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12:57 pdurbin      http://vpetkov.net/cgi-bin/bs.cgi
12:57 pdurbin      ventz: bs as a service? :)
13:01 pdurbin      yeah, these are the kind of spikes we don't like to see... http://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/ganglia2/ganglia2_nfs/graph.php?r=day&z=xlarge&c=nss&m=load_one&s=by+name&mc=2&g=load_report
14:33 ventz        pdurbin: you need an url shortening bot in here
14:37 pdurbin      ventz: meh. i can't stand url shortening. why would i want another hop?
14:47 larsks       pdurbin: Long URLs are a PITA to copy from my IRC window.
14:47 * larsks     votes +1 for a url shortening bot.
14:48 pdurbin      huh. i don't have this problem. i use gnome-terminal+screen+irssi
14:49 larsks       I use gnome-terminal+screen+weechat, and the issue is that the window is split into effectively three panes (timestamps/nicks, chat text, nick list).
14:49 larsks       So if something wraps, it's not possible to just copy it without getting extraneous stuff from the nicklist and timestamp columns.
14:50 larsks       There is actually sort of a solution (a URL bar), but shorter URLs are easier :).
14:51 pdurbin      sounds noisy. i don't much care for the link shortening in #gluster
14:52 shuff        i am pretty much universally anti-url-shortening
14:52 shuff        but ventz's implementation (where you see the original url and also the shortened one) is the most bearable i've seen
14:53 shuff        maybe the bot could send the shortened urls to users as private messages?  and it could be a user-configurable option?
14:54 ventz        larsks++
14:54 ventz        i use irssi and same issue
14:54 ventz        shuff: that's definitely doable
14:56 pdurbin      sound fine to me
14:56 ventz        adding bot for example
14:56 ventz        http://money.cnn.com/2012/10/26/technology/mobile/tracfone-free-phones/index.html
14:56 gnbot        http://cnnmon.ie/S1969M (Who gets rich off 'free' government phones - Oct. )
14:57 ventz        gnbot: die
14:58 shuff        yeah, that's what i had in mind, but ideally as a private message rather than to the channel
14:58 ventz        right
14:58 pdurbin      +1 (for private message)
14:58 ventz        but i would have to add a subscription somehow
14:58 ventz        to keep track of who wants to be msged
14:59 ventz        i am sure people will not be happy getting an IM from a bot
14:59 ventz        :)
14:59 shuff        does gnbot support some feature like nick registration, like the freenode nickserv bot?
14:59 shuff        that strikes me as a good IRCish way to do it
15:19 pdurbin      has anyone used nfswatch? http://prefetch.net/blog/index.php/2009/06/16/monitoring-nfs-operations-with-nfswatch/
15:20 pdurbin      it seems to work like top. but top has a batch mode. i can run `top -b -n 1` to sent output to stdout. i'm wondering if nfswatch has this...
15:21 pdurbin      i'd rather not dink around in /proc/net/rpc/nfsd if i don't have to (though this blog post does help explain it: http://blog.kamilkisiel.net/blog/2007/11/05/understanding-linux-nfsd-statistics/ )
15:34 pdurbin      huh. so `nfswatch -clients` (or hit c after launch) seems to work well on NFSv3 but not NFSv4 :(
15:43 ventz        shuff: it doesn't - i've been meaning to write that in, but it's a bit of a pain
15:46 pdurbin      i will point out that links are already visually shortened by ilbot as it makes HTML. not super short, but shorter: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-10-26#i_6101967 (though i'd probably turn that feature off if i ran ilbot myself)
16:04 pdurbin      for x in {b..e}; do for i in {1..6}; do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/vg${x}-lv${x}${i} bs=1048576 count=$((1024**2))> write.lvm.24_procs_one_per_lv.1TB_each.lv${x}${i} 2>&1& done; done; wait
16:04 pdurbin      not my fu but i like it. a little perf test by someone on my team in preparation for setting up gluster
17:11 pdurbin      fqdn:"www.example.com" AND response:"404"
17:12 pdurbin      man, i'm lovin' kibana
17:12 pdurbin      why are the kibana urls so ugly though?
17:32 semiosis     pdurbin: example?
17:43 JoeJulian    I imagine they look like: http://semicomplete.com/kibana/#eyJzZWFyY2giOiIiLCJmaWVsZHMiOltdLCJvZmZzZXQiOjAsInRpbWVmcmFtZSI6IjE1IG1pbnV0ZXMiLCJncmFwaG1vZGUiOiJjb3VudCJ9
18:21 semiosis     that's base64 encoded json
18:22 semiosis     ...after the #
18:23 semiosis     pdurbin: ^^
18:45 pdurbin      hmm!
