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00:42 larsks       Grrr.  Well, I've traced through the code and I figured out where adminPass is going and the answer is its broke as hell.
01:30 westmaas     uh oh
01:36 larsks       westmaas: Look in nova/virt/disk/api.py.  It tries to copy /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow out of the target filesystem and put them back.
01:36 larsks       Works great with Linux, not all with Windows.  And it tries that if when using a config_drive (which is empty, so no /etc/passwd there either).
01:36 westmaas     ah ha.
01:36 westmaas     doh.
01:37 larsks       Trying to track down what commit correspond to my version of that file so that I can work up a patch.
01:37 westmaas     that'd be awesome.
01:56 pdurbin      http://devops-boston.eventbrite.com does look great. thanks, guys. can be hard to get away for stuff like this though.
03:01 pdurbin      the fu to get vagrant centos base boxes to support hostonly networking (the stuff i was talking about in yesterday's log): https://github.com/phase2/veewee-boxes/blob/master/definitions/CentOS-6.0-x86_64-netboot/postinstall.sh#L33
03:10 pdurbin      it works! so that veewee box definition was used to build this base box: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9227672/CentOS-6.0-x86_64-netboot-4.1.6.box . and the IPs that were defined in the Vagrantfile (, now work on centos, just like how the were working on ubuntu
03:19 pdurbin      oh good, they log their channel. here you go... the whole conversation: http://irclogger.com/.vagrant/2012-10-31#1351737777
03:20 pdurbin      not to self: bug smerrill in about a week for a centos 6.3 base box with the proper guest additions for hostonly networking: http://vagrantup.com/v1/docs/guests.html
03:21 pdurbin      sjoeboo: or maybe you can get me spun up on packaging base boxes. but i think you're on vacation so maybe i'll read the docs :)
03:21 pdurbin      or see how far i can get with openstack on centos 6.0... but i suspect trouble there
03:45 larsks       pdurbin: OpenStack + CentOS works pretty well :).
03:46 larsks       In other news: It lives...IT LIVES!!! Patches to openstack-nova that does sane things with adminPass.  So tomorrow I should have my windows image doing the right thing.
03:47 pdurbin      larsks: cool. just posted the fix to that github issue: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/997#issuecomment-9970185
03:48 larsks       Our Puppet manifests do that on all of our CentOS 6 systems.
03:48 larsks       That bit of udev is just too clever for its own good.
03:53 pdurbin      heh
03:54 pdurbin      also from #vagrant, this talk is recommended. inspiring open source story, they say: http://confreaks.com/videos/1081-cascadiaruby2012-an-open-source-story
12:43 pdurbin      good talk. i approve
13:28 pdurbin      fixin' django apps
13:29 pdurbin      logging out. don't want to get *too* involved :)
14:12 pdurbin      Learning to Scale a Public Cloud - http://vimeo.com/52266808 (openstack talk)
14:22 pdurbin      "Bio: Gabe Westmaas manages teams at Rackspace that write software for the OpenStack nova and glance projects."
14:22 pdurbin      westmaas: looking forward to watching!
14:33 westmaas     pdurbin: 85% "umms"
14:33 pdurbin      heh
14:33 pdurbin      i've been meaning to give some tech talks
14:37 westmaas     I need to practice more, that much is clear
15:07 Barb___      Hello folks..first time here, just saw Philip's abcd message :)
15:23 pdurbin      Barb___: hi!
15:23 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky harvard abcd
15:23 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.abcd.harvard.edu/
15:24 pdurbin      Barb___: not everyone here knows what abcd is :)
15:25 Barb___      good point!
15:52 * pdurbin    finds himself linking someone to this nmblookup fu: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-05-01#i_5524882
16:21 vvuksan      boston folks http://devops-boston.eventbrite.com/
16:22 semiosis     hi vvuksan, i copied Wuher's message in ##infra-talk about it here yesterday :)
16:22 vvuksan      sweet
16:22 vvuksan      thx
16:22 semiosis     yw, wish i could go... but i'm in miami
16:22 vvuksan      :(
16:54 larsks       Anyone here know if it's possible to mount a whole-disk filesystem under Windows?  OpenStack "config drives" have no partitions which at least initially seems to confuse Windows.
16:59 gridiron     hmmm...does this help? http://serverfault.com/questions/444446/mounting-whole-disk-filesystems-in-windows-2008
16:59 gridiron     Otherwise...I got nothin.
17:03 larsks       gridiron: That would be the question I posted :).
17:04 pdurbin      larsks: any docs besides this? http://docs.openstack.org/developer/nova/api_ext/ext_config_drive.html
17:05 larsks       pdurbin: Not sure exactly what you're asking me...
