could use vagrant to spin up jenkins slaves, and limit them to 1 executor
14:06 jimi_c    otherwise i couldn't have more than one cobblerd running without doing some port magic
14:07 pdurbin   ah, so that youtube video you linked is from http://unethicalblogger.com/2012/03/13/vagrant-plugin-in-action.html which i found via http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6941547/how-to-combine-vagrant-with-jenkins-for-the-perfect-continuous-integration-envir
14:07 jimi_c    yep
14:07 pdurbin   jimi_c: so you *are* using jenkins to spin up vagrant VMs?
14:08 jimi_c    yes, just like in that video, the git repo essentially just contains a Vagrantfile, which is used to spin up the vm, and then that shell script above is run on the vm as root (or via sudo, however the "as admin" works)
14:09 jimi_c    in the future i will roll my own, with all of those prereqs installed to speed things up
14:09 pdurbin   right. cool. i could see doing that too. in addition to the way i'm talking about with vagrant on my laptop
14:10 jimi_c    next i need to figure out how to twiddle a setting and then rerun the tests, without having to fire up a new job
14:10 pdurbin   i'm heavily influenced by this use of vagrant, which i think is spectacular: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env
14:10 jimi_c    and also running the tests on an ubuntu vm vs. a rhel vm
14:10 pdurbin   sure
14:11 jimi_c    yeah that looks interesting, jenkins also has a cloud plugin for running tests on iaas platforms like openstack, you could use it like that too
14:11 jimi_c    vagrant up your openstack, and then use the cloud plugin to launch instances in the openstack setup for testing
14:12 * jimi_c  is ridiculously late
14:12 jimi_c    i'm switching jobs, so short-timing it pretty hard :)
14:13 * jimi_c  goes
14:13 jimi_c    cya for now
16:39 pdurbin   i post link in here with <title> and url with this all the time: CoLT :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/colt/
16:39 pdurbin   but now i'm trying to use safari. anyone know if there's a similar addon?
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