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07:51 boegel       can you guys access http://blog.jcuff.net/ ? I can't, and James tweets it's OK for him
09:00 boegel       nvm about James' blog, turns out our uni blocks it because some torrent site is hosted at the same IP
12:10 pdurbin      boegel: that's hilarious :)
12:38 boegel       pdurbin: not sure if it is :)
12:38 pdurbin      fair enough :)
12:40 boegel       pdurbin: are you saying our network team is overexagerating? or that it's funny that James' blog is hosted alongside torrents/warez?
12:41 pdurbin      the latter :)
12:41 pdurbin      but i'm kidding
12:41 boegel       pdurbin: ah, cause I might agree with the former as well
12:41 pdurbin      i'm quite anti-warez. i'm a boy scout
12:41 pdurbin      well, not literally...
12:41 boegel       pdurbin: it's probably a virtualized server, apparently 2500 sites are hosted on the same IP
12:41 pdurbin      interesting
12:42 boegel       pdurbin: it's just annoying that I need to connect differently to read James' blog :P
12:42 pdurbin      no kidding
12:42 pdurbin      you said you let james know already?
12:44 boegel       yes, via Twitter
12:44 pdurbin      awesome. thanks
12:44 boegel       pdurbin: I was complaining first that his blog is down ;-)
12:47 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky down for everyone or just me
12:47 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/
12:48 boegel       pdurbin: yeah, well, that's down as well :P
12:48 pdurbin      is it?!?
12:48 boegel       pdurbin:
12:48 boegel       pdurbin: at least, it doesn't work from inside our uni network
12:48 boegel       pdurbin: btw, https://twitter.com/jamesdotcuff/status/251301469310054400
12:51 pdurbin      huh
12:52 pdurbin      i hope your uni doesn't block all blogger sites
12:52 pdurbin      (though i'm more of a jekyll/github pages guy)
12:56 pdurbin      agoddard: dunno if you saw my "High Availability with MySQL" to our internal mailing list, but i'm curious about your thoughts
12:57 pdurbin      (i linked back to some chat about Scalr at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-07-18#i_5824414 which is public, of course)
12:57 Itkovian     now now
12:57 Itkovian     let me introduce you to hakyll then pdurbin :-p
12:57 pdurbin      ventz: were your ears burning? i also talked about the mysql cluster you set up
12:58 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky hakyll
12:58 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://jaspervdj.be/hakyll/
13:00 pdurbin      Itkovian: you're a haskell hacker! sqee! please submit a solution to this kata! http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-09-11#i_5977620
13:02 boegel       pdurbin: I'm into Haskell too, when I find the time
13:06 pdurbin      double sqee! squee? squee!
13:09 ventz        pdurbin: oh yea? :)
13:09 ventz        what about it?
13:21 larsks       Hey, did anyone ever end up with a successful RT4 repository?
13:47 Itkovian     pdurbin: what's the question/exercise?
13:48 Itkovian     the autovivication ons?
13:48 Itkovian     *one?
14:31 Itkovian     pdurbin: challenge accepted
14:52 pdurbin      Itkovian: \o/ #soexcited
14:53 pdurbin      larsks: yes. http://wiki.greptilian.com/request-tracker/4/
14:53 Itkovian     if it documented anywhere what the JSON should contain, or do I just look at the example?
14:53 pdurbin      ventz: i'll forward it to you
14:53 pdurbin      Itkovian: it needs to pass `prove` or it doesn't count
14:54 Itkovian     sure
14:54 pdurbin      so excited
14:57 pdurbin      ventz: sent. subject: High Availability with MySQL, was Re:  Mysql.rc brutality
14:58 pdurbin      if you can talk about your mysql cluster here that would be great
14:58 pdurbin      or link to some public puppet manifests, ideally :)
15:52 ventz        pdurbin: it's definitely not crazy difficult
15:52 ventz        and yes, that's what the cluster achieves
15:52 ventz        there are some "gotcha's" when it comes to the data type
15:52 ventz        it's not really meant for throwing wordpress against it
15:52 ventz        it's designed for custom applications where the dev can modify the table create statement so that it takes advantage of the cluster (2 lines)
16:11 dotplus      http://puppetlabs.com/puppetconf-live
16:11 agperson     watching!