17:05 larsks       There are not many docs on the use of config drives, which is why I went spelunking through the source yesteday...
17:05 larsks       It's a trap!
17:05 pdurbin      westmaas: more docs please ^^
17:08 pdurbin      ventz: "Introduction to using MySQL Master-Master in an active/passive configuration behind mysqlproxy to enable zero downtime database schema changes (and thus, zero downtime, continuous deployments)." -- http://devops-boston.eventbrite.com free! tomorrow!
17:09 gridiron     Sorry larsks... copied the wrong tab.
17:09 pdurbin      and a talk on foreman (which we use) for libvirt and openstack provisioning...
17:09 gridiron     It was a link for Linux Reader...
17:10 gridiron     and now I can't find it...grrrr
17:11 gridiron     Anyway... The reader allows it to mount but is read only was the gist
17:12 gridiron     you need read write I take it?
17:12 pdurbin      huh, and a talk on orc? a language i haven't heard about... http://orc.csres.utexas.edu ... unless it's something else. "Orc, a tool for providing zero-downtime deployments of contract-compliant web applications"
17:13 ventz        pdurbin: what time?
17:14 ventz        ughh, whole dya
17:14 ventz        i really want to go to this, but i have to do 1 smr. deployment + 2 calls
17:14 pdurbin      it sounds awesome
17:14 ventz        yea it does
17:15 larsks       gridiron: I don't necessarily nead to write it, I guess, although I was hoping there was a solution that doesn't involve third-party software.
17:15 larsks       I may need to teach OpenStack about "fdisk" :(.
17:17 pdurbin      larsks: you have a lot of demand for windows VMs?
17:17 larsks       We would like our Windows admins to be able to take advantage of OpenStack for service prototyping in the same way that we can for Linux hosted services.
17:17 larsks       It seems like a reasonable request :).
17:17 larsks       I'm getting a little jaded by the OpenStack code, though.
17:31 pdurbin      i don't like the sound of that. the code thing :)
17:33 pdurbin      ventz: so you got your splunk api code working?
17:33 larsks       Just this particular feature seems poorly thought out.  Obviously the rest of it seems to work out okay :).
17:35 pdurbin      larsks: and you're still thinking these VMs will be ephemeral? you have the Windows admins or whoever backup their stuff? and let them destroy and re-create their VMs at will?
17:36 pdurbin      i promise to stop asking you this every week :)
17:39 larsks       Maybe?  Ask me in six months.
17:41 pdurbin      magoo: a little bird tells me you use vagrant
17:46 ventz        pdurbin: yes
17:46 ventz        pdurbin: i'll share it
17:47 pdurbin      ventz: cool. i think i'm going to focus on logstash anyway but would be nice to have it handy. Pax has a good point about using python though
17:50 ventz        one thing i've always loved about perl has been the ease of regexs. That said, the "programing" side could really use some actual "programing" instead of a layer of hacks on top of eachother
17:50 ventz        and that's one thing I like about ruby and python
17:50 ventz        i wish perl did this -- well v6 will, but yea, it's far far away from where it should be
18:08 pdurbin      ahhh. `yum install puppet` on fedora gives me syntax highlighting in vim
18:42 pdurbin      "In this test I peaked out at about 10 Gb/s" -- guy at work testing a storage array
18:51 semiosis     OH in ##infra-talk just now: <ells> anyone used: http://ansible.cc/
18:51 semiosis     wasn't someone here loving it the other day?
18:51 pdurbin      semiosis: that was larsks
18:52 pdurbin      semiosis: i've been meaning to ask larsks about https://github.com/larsks/crackpot
18:53 semiosis     great name
18:59 ironcamel    ventz: you wished perl did what?
18:59 pdurbin      ironcamel: i was kinda hoping you hadn't seen that ;)
19:00 ironcamel    why?
19:00 ironcamel    i'm confused :)
19:00 pdurbin      your love of perl is strong. even stronger than mine :)
19:01 ironcamel    was it just trolling?
19:01 pdurbin      no, ventz is a perl guy. it's all good :)
19:01 ironcamel    ok, i'll move along then :)
19:01 ironcamel    let me know if there's actually something that wanted to know how to do in perl
19:02 ironcamel    i will show you how :)
19:02 ventz        i love perl so much that I decided in college to take a "software dev" class, and my language choice was perl
19:02 ventz        it was great at first -- quick parsing, modules, etc...
