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13:51 pdurbin   there seem to be a lot of good arguments for KeePass: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KeePass
14:27 shuff     good morning folks!
14:27 shuff     i was pitching crimsonfu to a friend last night, and this morning i notice that the members page (http://crimsonfu.github.com/members/) is a bit… sparse
14:27 pdurbin   i've noticed that too :)
14:28 shuff     if you feel so moved, please submit pull requests to help remediate this issue
14:29 shuff     as an additional incentive, anyone who submits such a pull request will get added to the crimsonfu GitHub organization (unless you request otherwise)
14:29 pdurbin   shuff: i proudly link to my crimsonfu member page from my homepage: http://greptilian.com :)
14:29 shuff     as well you ought
14:30 shuff     my homepage is a "you've just installed Apache!" placeholder page, so i do not
14:30 pdurbin   shuff: you saw that crimsonfu full of awesomeness, right? http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-11-07#i_6133343
14:30 shuff     !!!
14:31 pdurbin   bodepd: you're too kind
14:35 * pdurbin watches cutover of puppetdb to new hardware. old: http://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/ganglia2/ganglia2_misc/?c=other&h=db.rc.fas.harvard.edu&m=cpu_report&r=hour&s=descending&hc=4&mc=2 new: http://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/ganglia2/ganglia2_misc/?c=service&h=puppetdb.rc.fas.harvard.edu&m=cpu_report&r=hour&s=descending&hc=4&mc=2
14:36 pdurbin   look at that network load drop on the old
15:30 pdurbin   :( Could not evaluate: undefined method `hostgroup_name' for #<Nagios::Base::Host:0x2aaabd7e22e0>
15:31 pdurbin   "Solution: rm -rf /etc/nagios3/puppets.d #wtf" -- https://gist.github.com/3661686