16:24 semiosis     dotplus: thanks
16:24 semiosis     wow there's 830+ people in #puppet now... thats just crazy
16:41 Pax          Just cross posted the link to the #splunk room on irc.efnet.org :)
16:52 agperson     Pax: any update to this: http://forge.puppetlabs.com/thartmann/pam_access ?
16:53 agperson     (sort of assuming that is you)
16:56 Pax          yup!
16:57 Pax          thats me! snuff and I did some re-writes and posted a newer version under the huit account
16:57 Pax          http://forge.puppetlabs.com/huit/pam_access
16:57 Pax          I should probably take down the older one
16:57 Pax          but there a parts of it I still like, I sort of like the "gold" copy-ness of the file
16:58 agperson     thanks
16:59 agperson     Pax: I agree, line-by-line management makes things very flexible but lots of opportunity for problems to arise
17:00 agperson     also puppet runs a *lot* faster that way...
17:00 agperson     (err, the opposite…a lot slower with lots of augeas calls, faster managing full config files)
17:02 Pax          I have to admit I am a bit of a template fan boy :)
17:32 larsks       pdurbin: Thanks!
17:38 pdurbin      larsks: sure
17:38 * pdurbin    reads https://docs.rc.fas.harvard.edu/puppetconf2012/ (thanks to sjoeboo)
17:49 pdurbin      heh. "thinks we're living in the most exciting time in IT. it sucks, but sucks way less than it used to."
17:50 pdurbin      "Unmovable deadlines, corners cut, more shortcuts, more fragile code/applications. = Technical Debt"
17:52 pdurbin      sjoeboo: thanks. good stuff
17:59 pdurbin      wow. 1.6 terabytes in /mnt/lost+found/
18:00 pdurbin      ventz: not crazy difficult? the mysql clustering? do you recommend it? any docs you can link to?
18:06 agperson     pdurbin: it's not very useful for off-the-shelf apps unless they explicitly support it, or you want to do a lot of work
18:07 agperson     we tried with wordpress, drupal, mediawiki…no luck
18:07 agperson     best for custom-built apps that need those specific capabiilities it provides
18:14 pdurbin      agperson: that's very unfortunate. what's the point?
18:15 agperson     i gather it is supposed to be highly-available, highly-scalable, and all in-memory…but not NoSQL
18:15 ventz        pdurbin: all this time i thought it was my script that fudged URLs
18:16 ventz        i found a bug in the tinyurl API call
18:16 ventz        pdurbin: about mysql cluster -> more of a in-person discussion :)
18:16 pdurbin      agperson: i'll send you the email. if i can find your address
18:17 pdurbin      ventz: more of a geeknight thing?
18:21 pdurbin      agperson: sent
18:21 agperson     cheers
18:21 pdurbin      would be great to continue the discussion here
18:22 pdurbin      certainly on topic
18:22 * dotplus    is planning to build a mysql "cluster" with HA in mind to run our RT systems
18:23 pdurbin      see? :)
18:24 pdurbin      dotplus: me too. for RT
18:24 pdurbin      and whatever
18:24 dotplus      so I'd love to see anything others have done recently, especially if it's puppetized. I think that that puppetlabs-mysql isn't going to be flexible enough for me (we're not using vendor rpms for mysql, won't support multimaster and various other settings)
18:24 pdurbin      dotplus: have you looked at scalr? i linked it above
18:25 pdurbin      well, linked to previous chat about it
18:29 ventz        pdurbin: not necessarily that, but just too much info
18:29 ventz        and i have a lot of stuff today
18:30 ventz        the summary: it works, it requires someone to look after it/maintain it (that is when you add apps and such)
18:30 ventz        it's great if you truly need 0% downtime
18:30 ventz        it's a HUGE pain for "off the shelf" apps
18:33 dotplus      "off the shelf" as in "cannot modify how the app interacts with/queries the db"?
18:34 pdurbin      dotplus: please. he's busy ;)
18:34 pdurbin      ventz: how many nodes in the cluster?
