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00:02 bodepd       comptona: I see what the issue is with that apache module. I think we are going to have to cut another release.
00:05 comptona     bummer
00:29 bodepd       comptona: the apache module should be updated. Can you see if that resolves you issue?
00:30 bodepd       it's the same version, Ryan just updated the contents of the tarball.
00:31 comptona     yep, that worked
00:31 comptona     thanks!
00:31 comptona     is there some preferred place to report issues with github-hosted modules that don't have issues enabled?
00:38 bodepd       I turned issues on.
00:38 bodepd       there is a redmine project for it, buts its honestly too much of a pain touse.
00:39 comptona     gotcha
00:42 comptona     interesting: err: /Stage[main]/Openstack::Compute/Resources[nova_config]: Failed to generate additional resources using 'generate': Could not parse line "[DEFAULT]" at /etc/nova/nova.conf:3
00:44 bodepd       comptona: yeah, its a bug with the parsedfile provider.
00:44 bodepd       its really just a warning
00:45 bodepd       its low on my priority list at the moment.
00:45 comptona     ok, good to know
00:45 comptona     I was confused since it shows up in the puppet verbose output as "err:"
00:45 bodepd       yep, its really a warning. or at least it doesnt cause that type to fail.
00:46 bodepd       I should probably fix it. It should be easy :)
00:50 comptona     hm
00:51 comptona     nova::compute::libvirt.pp, libvirt_type_kvm is unspecified anywhere
00:51 comptona     I'm going to comment out that block to get things going, but I'll probably make it smart enough to only install if the variable is defined
02:45 GitHub113    [crimsonfu.github.com] pdurbin pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/commit/77df953dea9015348b67c4313abf4312a5c4a345
02:45 GitHub113    crimsonfu.github.com/master 77df953 Philip Durbin: grab the latest irc logs
03:20 larsks       This is what we ended up doing for Windows instances: https://github.com/seas-computing/windows-cloud-init/blob/master/cloud-init.ps1
03:20 larsks       Configures a random password and spits it out on the serial port, where it can be retrieved from the OpenStack web UI.
03:34 pdurbin      larsks: cool
03:34 pdurbin      bodepd: welcome!
03:35 pdurbin      semiosis: thanks for explaining what we're about :)
03:35 larsks       Look, I learned powershell...
03:35 bodepd       pdurbin: thanks!
03:36 pdurbin      larsks: i guess powershell looks... fine
03:37 pdurbin      bodepd: you've answered so much, i'm less motivated to reply to your email to the list ;)
03:37 pdurbin      but i'll try the stuff you suggested, at work when i'm on vpn
03:38 bodepd       please do, its better on the list so that everyone can learn
03:38 pdurbin      yup yup
03:39 pdurbin      bodepd: i'm so glad to hear about the ENV var for redhat/centos in your vagrant dev env: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-11-05#i_6128727
03:41 pdurbin      oh yeah, and it was on the list that you mentioned cinder support is coming to redhat/centos - https://groups.google.com/a/puppetlabs.com/d/msg/puppet-openstack/9UEOiBFB5cs/V0_tLiq8IS8J
03:41 pdurbin      so glad i found that list
03:41 bodepd       yeah, derek said he had everything execept cinder/quantum working
03:41 bodepd       exactly :)
03:42 bodepd       did we meet in Boston years ago?
03:42 pdurbin      cool. i met derek at the red hat summit
03:42 pdurbin      i don't think so... but i've been to that summit maybe 3 times
03:42 bodepd       I remember a few harvard folks sat in a class I taught 2-3 years ago, but I canot remember who it was.
03:43 pdurbin      what was the class?
03:43 bodepd       puppetmaster training
03:43 pdurbin      hmm, probably not me. i'm pretty new to puppet
03:43 pdurbin      sjoeboo: when do you get back from vacation?!? ;)
03:44 pdurbin      but puppet is hella nice
03:44 pdurbin      and sjoeboo keeps us on the latest and greatest... puppet 3.0, puppetdb
03:45 bodepd       the centos support for the vagrant file is almost done. Still trying to get epel +epel-testing set up correctly.
