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14:13 pdurbin      boegel: you around?
14:13 jgtimmer     pdurbin: he's here
14:14 boegel       boegel: I am
14:14 pdurbin      i bet whorka will be un-idle in an hour or so. maybe you can explain a bit how easybuild might be helpful in deploying commercial apps
14:14 boegel       pdurbin: I am :)
14:14 boegel       pdurbin: sure
14:14 pdurbin      (i mentioned easybuild at lunch yesterday)
14:15 boegel       pdurbin: and how did they react? disbelief? :P
14:16 pdurbin      heh. curious, i'd say
14:16 boegel       sounds good
14:16 pdurbin      do you even have generic build instructions for common commercial packages?
14:16 boegel       pdurbin: I have a conf call scheduled in 45m, and I'll be leaving work in just over 2 hours, but let him ask his questions, I'll try and respond ASAP
14:17 boegel       generic? well, once we support a certain package it's all very generic, yes
14:17 pdurbin      oh, i don't think he's in a hurry. could wait until next week, next month :)
14:18 pdurbin      huh. you have a page for this already, it seems: List of supported software packages ยท hpcugent/easybuild Wiki - https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild/wiki/List-of-supported-software-packages
14:19 jgtimmer     pdurbin: we have generic binary and tarred(packed binary) support, which will basically just unpack the binary and move it to the install dir, and then check for /bin /lib dirs and make the modulefile
14:20 jgtimmer     we also compile some commercial software from source
14:20 pdurbin      i don't see Mathematica, MATLAB or Stata on your list
14:20 jgtimmer     we have an internal one for matlab, haven't open sourced it yet since it currently contains our license keys hardcoded
14:20 jgtimmer     will have to fix this
14:21 pdurbin      do you call it a matlab build script?
14:22 jgtimmer     mathematica and stata are not on our systems no, so we're not planing to add it any time soon, but we'll glady accept pull request, and I can sponsor people into adding support
14:22 pdurbin      hmm, easyconfig. easyblock maybe
14:22 pdurbin      matlab sounds like a good place to start, if you can open source your easyconfig thing or whatever you call it
14:23 jgtimmer     easyblock == build script/recipe, easyconfig == configuration
14:24 pdurbin      thanks :)
14:29 pdurbin      here's a list of candidates for easybuild: http://support.hmdc.harvard.edu/kb-1112/using_statistical_programs_overview
14:30 pdurbin      but they have a good solution for open source apps
14:30 pdurbin      i think easybuild might be a win for commercial apps though
14:30 jgtimmer     pdurbin: https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild/wiki/List-of-supported-software-packages/ede46976d7367a86fe76ae79adba7b8e9fd9f118
14:30 jgtimmer     this is what we have internally
14:31 pdurbin      cool
14:31 pdurbin      i'm glad to see a * next to MATLAB :)
14:32 jgtimmer     the ones that aren't in the current easybuild need to be checked out, they are written for our old internal easybuild version, before we did the cleanup/partial rewrite
14:33 pdurbin      ok, i guess i'd say... please let us know when your matlab recipe is open source
14:33 jgtimmer     http://pastebin.com/qx7fDV8c
14:33 jgtimmer     here you go
14:33 pdurbin      nice
14:34 jgtimmer     but this is an old version, it doesn't use some of the new features of the framework yet (modulegenerator etc) and has old style function naming...
14:34 pdurbin      and do we need to install atlas to use it?
14:34 pdurbin      was it atlas? some big package and didn't compile with gcc or something
14:35 pdurbin      that didn't compile, i mean
14:35 jgtimmer     no, it just takes the install script and runs this.
14:35 jgtimmer     hmm, wel, it seems to depend on java...