18:45 pdurbin      i have an idea
18:46 pdurbin      JoeJulian: is *this* your card... ? {"search":"","fields":[],"offset":0,"timeframe":"15 minutes","graphmode":"count"}
18:51 * semiosis   knows it is
18:51 semiosis     echo eyJzZWFyY2giOiIiLCJmaWVsZHMiOltdLCJvZmZzZXQiOjAsInRpbWVmcmFtZSI6IjE1IG1pbnV0ZXMiLCJncmFwaG1vZGUiOiJjb3VudCJ9 | base64 -d  ==> {"search":"","fields":[],"offset":0,"timeframe":"15 minutes","graphmode":"count"}
18:52 pdurbin      semiosis: oh, that's way better than my silly php script. thanks!
18:52 semiosis     :D
18:53 semiosis     well, it's that easy on ubuntu :P
18:53 semiosis     hope its that easy on whatever you're using.  what do you run on your desktop anyway, pdurbin?
18:54 pdurbin      sigh. centos 6
18:54 * pdurbin    looking at the fedora box that's half set up
18:54 pdurbin      i think fedora 18 is coming out soon
18:55 semiosis     centos 6 desktop?  wow that's so hardcore
18:55 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky fedora 18
18:55 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/18/Schedule
18:55 pdurbin      whorka: you put me up to it. you and your ilk
18:55 * semiosis   forces his eyes back into eclipse
18:55 semiosis     must code java
18:55 pdurbin      shuff: you gave up and went mac
19:01 pdurbin      huh. so *that's* what you can use http://trello for... http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Images/NewsGraphics?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=2012_10_23_trello-inbox.png
19:04 pdurbin      JoeJulian: any news on shapado?
19:05 pdurbin      the weekend is coming up... ;)
19:05 JoeJulian    Probably be a good project....
19:06 pdurbin      JoeJulian: i mean, weren't you going to set up shapado for #gluster?
19:11 JoeJulian    <sarcasm>Who me? I have no idea what you're talking about!</sarcasm>
19:37 pdurbin      JoeJulian: have you seen this? https://github.com/pdurbin/data-liberation-shapado
19:40 JoeJulian    I saw that you were working on that. There's no readme so I quickly became distracted by something else shiny.
19:41 JoeJulian    ADHD's been hitting me hard this week.
19:44 pdurbin      oh. yeah. could try a git clone and a `prove`. should work
19:45 pdurbin      Result: PASS
19:48 pdurbin      rackerhacker: did you write this? http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/setting-up-haproxy
19:48 rackerhacker not me
19:48 rackerhacker when i'm restricted on network traffic i prefer to use LVS
19:49 rackerhacker that way you don't waste a huge instance just to sit there running haproxy :)
19:50 pdurbin      i guess i'm wondering... what if my haproxy box goes down
19:51 rackerhacker you could do a failover pair w/shared IP
19:51 rackerhacker but shared IP isn't in next-gen cloud servers quite yet
19:51 pdurbin      rackerhacker: cool. can you have your buddy add that to the doc? :)
19:52 rackerhacker if you slide in a comment there, jered should get it pretty quickly
19:52 pdurbin      yeah? great!
19:54 pdurbin      Please wait...
19:55 rackerhacker i don't know if he will get it THAT quickly :P
19:55 rackerhacker haha
19:56 pdurbin      An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
19:56 pdurbin      HTTP Result Code: 500
19:56 pdurbin      Debugging information follows.
19:56 pdurbin      Path: /knowledge_center/system/ajax
19:56 pdurbin      StatusText: Service unavailable (with message)
19:56 pdurbin      ResponseText:
19:56 pdurbin      (no ResponseText)
19:56 pdurbin      :(
19:58 pdurbin      rackerhacker: by which i mean... i was unable to slide in a comment
19:58 rackerhacker oh fudge
19:58 rackerhacker i'll email jered
20:00 rackerhacker http://theprofoundprogrammer.com/image/28102010668
20:01 pdurbin      rackerhacker: thanks!
20:02 rackerhacker pdurbin: we can probably find a way to blame that 500 error on westmaas if we try
20:02 pdurbin      westmaas: yeah
20:24 * pdurbin    writes a bit about nfswatch: http://serverfault.com/questions/38756/analyzing-linux-nfs-server-performance/442827#442827
20:30 pdurbin      rackerhacker: right, per your buddy's doc, simply install haproxy, add "server WWW1 check # Active in rotation" to the config file, and start the service... super easy
20:31 pdurbin      and i get a nice dashboard at http://my-proxy/haproxy ...
20:33 JoeJulian    gah I hate when google thinks it's smarter than me. "rackspace rdns api" "Showing results for rackspace dns api"
20:34 pdurbin      +1
20:35 semiosis     double edged sword.  ihave becom solazy tping bcuus gggll fixs foorme