03:45 pdurbin      bodepd: you know about https://github.com/stahnma/puppet-module-epel right?
03:46 bodepd       I ran into it, but it had tons of problems
03:47 pdurbin      huh. i use it here and it seems to work fine: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant
03:47 pdurbin      it's a little chatty, but meh :)
03:48 pdurbin      bodepd: i swear we talk about other stuff in this channel besides your code :)
06:48 bodepd       just updated openstack_dev_env, cinder, and nova.
06:48 bodepd       (master of the git repos) There are still a few issues with the config.
06:49 bodepd       but at least everything installs correctly
14:07 pdurbin      a couple things to note for anyone testing out the new centos support in bodepd's puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env repo...
14:08 pdurbin      1. you'll need to `export OPERATINGSYSTEM=redhat` per https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/blob/master/Vagrantfile
14:09 pdurbin      2. unless you have a proxy set up, you'll want to comment out the yum_proxy bits in manifests/setup/centos.pp - https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/blob/master/manifests/setup/centos.pp
14:32 pdurbin      bodepd: it's expected that `bash /tmp/test_nova.sh` doesn't work on centos, right? like you were saying, so far the centos support consists on installing all the packages, which i can confirm does seem to work fine
14:56 pdurbin      agoddard: you're running openstack on ubuntu, right?
15:50 larsks       pdurbin: http://scriptogr.am
15:50 larsks       Dropbox + Markdown = Blog
15:51 semiosis     larsks: related: http://www.allthingsdistributed.com/2011/08/Jekyll-amazon-s3.html <-- the strategy sounds cool though could use a refresh (s/jekyll/octopress/)
15:53 larsks       semiosis: Neat.  I just think that the idea of using a service like Dropbox as the backing store for a blog is very cool, because all of a sudden you've solved the whole problem of data lock-in.  I guess S3 is a similar solution, but I would argue that Dropbox is probably more accessible.
15:53 pdurbin      larsks: sounds like http://www.marco.org/secondcrack
15:54 semiosis     larsks: werner uses dropbox for the production workflow, then publishes the result to s3 for hosting
15:54 larsks       If you want to host your own server there are *lots* of solutions like that.  There are three or four that follow scriptogr.am's model (of a hosted service using Dropbox as the data store).
15:54 larsks       I'm a fan of letting other people run servers for me, because I am easily distracted.
15:55 larsks       semiosis: Yeah, I read the link,.
15:55 pdurbin      another S3 solution is EC2 for Poets: http://ec2.forpoets.org
16:16 pdurbin      bah. have been trying to re-kickstart one of my physical hosts as ubuntu but it's failing at "There was a problem reading data from the CD-ROM" . i just flipped it back to centos and it kickstarted fine
16:17 pdurbin      i've definitely used this ubuntu 12.04 cobbler profile before for VMs. dunno why it isn't working on physical hardware
16:17 semiosis     pdurbin: yw re: explanation
16:28 pdurbin      larsks: your docs says you're using qpid ( https://code.seas.harvard.edu/puppet/puppet/blobs/develop/modules/openstack/readme/qpid.md ) but it looks like you've switched to rabbitmq ( https://code.seas.harvard.edu/puppet/puppet/blobs/develop/modules/role/manifests/openstack/controller.pp ). is that right?
16:31 pdurbin      also, puppet/openstack folks might be interested in packstack ( https://github.com/derekhiggins/packstack ), "standalone install utility which uses Puppet modules to deploy OpenStack"... creates an all in one folsom install according to https://groups.google.com/a/puppetlabs.com/forum/#!msg/puppet-openstack/nz8XHmEOMZs/UIt7xIT9emIJ
16:39 larsks       Yeah, we switched to rabbitmq and all of our problems went away.
16:40 larsks       It was a dramatic change.
16:41 pdurbin      larsks: +1
17:10 * pdurbin    reads Ubuntu actually requires auto=true in kopts by jkff · Pull Request #228 · cobbler/cobbler - https://github.com/cobbler/cobbler/pull/228
18:19 bodepd       pdurbin: it does not work yet.