14:36 jgtimmer     and we don't have java public yet either, I think we still used the system java at the time that was written :-s
14:36 pdurbin      yeah, it was atlas: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-10-05#i_6039387
14:36 jgtimmer     ah
14:36 jgtimmer     no, it doesn't use any compiler at al
14:37 jgtimmer     so you don't need the goalf toolkit
14:37 pdurbin      great
14:38 jgtimmer     actually we don't use it on our systems eiher
14:38 jgtimmer     we use the intel compilers and mkl libraries
14:38 boegel       pdurbin: getting support for what we have internally out there is usually a matter of cleaning up our easyblocks
14:39 jgtimmer     we added the gcc/openmpi/atlas/fftw toolchainf to have a fully open source toolchain
14:39 boegel       pdurbin: and only time is an issue there, time which we don't have :)
14:39 pdurbin      :)
14:41 boegel       pdurbin: if someone is interested in installing software with EasyBuild for which we have legagy support, we can supply them the old easyblock, and answer questions on how to make it work
14:45 pdurbin      ok
14:47 boegel       pdurbin: the best way is just to open a new issue in https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-easyblocks/issues?state=open, then we can let the person know whether we have legacy support for it or not
14:49 jgtimmer     pdurbin: ATLAS builds with gcc, it just fails in a vm because it tries to do smart things with the cpu
14:50 pdurbin      oh
14:50 boegel       pdurbin: yeah, that was the issue in the log you sent me
14:50 boegel       pdurbin: don't blame EasyBuild for that
14:50 pdurbin      short memory. sorry. that's why i log this channel :)
14:51 boegel       pdurbin: :)
14:53 jgtimmer     I can look into adding a less heavy demo, e.g., just a plain python
14:54 pdurbin      jgtimmer: that'd be great. put in in vagrant even :)
14:54 pdurbin      it
14:56 boegel       jgtimmer: the only reason why our current quick demo is heavy is the fact that it includes building a compiler toolchain (which is a one-time pain)
14:57 pdurbin      i demand instant gratification
14:58 boegel       pdurbin: https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild/wiki/Getting-started
14:59 boegel       pdurbin: the gzip dummy example easyconfig just builds gzip with your system compiler
14:59 boegel       pdurbin: if you can make that fail, them you might as well change jobs :P
15:01 pdurbin      i am changing jobs: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/273229031082692608
15:02 boegel       pdurbin: ah, well, ok, then you're allowed to screw up a gzip dummy build :P
15:03 pdurbin      huh. this might be new. this example
15:05 jgtimmer     yes, if the quick demo fails, you should read the getting-started and do step by step :-)
15:07 boegel_      pdurbin: I made some changes to that wiki page, but basically this gzip example has been on there for a while
15:07 boegel_      pdurbin: I'm gradually cleaning up documentation, I'm not fully there yet
15:09 jgtimmer     pdurbin: are you aware of http://numfocus.org/
15:09 pdurbin      nope
15:09 jgtimmer     they are a comunity looking into creating reproducible computing
15:10 jgtimmer     data is a big part of that
15:10 jgtimmer     the other part is recreating the software environment
15:11 pdurbin      huh. sounds great
15:15 jgtimmer     And I spoke to some people at continuum, and they were working on wakari, they plan to make a product for researchers to easily let other people redo their calculations
15:15 jgtimmer     http://continuum.io/wakari.html
15:15 jgtimmer     so might be a bit inline with what thedata.org wants to do
15:19 pdurbin      jgtimmer: yes! sounds like it. thanks
15:22 jgtimmer     congrats on your job btw
15:24 pdurbin      thanks. one sec. you guys are gonna love this
15:29 pdurbin      https://github.com/pdurbin/easybuild-vagrant
15:29 pdurbin      boegel: gzip example works fine
15:32 jgtimmer     pdurbin:
15:32 jgtimmer     I'm not familiar with vagrant
15:33 jgtimmer     what is that supposed to do? Install a vm whit environment modules in it
15:33 jgtimmer     ?
15:33 pdurbin      jgtimmer: http://wiki.greptilian.com/vagrant
15:34 pdurbin      yes, demo of `eb /easyconfigs/gzip.eb` ultimately, in a VM
15:35 jgtimmer     I noticed you skipped the step of installing environment modules, so they are already in your vm?
15:35 pdurbin      no i didn't :)
15:35 jgtimmer     ah, puppet
15:35 pdurbin      https://github.com/pdurbin/easybuild-vagrant/blob/master/manifests/init.pp
15:35 jgtimmer     I skipped that step
15:35 jgtimmer     it went to fast
15:35 jgtimmer     :-p
15:36 pdurbin      oh? you got it to work already?