19:03 ventz        half way through, i realized it had become a little harder to replicate stuff that came for "free" with other languages
19:03 ventz        by the end, i had 80,000+ lines of code
19:03 ventz        i learned a very valuable lesson
19:05 pdurbin      ironcamel: we love you for this :)
19:05 pdurbin      ventz: what language would you choose today for that?
19:05 ironcamel    i hope the lesson you learned was to use CPAN, instead of writing 80,000 lines of code
19:10 ventz        ironcamel: 80,000 lines were w/ almost every module i could find :)
19:10 ventz        the annoying part at the time was writing a synchronous web server -- ended up using IO::Select
19:11 ventz        and the other thing which was very broken at the time was the THaw/Freeze modules so that you can serialize a whole object
19:11 ventz        i remember trying the top 3-4 and all being broken. Since another group used perl, we ended up emailing the devs and got emails along the lines "yea...some stuff doesn't work the way it should yet"
19:12 ventz        pdurbin: i would probably use python or ruby
19:12 pdurbin      ventz: ok
19:12 ventz        at least 10% of the code was trying to use an object system which allowed object protection from read/write/change
19:13 ventz        that comes by default with any half working OO language
19:13 pdurbin      ventz: this was pre-Moose, right?
19:13 ventz        moose was around, but it was still "iffy"
19:13 ventz        pdurbin: one sec, let me find the code. I still have it somewhere
19:13 ventz        this was the course I took: http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/matthias/670-s07/
19:14 ironcamel    ventz: how does python allow object protection from read/write/change?
19:14 ironcamel    also, if you are implementing a web server from scratch, you are doing something really wrong, imo
19:15 ventz        ironcamel: not web server per say - it was a custom app server for  a game we were building
19:15 ironcamel    ah, ok
19:15 ventz        that was what was so twisted about this class
19:15 ventz        everything was as "generic as possible" with something that was as custom as possible
19:16 ventz        ah, here it was:
19:16 ventz        http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/matthias/670-s07/Projects/13.html
19:16 ventz        ironcamel: ^^ see for server part
19:16 ventz        we had 7 days to write that
19:17 ventz        server, client, and glue in between
19:18 ironcamel    Looks like a blast. If you didn't have to get it done in 7 days.
19:58 westmaas     ironcamel: do you highlight on perl?
19:59 ironcamel    westmaas: do you hilight on ironcamel?
19:59 ironcamel    westmaas: yes, i do :)
19:59 ironcamel    if you ever need me, you know what to yell
19:59 westmaas     perlcamel
19:59 pdurbin      westmaas: openstack-nova-2012.2 is what i want, right?
20:00 westmaas     you doing essex?
20:00 westmaas     if so then yes, I believe thats correct
20:00 westmaas     like I said I don't do major releases :)
20:00 pdurbin      i thought 2012.2 was the latest
20:01 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky openstack release naming
20:01 westmaas     oh yeah
20:01 westmaas     sorry
20:01 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNaming
20:01 westmaas     I got confused
20:01 westmaas     it is
20:01 pdurbin      westmaas: you're killing me ;)
20:02 pdurbin      cool. so with vagrant i can go from base centos to openstack-nova-2012.2 installed in less than 7 minutes
20:11 pdurbin      larsks|away: you linked to https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-10-30#i_6113435 but does it support centos? it looks like not..
20:21 pdurbin      ok, openstackers... here's my proof of concept for OpenStack on CentOS managed with Puppet on Vagrant - https://github.com/pdurbin/openstack-vagrant-centos-puppet
20:34 pdurbin      please note that it doesn't actually do anything yet, per the readme :)
20:34 shuff        that's fine
20:34 pdurbin      except install folsom nova
20:34 pdurbin      shuff: try it out! vagrant up!
20:35 shuff        mostly what i want right now is the ability to say "hey, we already deployed CIAC, why don't you look at what the RC guys are doing with OpenStack"
20:35 pdurbin      shuff: you know who's way ahead of us? larsks
20:35 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky harvard ciac
20:35 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.asian-studies.org/grants/main.htm
20:36 pdurbin      shuff: CIAC?
20:41 shuff        Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud
20:41 shuff        http://blogs.cisco.com/tag/ciac/
20:41 shuff        Cisco's private cloud offering
21:21 comptona     pdurbin: I'm running OpenStack on CentOS 6 using the puppetlabs-openstack modules
21:21 comptona     (just got around to scrollback)
23:19 magoo        pdurbin: yup, proud vagrant user
23:25 pdurbin      magoo: that's awesome. i just got the vagrant religion a week ago. love it
23:26 pdurbin      comptona: thanks much! tweeted at you :) https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/264117601100238849
23:26 magoo        it has been awesome for us. I got Crowdtilt on it from the beginning so our dev process has been simplified from the getgo
23:27 magoo        pdurbin: do you use chef?