18:19 bodepd       pdurbin: I got past package installation, and found a few remaining issues:
18:19 bodepd       1. iptables for nova-controller
18:20 bodepd       2. qemu did not seem to work at all
18:20 bodepd       3. some other issue that required installation of avahi
18:22 pdurbin      bodepd: ok, and no AMQP, right? need either rabbitmq or qpid working...
18:23 bodepd       havent gotten a chance to look at it all. looking at Derek's packstack.
18:23 pdurbin      yeah, i linked that up in here earlier. haven't had a chance to look
18:24 bodepd       he seems to have already sort out some of the things I was running into.
18:24 pdurbin      it's a curious project to me... packstack is a wrapper around puppet?
18:25 bodepd       yep. ssh wrapper.
18:25 bodepd       its what redhat is going to use as the basis for their openstack installer for their product.
18:25 bodepd       I think anyways...
18:25 pdurbin      huh
18:26 pdurbin      i'd prefer a nice Vagrantfile to show me how it's done :)
18:26 bodepd       yep. I'm going to talk to Derek about consolidating. His tool is intended for prod deploys though.
18:27 pdurbin      is he on freenode?
18:27 bodepd       nope, just tried to ping him.
18:27 pdurbin      ok, not right now but generally he is :)
18:27 bodepd       yep. he's in Ireland though.
18:27 bodepd       derekh
18:28 pdurbin      right, right. i think i've chatted with him in #openstack before. and in real life at fenway park at the red hat summit
18:31 larsks       I am working on a minimal F17 install for our cloud environment.  Have you taken a close look at "yum groupinfo base" lately?  'rdist' and 'rsh' are on there.  Just in case you and your server end up transported back in time TWENTY YEARS.
18:32 pdurbin      heh
18:33 pdurbin      comptona: funny that you found us from a web search. what if i want what you've got... openstack essex on centos 6 using version 0.2.0 of the puppetlabs openstack module, right? http://forge.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs/openstack/0.2.0
18:34 pdurbin      comptona: i think you were saying it "just works" on centos except for some ldap tweaks
18:36 pdurbin      comptona: oh wait, you're using 0.1.0: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-11-02#i_6122385
18:50 comptona     yes, I am
18:50 comptona     I wouldn't say that it just worked; I did need to make some changes
18:50 comptona     but it got me most of the way there
18:50 pdurbin      comptona: hmm, ok. rabbitmq or qpid?
18:51 comptona     I think the module uses rabbitmq by default, but that was one of the things I had to massage since it wasn't specified completely everywhere
18:51 pdurbin      ah, ok. yeah that's what we're talking about, basically
18:53 comptona     I apologize, I don't remember exactly what I had to change
18:53 comptona     I'm working on getting permission to post my changes as patches
18:53 comptona     and also on getting the folsom versions up and running and porting them forward
18:53 pdurbin      comptona: yeah, should focus on folsom, not essex
18:54 comptona     yep
18:54 pdurbin      i guess i just want something that works
18:54 pdurbin      and that's puppetized
18:54 comptona     I screwed up, though; I set up a machine with the folsom modules and copied nova.conf from a working box without thinking
18:54 comptona     and now my nova database is hosed :'(
18:54 pdurbin      :(
18:55 bodepd       I went through all of dereks code and ported his additions to the site manifest.
18:55 bodepd       testing now...
18:56 pdurbin      bodepd: sweet :)
18:56 bodepd       I'll talk to him about getting everything he has to do at topscope into the core modules
18:57 pdurbin      great
19:22 pdurbin      bodepd: from looking briefly at packstack, it sounds like you've ported qpid code, not rabbitmq. is that right?
19:22 pdurbin      bodepd: also, i just replied to your email to the list
19:23 bodepd       I just grabbed the firewall rule and added it for rabbitmq
19:23 pdurbin      oh, ok, so full steam ahead with rabbitmq on centos?
