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01:00 pdurbin        i dropped my phone :( ... any suggestions for me? https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/WLuLBdsjJJq
01:08 jimi_c         I like my moto razr (new model)
01:10 pdurbin_m      cool. I'm thinking android
01:10 pdurbin_m      and a cheap plan like I have now, as I posted about
01:11 jimi_c         i was very tempted to switch to t-mobile from verizon on that front
01:18 pdurbin_m      I've been happy with virgin mobile. $25 per month for unlimited texts and data
01:23 boegel         pdurbin_m: are you ready for our EasyBuild talk at PyHPC tomorrow?!
01:54 pdurbin_m      is it going to be awesome? is it going to be recorded? break a leg!
02:01 pdurbin        crimsonfubot: lucky pyhpc 2012
02:01 crimsonfubot   pdurbin: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-hpc/2012-July/000013.html
16:16 JoeJulian      rackerhacker: Just heard about your promotion. Congratulations.
16:16 rackerhacker   thanks :)
17:33 JoeJulian      rackerhacker: Does this mean I'll be reading new security related blog posts?
17:33 JoeJulian      Also, rackerhacker, care to comment to Jeff? https://twitter.com/Obdurodon/status/269481751921963008
17:34 rackerhacker   i love to make comments, errr, harass jeff
17:34 JoeJulian      :D
17:34 rackerhacker   oof, no comment there :P
17:34 JoeJulian      lol
17:34 * rackerhacker ventures outside for food :)
18:29 pdurbin        westmaas: rackspace is giving out promotions like candy
19:10 westmaas       pdurbin: yeah, idk how that guy got it
19:17 JoeJulian      speaking of rackspace promotions, I need a contact in that area.
21:10 JoeJulian      westmaas, rackerhacker: Could you please have someone from promotions contact me@joejulian.name? I'm looking to find sponsors and/or speakers for the 2013 Cascadia IT Conference. http://casitconf.org/casitconf13/
21:39 jimi_c         So this is interesting, just got my feedback from interviewing with google. Strengths were scripting, etc., but the hiring committee thought I needed more work on troubleshooting. Considering the degree of difficulty in the question they asked I thought I had done well in isolating it to a random hardware bug in 45min. Que sera I guess :)
21:40 jimi_c         I knew they were very picky so I'm not overly surprised, but sheesh
21:41 jimi_c         but hey, I did get an all expense paid trip to CA out of it at least :D
22:44 pdurbin        jimi_c: interesting. i had a phone screen and then a phone interview back in may (they had contacted me). didn't really get any feedback
22:46 pdurbin        it was for a "site reliability engineer" position
22:52 jimi_c         yeah, i was going for an SRE position too, did 3 phone interviews (not including the initial screen with the recruiter), then they invited me out to Mountanview for onsite interviews (5 more over the course of 1 day)
22:52 jimi_c         all in all, it was pretty fun
22:54 jimi_c         the really interesting thing was, they contacted me out of the blue based on my github projects
22:55 semiosis       i recently lost a dev from my team to an apple subcontractor... they found him on linked in
22:56 semiosis       seems like the bay area is sucking up all the good talent from the rest of the country
22:56 semiosis       having a hard time finding good people here in miami :(
22:58 jimi_c         I'm in St. Louis, MO, not exactly a tech mecca :)
22:59 JoeJulian      jimi_c: Really? I thought wustl was a leader in producing tech talent.
23:00 semiosis       producing != retaining
23:00 jimi_c         wustl to me was always more of a med school, though some computer science stuff does come out of there
23:00 jimi_c         i don't think it's anymore than comes out of MST (formerly UMR, where I went)
23:02 JoeJulian      I just remember that wustl was one of the early kernel mirrors and they had the fastest downloads.
23:02 jimi_c         yeah that is true, they still do mirror a lot of FOSS stuff
23:34 pdurbin        semiosis: yeah, i remember you talking about hiring people. you had fancy interview questions and all
23:35 pdurbin        larsks: that "delete key sends ctrl-h" checkbox on mac os x terminal is the bees knees. i also figured out i just need to tap option for meta (screen+irssi)
23:36 pdurbin        i'm on my wife's mac again because my kids have taken over my laptop. i just discovered tux paint
23:36 pdurbin        crimsonfubot: lucky tux paint
23:36 crimsonfubot   pdurbin: http://tuxpaint.org/
23:37 pdurbin        yeah. that one. which works really well on my thinkpad since it has a touch screen. i guess it's a tablet pc, technically. has a pen and all
23:37 pdurbin        how else would i have drawn our lovely crimsonfu logo
23:39 pdurbin        my tweet about it: "my kids love playing Doodle Buddy on my mom's iPad. I just discovered Tux Paint and even though there's no poop stamp they're really into it"
23:42 pdurbin        see, on this mac i have to hit Shift-Fn-PageUp to scroll up but on linux i just hit PageUp