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11:36 pdurbin dotplus: never say never, i guess but no one in my group telecommutes
11:37 pdurbin jimi_c: there are a ton of vagrant base boxes at http://www.vagrantbox.es
11:37 pdurbin i just updated my wiki page about vagrant: http://wiki.greptilian.com/vagrant
11:38 pdurbin i still need to add a bit about provisioning, which is want makes vagrant especially useful for me, but at least the examples i link to use puppet
13:30 jimi_c  pdurbin: thanks, ironically there are no fedora boxes there
13:40 pdurbin jimi_c: huh. you're right. odd
13:40 pdurbin agoddard: i linked to your crazy long repo :)
15:23 pdurbin the need for this placeholder in nagios gets me every time: "check_command    check_nrpe!check_foo!placeholder" -- linux - Nagios/NRPE giving a "No output returned from plugin" error - Stack Overflow - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4044728/nagios-nrpe-giving-a-no-output-returned-from-plugin-error
15:30 larsks  jimi_c: Mattdm is working on it :).
15:31 larsks  https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2012-September/171735.html
16:10 sjoeboo pdurbin: you can just create a new command that has a different number of args...
16:11 sjoeboo we have that done already a number of times, i've never used a placeholder
16:22 pdurbin sjoeboo: whoops. was head down making the commit and push. sorry! :)
16:28 pdurbin larsks: well, mattdm doesn't specifically mention vagrant there
16:30 larsks  pdurbin: No, not there.  That was just a reference for "who is mattdm" in case jimi_c didn't recognize the name.
16:30 pdurbin ah. sure