19:24 comptona     that is what I'm using
19:24 pdurbin      larsks: and you said to stay away from qpid. why?
19:25 pdurbin      westmaas: you're a rabbitmq guy
19:25 westmaas     I think our engineers were interested in exploring qpid
19:25 westmaas     but we are using rabbit, yes.
19:35 pdurbin      boegel: any opinions on slurm?
19:43 boegel       pdurbin: erm, not personally, no
19:44 boegel       pdurbin: I think some guys in our team have looked at it
19:44 boegel       pdurbin: but I haven't
19:44 boegel       pdurbin: I'm too busy making EasyBuild easy ;-)
19:44 boegel       pdurbin: we should have an Easybuild 1.0-rc1 this week btw
19:45 pdurbin      boegel: cool. i've been meaning to put easybuild in a centos vagrant environment. and build python, like you said
19:46 boegel       pdurbin: wait for like tomorrw, then we'll have a 1.0 release candidate that you can test
19:46 boegel       pdurbin: installing EasyBuild will be as easy as "easy_install --user easybuild" :)
19:52 pdurbin      boegel: slurm - https://twitter.com/jamesdotcuff/status/265904005656477697
19:54 semiosis     it
19:54 semiosis     it's highly addictive
19:55 boegel       pdurbin: well, the link isn't working for me, but I'm guessing that's normal :)
19:56 pdurbin      boegel: you can't even get to blogger ;)
19:58 boegel       pdurbin: yeah, because James is hosting warez on the same server
19:58 boegel       pdurbin: oh, wait, did I say that out loud? :P
20:04 bodepd       launched a VM. just need to test it from scratch, then I'll push a temporary branch that hopefully someone will try out (hint,hint)
20:05 pdurbin      bodepd: i was just looking at your repo for temporary branches
20:06 bodepd       I can push it in a minute.
20:06 comptona     jesus, that was annoying
20:06 comptona     fixed my database stuff
20:06 bodepd       actually probabaly best to wait 20 until I finish it.
20:06 pdurbin      no hurry
20:11 bodepd       just added redhat_test branch to dev_env.
20:11 bodepd       it also requires you to pull master from nova.
20:11 bodepd       I am testing it now.
20:12 pdurbin      bodepd: +1
20:12 bodepd       prob still a bug or two to squash
20:13 bodepd       these are the changes ported from Derek's code + 2-3 additional things I had to add.
20:13 bodepd       https://github.com/bodepd/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/commit/957b3b7bfeb4f044c13749f48d1766e7d1024ba8
20:14 pdurbin      bodepd: i don't see a redhat_test branch. only master, folsom, and essex: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/branches
20:14 bodepd       check my fork
20:15 pdurbin      wow, look at all those branches :) https://github.com/bodepd/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/branches
20:17 pdurbin      bodepd: by the way, i saw your reply on the list... i don't think it's easy for me to test non-puppet 3.0.1 (such as 2.7) but i'll ask my guru tomorrow when he returns from vacation
20:17 bodepd       that provier issue looks 3.0 related
20:17 bodepd       can you send me a stack trace from that?
20:17 bodepd       --trace
20:18 bodepd       this stuff should work with Puppet 3.0, I've just been a little lazy with testing.
20:20 larsks       pdurbin: re: qpid, because something about it was all broke to hell in our environment. OpenStack kept falling over (components failing to communicate) in weird ways.  We replaced qpid with rabbitmq and the problem went away.
20:20 pdurbin      larsks: huh. ok. good to know
20:21 larsks       Also, rabbitmq seems like less of a black box than qpid...it seems easier to get diagnostics and other information out of it.
20:21 pdurbin      cool
20:23 pdurbin      comptona: glad you fixed your database
20:23 comptona     me too
20:24 comptona     the hardest part was that nova-volume changed its id format from a random integer to a UUID
20:24 comptona     so I had to hand-edit each of those rows
20:24 bodepd       does everyone in here run openstack?
20:25 bodepd       my test just passed. Functional build from scratch. Please let me know if y'all have any issues with that branch.