18:39 ventz        10
18:39 dotplus      scalr is an alternative to openstack, opennebula, cloudstack, etc.?
18:39 ventz        you ahve 3 "types"
18:39 ventz        you need at minimum TWO different "servers" -- not recomended
18:39 ventz        the minimum "recommended" model is THREE "servers"
18:40 ventz        1.) API/SQL node (front access only, 2.) STORAGE node (attached to lots of disk), and 3.) Management server
18:40 ventz        in an ideal setup:
18:40 ventz        10 nodes = "2 site" redundancy, with each site: 2 SQL nodes, 2 DN (data) nodes, and 1 "management server"
18:40 ventz        out of 10 servers, you can lose 8 -- everything except 1 SQL node and 1 DN node
18:40 ventz        and still be 100% up
18:45 pdurbin      dotplus: no. scalr for "orchestration"
18:45 pdurbin      ventz: thank you! :)
18:52 pdurbin      dotplus: i'm a little confused about what "off the shelf" means myself. wordpress, sounds like
18:52 pdurbin      not sure if RT qualifies
18:53 pdurbin      ventz: did you say there was some book you read?
18:53 dotplus      isn orchestration the cool new name for provisioning?
18:53 ventz        :nod:
18:53 pdurbin      dotplus: nope
18:53 ventz        pdurbin: but now it's about 80% useless because they released 2 major releases
18:53 ventz        that was the difficult part. The book gave me a lot of the basic concepts, but some of them had drastically changed by the time I started building
18:54 pdurbin      agoddard: didn't we talk about provisioning vs. orchestration once?
18:54 ventz        they went from v5.1,2,3 to v7
18:54 pdurbin      ventz: hmm. ok. still worth linking to the book?
18:54 ventz        i have the copy
18:54 ventz        you are more than welcome to borrow it
18:54 ventz        i even have all the sections labled
18:56 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: google mysql cluster book
18:56 crimsonfubot pdurbin: MySQL Clustering: Alex Davies,Harrison Fisk: 9780672328558 ...: <http://www.amazon.com/MySQL-Clustering-Alex-Davies/dp/0672328550>; MySQL Clustering - Alex Davies, Harrison Fisk - Google Books: <http://books.google.com/books/about/MySQL_Clustering.html?id=_3nERYD9xqcC>; MySQL :: MySQL Documentation: MySQL Reference Manuals: <http://dev.mysql.com/doc/>; MySQL Cluster Management : Part 2 | (2 more messages)
18:57 pdurbin      "Publisher: MySQL Press; 1 edition (March 20, 2006)" that one by Alex Davies must be it
18:59 pdurbin      ventz: we have a guy who might want to borrow it. not sure this is my project. but thanks
19:05 GitHub95     [crimsonfu.github.com] pdurbin pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/commit/0c0f6864844ffa424a8532ae4a317bd5b12647d5
19:05 GitHub95     [crimsonfu.github.com/master] mysql cluster fu from ventz - Philip Durbin
19:06 ventz        does anyone know of a quick/light CLI based todo list?
19:06 pdurbin      Todo.txt: Future-proof task tracking in a file you control - http://todotxt.com
19:07 ventz        i am finding out that as the day goes on, stuff comes in from here and there, and eventually i either 1.) lose track of small things I have to do or 2.) there's a giant list and more and more gets added -- where i need to prioritize
19:07 semiosis     cool!
19:07 ventz        ohhh
19:07 * semiosis   uses jira to keep track of things
19:07 ventz        pdurbin++
19:07 ventz        that's fricken awesome
19:07 * semiosis   is not thrilled about it though
19:08 pdurbin      dotplus: it sounds like ventz needs RT ;)
19:09 dotplus      "quick/light" :)
19:09 pdurbin      semiosis: i keep hearing about jira. is it free and open source?
