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03:27 pdurbin      nice, cloudenvy seems very much like vagrant, but instead of pointing at virtual box running on your laptop, you point at an openstack installation: https://github.com/cloudenvy/cloudenvy
03:36 jimi_c       interesting, just needs a jenkins plugin now :)
03:56 westmaas     damn you bcwaldon why didn't you tell me about this!
03:56 westmaas     that does look cool :)
03:59 westmaas     you guys might be interested in this too: https://github.com/dprince/kytoon
04:00 westmaas     depending on which language you prefer
04:00 westmaas     I haven't used either of those, though.  Kytoon is used to drive the automation for one of the 3rd party test suites by dprince
04:01 westmaas     3rd party in the sense that its not run by the openstack ci team
04:01 westmaas     but dan does work with them to publish results, etc: http://smokestack.openstack.org/
04:02 westmaas     kytoon does local libvirt, remote ssh, or openstack
04:05 pdurbin      westmaas: very cool
04:22 pdurbin      ironcamel: you're gonna say it's dumb of me to package ilbot (the bot, written in Perl, that logs this channel) into RPMs: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/ilbot/2012-11-19#i_6165277
04:23 pdurbin      but it's so nice and quick... all those packages get installed nicely by puppet
04:23 pdurbin      whorka: though you said you're looking at a perl/cpan provider for puppet
04:24 pdurbin      ironcamel: i assume if you wanted to install ilbot based on these instructions, you'd simply become root, and install via cpanm: http://moritz.faui2k3.org/en/ilbot
04:25 pdurbin      i actually did that first to make sure ilbot worked at all
04:25 pdurbin      (and it does. it's awesome. i can log whatever channel i want now!)
04:26 pdurbin      but then i poked around fedora's package database and saw they had most of the cpan modules packages already. i only had to package one, i think
04:27 ironcamel    pdurbin: yeah, i would probably clone it and run cpanm --installdeps .
04:27 pdurbin      shuff: and grab one from repoforge: http://pkgs.repoforge.org/perl-Term-ANSIColor
04:28 ironcamel    why does it say it requires mysql?
04:28 ironcamel    and apache :(
04:28 pdurbin      ironcamel: ok. i think i tried that and it installed most of the deps... maybe all of them, i don't remember. it felt fiddly. harder to automate... maybe not all the deps were captured
04:28 ironcamel    it is pretty trivial to make apps db agnostic
04:29 ironcamel    and web server agnostic
04:29 pdurbin      ironcamel: i don't know but there's a new channel! #ilbot! :)
04:29 pdurbin      i'm sure moritz would be happy to answer your questions
04:29 ironcamel    via perl's DBI and Plack/PSGI
04:30 ironcamel    what is #ilbot for?
04:30 pdurbin      the thing i'm confused about (and i just posted this to #ilbot) is that it doesn't seem to be a proper perl distribution... can't just make and install the thing
04:30 pdurbin      i'm finding myself copying files into place (with puppet)
04:31 ironcamel    ohhhh, you didn't make it
04:31 ironcamel    the whole time i assumed you created it
04:31 pdurbin      #ilbot is for discussing ilbot... http://moritz.faui2k3.org/en/ilbot
04:31 pdurbin      nope
04:31 pdurbin      and i've been feeling bad every time i ask moritz to log another channel
04:32 ironcamel    ok, so a lot of times, actual apps are not put on CPAN
04:32 pdurbin      now for my own stuff i can just log it myself. like my work notes... the thing i posted earlier
04:32 ironcamel    things on CPAN tend to be libs, that help you build full fledged apps, by putting the bits and pieces together
04:32 pdurbin      ironcamel: with the exception of App::p :)
04:33 ironcamel    pdurbin: i have put full stack apps on CPAN before. AtomBus for example
04:33 pdurbin      i like the trend toward App::whatever :) ... give me something i can use :)
04:33 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky cpan atombus
04:33 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://search.cpan.org/~ironcamel/AtomBus-1.0404/lib/AtomBus.pm
04:34 ironcamel    the App::* stuff tend to be light weight apps, or glorified scripts
04:34 pdurbin      mmm, pubsubhubbub friendly
04:36 westmaas     ironcamel: you use that anywhere?
04:37 ironcamel    something cool/crazy i do is i when the app is run, it creates the db tables for you automagically, so there is no db setup
04:37 ironcamel    other than pointing it the correct dsn
04:37 ironcamel    with enough privileges
04:37 pdurbin      ironcamel: so the thing i was trying first... before i became root and installed stuff via cpanm ... was to create a local user and install everything in its home directory with local::lib ... but then i couldn't figure out how to get apache to source it. was trying suexec
04:38 ironcamel    westmaas: haven't touched it since the rackspace days
04:38 pdurbin      ironcamel: this is my db setup for ilbot (using puppet): mysql::db { 'moritz5': user => 'moritz', password => 'foo', host => 'localhost', grant => ['all'], }
04:39 ironcamel    pdurbin: i don't know what "apache to source it" means
04:40 pdurbin      so i was using suexec for privilege separation: http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/PrivilegeSeparation ...