20:26 bodepd       I have to think a little about how I'm going to merge those changes is.
20:27 pdurbin      bodepd: no, just the loudmouths run openstack
20:27 pdurbin      agoddard: you've been awfully quiet
20:28 * semiosis   wants to use clouds, not build them.
20:28 semiosis     ec2 here
20:31 pdurbin      semiosis: you can build clouds within clouds with vagrant :)
20:33 pdurbin      bodepd: assuming this works (running it now)... how easy is it to get from this branch to something i can install with `puppet module install`?
20:41 pdurbin      bodepd: Duplicate declaration: File_line[nova_sudoers] is already declared in file /tmp/vagrant-puppet/manifests/site.pp at line 227
20:41 larsks       semiosis: Yeah, the local use case for OpenStack is actually a little iffy, in my opinion.  But people still want to run some stuff locally, and at least it keeps me off the streets.
20:42 pdurbin      bodepd: i think you want cinder_sudoers?
20:45 semiosis     google crimsonfu
20:45 crimsonfubot https://github.com/crimsonfu
20:45 semiosis     pdurbin: look what i just did!
20:46 pdurbin      semiosis: "last updated 18 hours ago"
20:46 semiosis     i made crimsonfubot do something without giving an @command
20:47 pdurbin      semiosis: you're so tricky
20:47 semiosis     someone just accidentally did that to #logstashbot and it blew my mind
20:47 pdurbin      google semiosis
20:47 crimsonfubot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semiosis
20:48 semiosis     yeah, everyone could use more C.S. Peirce in their life
20:49 pdurbin      bodepd: pull master from nova? i'm not sure i did this... or what you mean...
20:50 pdurbin      i'm getting this: ERROR: The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation. (HTTP 500) (Request-ID: req-d19d4ef2-9686-41e6-8b2b-16585750b2c6)
20:50 semiosis     pdurbin: even weirder, that google operation doesn't appear in the bot's log
20:50 pdurbin      ERROR: No server with a name or ID of 'cirros_test_vm' exists.
20:51 pdurbin      bodepd: (from `bash /tmp/test_nova.sh`)
20:53 pdurbin      larsks: stay off the streets
20:53 pdurbin      comptona: down with hand editing
20:54 comptona     tell me about it :-P
21:05 agoddard     comptona: seems like folsom's change to UUIDs was across the board, makes docs and some tools freak out
21:05 comptona     yeah, I imagine so
21:05 comptona     I think it's a good thing overall, just made my recovery efforts harder
21:05 agoddard     crimsonfubot: are you able to vote for non-citizens, by proxy.. Are you able to vote at all?
21:05 crimsonfubot agoddard: Error: "are" is not a valid command.
21:05 agoddard     crimsonfubot: help me out here brother.
21:05 crimsonfubot agoddard: Error: There is no command "me out here brother.".
21:05 * comptona   schedules database backups...
21:06 agoddard     comptona: ya, it broke knife-openstack too http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/KNIFE_OPENSTACK-13
21:06 * pdurbin    shakes fist at westmaas
21:07 comptona     if only I'd known, that would have saved me a lot of digging
21:08 agoddard     openstack local LVM instance storage is number 1 feature ++ would use again
21:11 pdurbin      bodepd: `bash /tmp/test_nova.sh` works for you from your redhat_test branch? https://github.com/bodepd/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/tree/redhat_test
21:11 pdurbin      comptona: i know you want to try this
21:12 westmaas     it changed long before folsom
21:12 westmaas     but I did actually push for that
21:14 larsks       agoddard: openstack can use lvm for instance storage?