19:09 semiosis     sadly not
19:09 pdurbin      pass
19:09 semiosis     yeah i'm looking at redmine as a replacement
19:10 boegel       semiosis: we use Trac, and I really like it
19:10 semiosis     boss wants pivotal tracker b/c it looks good on his iphone :)
19:10 pdurbin      semiosis: i set up https://redmine.hmdc.harvard.edu
19:10 semiosis     i love trac too but it's not a great fit for my current needs
19:11 pdurbin      whorka: and now it's your job to keep it alive :)
19:11 semiosis     actually, i should re-evaluate trac, it may not be like what i remember
19:11 pdurbin      dotplus: yes, RT not so light :)
19:11 boegel       semiosis: what are your needs?
19:12 semiosis     multi-project, multi-person, issue tracking, wiki documentation, scm integration, supports agile/scrum/kanban type of workflows, looks good on iphone
19:13 pdurbin      mmm, kanban
19:13 semiosis     oh and i forgot to mention, zero administrative overhead :)
19:14 pdurbin      and a pony
19:14 semiosis     you know it
19:16 semiosis     anyone have an opinion on redmine vs. trac?
19:16 pdurbin      haven't used trac in ... 7 years
19:19 ventz        trac is too "cluggy"
19:19 ventz        we used it for changemanegment at mozy
19:20 pdurbin      heh. cluggy
19:21 semiosis     cluggy? is that like kludgy?
19:26 pdurbin      semiosis: is it just that you're trying to save money? doesn't jira do all that?
19:26 semiosis     not trying to save money actually
19:27 semiosis     jira does all that but it's kinda hard to use
19:27 semiosis     and when it doesnt work/do what i want, it's really hard to fix
19:31 semiosis     this is sort of related to the discussion... years ago i took over administration of a bunch of servers where there was no change/configuration management, all setup was done interactively on the servers & not much was documented or even recorded about past changes
19:31 semiosis     so first thing i did was set up a trac and wrote a nifty (imho) script to bring order to the chaos, the result of which is this cheesy & poorly written (but incredibly effective) script: https://gist.github.com/3795948
19:32 semiosis     that allowed me to make very effective use of trac's scm integration, wiki, and ticketing system
19:32 semiosis     it was the missing link
19:36 pdurbin      "savn -- brings version controlled order to chaotic system configurations"
19:36 semiosis     savn -- like save + svn... get it?
19:36 pdurbin      semiosis: it was savn you time
19:36 semiosis     wow!
19:36 semiosis     and sanity
19:36 semiosis     yup
19:37 pdurbin      savn - be born again
19:37 semiosis     eh?
19:38 pdurbin      have you been saved?
19:38 pdurbin      don't answer that. off topic
19:38 semiosis     haha
19:58 pdurbin      semiosis: hard to fix jira in what way?
19:59 pdurbin      i feel like i've only heard good things about jira
19:59 semiosis     well we're using the self-hosted jira
19:59 semiosis     and i dont have a lot of time to spend on it
19:59 semiosis     a couple things that didn't work as expected are
20:00 semiosis     SCM integration -- i could never get jira & fisheye to work together, even after engaging support.  when they asked for remote access to the server & wanted me to schedule an appointment with their engineers i gave up
20:00 semiosis     it wasnt worth all the trouble
20:01 semiosis     Formatting in issues/comments/etc -- supposedly there's ways to do code blocks, section headings, things like that, to format the text
20:01 semiosis     this has never worked
20:01 semiosis     even after i followed the instructions to "enable" the supposedly built-in feature
20:02 semiosis     maybe once i upgrade to jira 5 things would work better
20:02 pdurbin      semiosis: they don't use markdown in issues/comments?
20:03 semiosis     i've not been able to get any formatting to work
20:03 semiosis     i dont remember if it was markdown or some other thing, but i do remember the markup syntax just appearing as plaintext everywhere i tried it :(
20:04 semiosis     with trac otoh everything that was supposed to work out of the box did, and everything i had to enable/configure myself worked exactly like the instructions said it would
20:08 pdurbin      huh
20:08 pdurbin      i could ask the guys if they like redmine
20:08 pdurbin      whorka: or you could. they're down the hall for you
20:08 pdurbin      i think they like it
20:09 semiosis     ah, dont worry about it, but thx
20:09 whorka       they like it well enough to keep using it
20:09 semiosis     thats about as much as i like jira lol
20:13 pdurbin      time for ice cream. see ya