04:40 pdurbin      and it was working... `whoami` showed the user i set up
04:41 pdurbin      but then when i tried to use the cpan modules in the users home directory, apache couldn't see them... just the system-wide modules
04:42 pdurbin      i mean... this is no longer a problem for me now... it's all nicely packages as rpms... but i still kind of wonder if it's possible to use local::lib and have the app run as a user
04:42 pdurbin      jeez it's getting late
04:42 pdurbin      anyway, i'm happy that my ilbot setup is much more automated now
04:43 pdurbin      westmaas: sometimes i forget that you and ironcamel know each other
04:43 ironcamel    it's silly that it requires apache
04:43 pdurbin      meh, i usually reach for apache. it just works
04:44 pdurbin      i don't remember reading that it needs apache but i believe you
04:44 ironcamel    i don't have anything against it. i don't like vendor lock-in
04:44 ironcamel    or "whatever-you-want-to-call-it" lock-in
04:44 ironcamel    web server lock-in
04:45 pdurbin      i think the main thing is that he makes heavy use of rewrite rules: https://github.com/moritz/ilbot/blob/master/cgi/.htaccess
04:45 ironcamel    you can do rewrite very easily with lighttpd
04:45 ironcamel    and nginx
04:45 pdurbin      are .htaccess files portable? can you use them with nginx or lighttpd?
04:45 ironcamel    those are the 2 i usually default to
04:45 ironcamel    i have never used htaccess files with either of those
04:45 ironcamel    i don't know
04:46 westmaas     pdurbin: yea ironcamel is a-ok
04:46 ironcamel    haha, thanks
04:46 westmaas     ironcamel: I was interviewing a guy the other day that was talking about writing good perl that was object oriented
04:46 westmaas     and I was like, oh you mean with moose?
04:46 ironcamel    you must hire him
04:47 westmaas     and he was all impressed
04:47 westmaas     thank god we didn't discuss further
04:47 ironcamel    actually, does he have front-end skills?
04:47 pdurbin      ironcamel: i don't think anything is stopping anyone from rewriting the .htaccess rewrite rules into a format that's compatible with non-apache
04:47 westmaas     cisco got him :/
04:47 ironcamel    cause we desperately need someone
04:47 westmaas     crimsonfubot: lucky ansible
04:47 crimsonfubot westmaas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ansible
04:47 westmaas     nope
04:47 westmaas     crimsonfubot: lucky ansible automation
04:47 crimsonfubot westmaas: http://ansible.cc/faq.html
04:47 westmaas     he wrote that
04:48 westmaas     and no front end skills!
04:48 westmaas     ironcamel: do you need someone with front end skills AND perl skills?
04:48 pdurbin      westmaas: wait, the ansible guy was talking about perl?
04:49 ironcamel    whoa, this looks pretty ambitious
04:49 westmaas     pdurbin: at one of his jobs, yea
04:49 pdurbin      larsks: you're a fan of ansible
04:49 ironcamel    was his name Michael DeHaan?
04:49 westmaas     yes
04:49 pdurbin      jimi_c: and you maintain his previous project (cobbler)
04:49 westmaas     ironcamel: he helped write cobbler, etc
04:50 pdurbin      well, cool that he does python and perl
04:51 * pdurbin    yawns
04:51 ironcamel    pdurbin is a lightweight
04:51 ironcamel    pdurbin: have you used ansible before?
04:52 pdurbin      very very lightly. was testing a vagrant openstack thing
04:52 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky vagrant openstack ansible
04:52 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://github.com/lorin/openstack-ansible
04:52 pdurbin      yeah, that one. works great
04:52 pdurbin      but from a vagrant perspective, puppet or chef are better because they are baked into the vagrant base boxes
04:52 larsks       pdurbin: ansible is a neat idea but it's a single-author project and the author is an ass.
04:53 larsks       I've replaced ansible with pdsh, mostly.
04:53 westmaas     lol
04:53 ironcamel    hahaha
04:53 larsks       Also I like my tasks ordered by dependencies not sequentially.
04:53 pdurbin      that is the say, puppet and chef are installed within the vagrant base boxes themselves so you don't have to have them installed locally (on your laptop or what have you)
04:54 westmaas     larsks: seems like a combination might make sense
04:54 westmaas     dependencies/sequentially
04:54 westmaas     I like the ability to do certainthings in a certain order, like remove from lb, etc
04:54 westmaas     if you are orchestrating above the machine level
04:55 pdurbin      oh, load balancer
04:55 * pdurbin    falls asleep
04:56 westmaas     haha yea sorry
04:58 larsks       westmaas: Maybe.  I would like Puppet to have better cross-machine depedencies.  Someone has hacked up support for that, but it would be nice to see it in the core (because seriously, who is working on a single machine?).
04:59 westmaas     yea exactly
04:59 westmaas     welll, the other thing is the typical suggestion is to move away from puppet masters, so then orchestration could be outside of puppet entirely, I suppose.
05:08 jimi_c       gotta stick up for mpdehaan, he's a pretty laid back guy, i contributed to cobbler with him leading the project for 3+ years and never had issues
05:09 westmaas     yeah, I didn't see any ass-ish-ness in him in the hours I spent with him!  just sad he didn't decide to join us :)
05:11 jimi_c       jr
05:11 jimi_c       doh...
05:11 jimi_c       he's going to cisco? interesting
05:11 * jimi_c     had to scrollback
05:11 jimi_c       you guys got chatty
06:00 jimi_c       so this is pretty cool: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/JClouds+Plugin
06:00 jimi_c       supports euca, openstack, etc.
20:08 pdurbin      OpenStack Local LVM instance storage « OpenStack « Anthony Goddard « DevOps - http://ops.anthonygoddard.com/OpenStack/OpenStack-local-lvm-instance-storage/
21:23 pdurbin      sjoeboo: heh, i'm re-reading your "At work we have had Racktables ((http://racktables.org/)) for a while for tracking where things are. Its…..okay. Its not the best,but, eh, it works"
21:23 pdurbin      http://sjoeboo.github.com/blog/2012/05/31/getting-racktables-location-info-into-puppet/
21:23 sjoeboo      yeah
21:23 sjoeboo      would love a better alternative, don't know of any, but i never looked super hard
21:24 pdurbin      i recently heard someone say, "whenever somebody tells me it's good enough I know it isn't"