21:15 * comptona   tries :-)
21:17 pdurbin      comptona: thanks. please note the extra steps (env var, proxy): http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-11-06#i_6130190
21:21 comptona     ugh: Vagrantfile:101:in `forward_port': wrong number of arguments (2 for 3) (ArgumentError)
21:21 * comptona   goes hunting wabbits^Wupgrades
21:22 pdurbin      comptona: huh. you seem to have the right file at least. line 101: https://github.com/bodepd/puppetlabs-openstack_dev_env/blob/redhat_test/Vagrantfile#L101
21:23 comptona     I'm running gem update now; we'll see where that gets me
21:24 pdurbin      comptona: ok. i use the official vagrant packages. you might need to update virtualbox as well
21:24 comptona     probably
21:25 comptona     I don't use vagrant much so I'm sure I have some crazy old version
21:25 comptona     I set it up to have a local linux box to test the FUSE filesystem I was developing, but that was a while ago
21:25 * pdurbin    has never developed a filesystem
21:26 comptona     it was neat; FUSE for amazon cloud drive
21:26 comptona     but they just recently broke the integration between cloud drive and the music service, so now I don't care :-P
21:27 comptona     https://github.com/handyman5/acd_fuse
21:27 pdurbin      sounds like me and anything i've touched with twitter's old api
22:06 bodepd       pdurbin: yep, that should have been cinder.
22:07 bodepd       pdurbin: I updated nova, so you need to get the latest version of the module from github.
22:08 bodepd       that code assumes a proxy on port 3128 of your physical host. You may want to comment that out.
22:09 bodepd       I'm building again. I'm a little confused that I thought I had tested before, b/c clearly it did not compile.
22:44 comptona     bodepd: in the keystone module, manifests/config/ldap.pp has the "keystone::ldap" class; this doesn't get picked up by puppet's module autoloading and should be named "keystone::config::ldap"
22:44 comptona     also, puppetlabs-keystone doesn't have issues enabled ;-)
22:51 bodepd       will do.
22:51 bodepd       pushing a fix now.
22:51 comptona     thanks!
22:51 bodepd       and adding spec tests~
22:51 bodepd       !
22:51 bodepd       I also created #puppet-openstack
22:51 JoeJulian    dammit, I can't find the work I did on adding urlencode to puppetlabs-stdlib. :(
22:52 bodepd       I remember seeing that
22:52 JoeJulian    Well, you saw that I said I was going to submit a pull request, but I never did.
22:54 JoeJulian    It turned out that one of the bugs I was battling was fixed in trunk for glance. Then I got off on an urgent something-or-other and am finally getting back to it today.
22:57 bodepd       comptona: pushed a fix
23:01 comptona     thanks very much
23:09 bodepd       pdurbin: I pushed a version of that branch that I actually .. umm .. tested this time
23:21 comptona     well, it seems to be working fine
23:22 JoeJulian    bodepd: Since I use MariaDB instead of the evil empire's mysql, I had to change the module to use that package. It was suggested that you could have a class attribute that would all different classes to be passed as attributes where specific foreign modules are used.
23:24 JoeJulian    So in place of 'class {"mysql::server":' you might have 'class {"${dbclass}::server":'
23:24 bodepd       JoeJulian: I'm really open to that pull request
23:24 bodepd       you are not the first person to ask
23:24 bodepd       someone else is using galera for HA
23:25 JoeJulian    I like the entire idea of using overridable classes and I'm going to add that to all my modules.
23:32 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky galera mysql
23:32 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://codership.com/content/using-galera-cluster
23:50 jimi_c       jenkins has a vagrant plugin.. w00t! thanks for bringing that to my attention pdurbin
23:50 jimi_c       now to see how well vbox runs inside a kvm guest...
23:50 pdurbin      jimi_c: now you're getting nutty ;)
23:51 pdurbin      bodepd: so, i think i have the latest nova... when i cd modules/nova in my checkout of your repo and run `git log` i see the same commits as https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-nova/commits/master
23:52 pdurbin      but `bash /tmp/test_nova.sh` still doesn't work :( "ERROR: ConnectionRefused: '[Errno 111] Connection refused'"
23:54 jimi_c       i don't do this enough: "yum install http://.../whatever.rpm"
23:54 jimi_c       makes life much easier
23:54 bodepd       pdurbin: running a test now.
23:55 bodepd       pdurbin: that error message doesnt say enough. have a look in /var/log/nova/{api,scheduler}.log