15:36 jgtimmer     nono, when reading the readme
15:36 pdurbin      ah :)
15:36 jgtimmer     but it was just one line
15:37 boegel       pdurbin: cool, thx
15:37 pdurbin      well, please let me know if you get it to work
15:37 pdurbin      boegel: sure. please give it a try
15:37 jgtimmer     it's an easy way of testing easybuild under different OS'es
15:38 jgtimmer     but what would be any other benefit? :-p
15:38 pdurbin      marketing
15:38 pdurbin      you could have it default to ubuntu and use centos instead by setting an enviroment variable: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/blob/master/Vagrantfile
15:41 pdurbin      it would be great if you guys would throw your matlab.eb in https://github.com/pdurbin/easybuild-vagrant/tree/master/easyconfigs test it, and let me know if `eb /easyconfigs/matalb.eb` works
15:42 pdurbin      typo but you know what i mean, i hope
15:52 boegel       pdurbin: that would require our matlab.py easyblock to be shipped in EasyBUild
15:53 pdurbin      boegel: do you understand the value of that easybuild-vagrant repo? the idea is that it's an easy way for people to try out easybuild in a completely clean environment
15:53 pdurbin      they can blow away the vm with `vagrant destroy`
15:54 pdurbin      and run `vagrant up` to get it back
16:19 boegel       pdurbin: https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-framework/issues/372
16:19 boegel       pdurbin: I'll have to go, I may be online later tonight
16:20 boegel       pdurbin: w.r.t. the guy(s) who had some questions, let them join #easybuild here on FreeNode, we might have someone there to answer the questions
16:20 boegel       pdurbin: if not, tell them to use the bot and the !tell feature, that's always nice :)
16:20 boegel       pdurbin: ttyl!
16:45 JoeJulian    I read that wrong at first and was about to go to #easybuild to have the bot "!tell future"
16:47 pdurbin      wouldn't that be nice
18:50 * pdurbin    heads to a meeting with the gluster guys
18:51 semiosis     cool
19:38 pdurbin      gluster was inspired by gnu hurd!
19:38 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky gluster gnu hurd
19:38 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/LATEST/CentOS/epel-7/x86_64/repodata/primary.xml.gz
19:38 pdurbin      bah
19:40 pdurbin      "negative lookup cache"
19:40 pdurbin      remember when we looked for something and didn't find it
19:42 pdurbin      semiosis: they're singing your praises
19:42 pdurbin      JoeJulian: you too
19:43 pdurbin      huh. epel-7 ^^
19:45 semiosis     pdurbin: POIDH
19:45 pdurbin      semiosis: huh?
19:45 semiosis     hehe never mind
19:45 pdurbin      :)
19:45 semiosis     @lucky POIDH
19:45 crimsonfubot semiosis: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=POIDH
19:59 pdurbin      interesting that they plan to merge their tweaks to swift code back in
19:59 pdurbin      westmaas: ^^
20:03 pdurbin      "An efficient WAN replication method with GlusterFS is to use the marker framework / queue using extended attributes to feed rsync a list of changed files, scales better than inotify" -- http://www.jebriggs.com/blog/2012/02/svlug-story-of-glusterfs/
20:03 pdurbin      i don't think i'd heard of the gluster "marker framework"
20:08 simmel       What was the name of that distributed filesystem that recently was in the news?
20:09 simmel       Ah, http://www.xtreemfs.org/
20:09 pdurbin      simmel: uh. gluster? :)
20:10 simmel       Xtreemfs looks interesting. It's like AFS without the quirks.
20:10 pdurbin      "XtreemFS is an open source distributed and replicated file system for the cloud"
20:10 pdurbin      cool
20:11 simmel       Would be awesome with Kerberos support for Xtreemfs but I guess it's only a matter of time before that is a reality.
20:30 pdurbin      yeah
20:48 larsks       Grrr, it's java based.
20:51 JoeJulian    pdurbin: Nice of them to add to my already overly inflated ego. :D
20:54 JoeJulian    wrt epel7 which leads me to rhel7: "On the desktop, RHEL 7 will also feature the GNOME 3 user experience, which will be new to RHEL users." I do not envy Red Hat's support staff.
21:31 pdurbin      JoeJulian: huh. i guess you're quoting from this but it's from july: The Future of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - http://www.serverwatch.com/server-trends/the-future-of-red-hat-enterprise-linux-7.html
21:31 pdurbin      larsks: ask me in 6 months how i feel about java. gonna be staring at a lot of java soon
21:35 larsks       pdurbin: My biggest complaint about Java is when I have something that will run under java 1.6.21 but not 1.6.20 or 1.6.22.  Or something like that.  Which I run into with alarming frequency.
21:36 pdurbin      heh
21:51 simmel       My biggest issue with java is that all libs/products seldom have any or even remotely sane defaults.
22:01 semiosis     +1
22:01 semiosis     i call it 'insane by default'
22:02 semiosis     larsks: that sounds awful.  what could possibly change between those minor releases?
22:03 miah         who cares about defaults. our job is to trash defaults and make shit awesome.
22:04 semiosis     miah: spoken like a true java dev
22:04 miah         i mean. how many people actually run a server with out of the box default configurations.