23:28 comptona     pdurbin: =)
23:28 comptona     it took me a while to work out all the kinks, hit me up if you have any questions
23:29 pdurbin      comptona: so! what you *could* do... if you're into it... is fork my repo! and add a working config! :)
23:29 pdurbin      comptona: this one - https://github.com/pdurbin/openstack-vagrant-centos-puppet
23:30 comptona     pretty sure I can't contribute back any code since it's $work
23:30 pdurbin      magoo: right? that makes sense, right? since it's vagrant-based
23:30 comptona     but they can't stop me from talking! =)
23:30 pdurbin      comptona: ah. bummer. that's fine. i'll figure it out
23:31 magoo        i didn't understand that at all haha
23:31 pdurbin      comptona: this example thing looks promising... will probably try that next: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack/blob/master/examples/site.pp
23:31 magoo        but sure :P
23:31 pdurbin      magoo: ask ironcamel. he used to work on openstack :)
23:32 comptona     pdurbin: yeah, the puppetlabs openstack modules worked great for me
23:32 pdurbin      and no, we don't use chef, but to agoddard's dismay
23:32 comptona     set up keystone and added service accounts, all that good stuff
23:32 pdurbin      comptona: awesome. seems the horse to bet on
23:32 comptona     I had to make a few changes that I'm working on getting permission to contribute, but mostly template stuff
23:33 comptona     like changing the LDAP template so I could auth against active directory
23:33 magoo        pdurbin: you work for Rackspace?
23:34 pdurbin      magoo: nope. harvard
23:36 magoo        gotcha, must have forgot what room I was in ;)
23:37 semiosis     not everyone here is from harvard though
23:37 pdurbin      comptona: cool. now that i look at this thing i realize i'm a little lost puppet-wise. i was expecting just a "modules" directory
23:37 semiosis     magoo: in fact, there are some rackspace people here who aren't on the east coast at all!
23:38 pdurbin      comptona: i have a "modules" directory here anyway... and it's what i'm used to from our puppet at work - https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant
23:39 pdurbin      sjoeboo: and you, our puppet master, are on vacation. hope you're having fun! :)
23:40 magoo        It's a small crowd out here in Blacksburg so I'm not surprised
23:40 pdurbin      comptona: see, larsks's repo looks more the way how ours is organized: https://code.seas.harvard.edu/puppet/puppet/trees/develop/modules/openstack
23:41 comptona     I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking me
23:41 pdurbin      comptona: heh. all good. all good :)
23:42 pdurbin      just tell me to go to puppet camp
23:42 comptona     no, I know puppet pretty well so I can answer questions about it, I just don't follow :)
23:42 semiosis     pdurbin: usually top level would have manifests/ and modules/ and possibly also templates/
23:44 pdurbin      so can i make the puppetlabs-openstack repo a git submodule of my repo?
23:44 comptona     ah, I see now
23:44 pdurbin      i do that with the epel repo: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant/tree/master/modules
23:44 pdurbin      er. on the relavant repo too: https://github.com/pdurbin/openstack-vagrant-centos-puppet/tree/master/modules
23:44 comptona     you could do it that way, or you could use the "puppet module install" command to grab that puppet module and all its dependencies
23:45 comptona     the puppetlabs openstack stuff is broken out into a separate repo/puppet module for each service (keystone, swift, nova, etc.), so there's a bunch of dependencies
23:46 comptona     what I did was ran "puppet module install puppetlabs-openstack" to get the files I needed, and then committed them into a separate "modules_external" directory that I then added to my modulepath in puppet.conf
23:47 comptona     that's how I handle all external modules; "modules/" is just for the stuff we write ourselves
23:48 pdurbin      comptona: ok. interesting. thanks
23:49 pdurbin      i think i'd like to use git submodules if i can... at least in this demo repo... like i do with epel
23:49 comptona     sure, I imagine that would work still
23:49 pdurbin      i set  puppet.module_path = "modules"  in my Vagrantfile: https://github.com/pdurbin/openstack-vagrant-centos-puppet/blob/master/Vagrantfile
23:52 pdurbin      semiosis: right. that's what i'm doing. top level manifests and modules
23:53 pdurbin      "To install the released versions from the forge: puppet module install puppetlabs-openstack"
23:54 pdurbin      i guess i'll try that
23:54 pdurbin      oh wait. hmm. git instructions right below that. "rake modules:clone"
23:56 pdurbin      uh oh. kids crying. and they need a bath