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13:30 * pdurbin    skims an article by agoddard - BMC Bioinformatics | Full text | Data hosting infrastructure for primary biodiversity data - http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2105/12/S15/S5/
15:18 pdurbin      RT4 - The whole sordid story - http://www.slideshare.net/obrajesse/rt4-the-whole-sordid-story
15:25 cperry       the largest installation he knows of is 40,000-70,000 tickets. we have 143,000
15:26 whorka       (next slide:) "per day"
15:26 pdurbin      heh
15:34 cperry       phil we are headed back to john harvards today — but this time it's on HMDC
15:38 dotplus      pdurbin: I think we're at ~2k/day if you exclude testing/dev instances.
15:53 * pdurbin    wonders if cperry is just rubbing it in :( ;)
15:54 pdurbin      dotplus: that's rather a lot
15:55 dotplus      I have hundreds of people who use it for daily workflow.
15:56 pdurbin      i would say i have, uh... tens. maybe. if that :)
15:56 pdurbin      unless you mean their workflow is emailing for support ;)
16:07 semiosis     interviewing... guy says "if i were to rate myself on command line skills, i'd say i'm a 7 / 10"... me: "what does uptime display besides how long the system has been running?"  "well I use webmin to manage the servers."
16:07 pdurbin      heh
16:08 pdurbin      did you make him code for you?
16:08 semiosis     pdurbin: doing a round of phone screenings first, then will get more in-depth with the good ones
16:08 semiosis     but oh my it's not looking good
16:08 pdurbin      ok. hope he doesn't read this :)
17:34 JoeJulian    I hope he does.
17:39 semiosis     +1
17:39 pdurbin      heh
17:41 semiosis     most of the people i've screened so far don't even know that HTTP is port 80
17:42 semiosis     i take that back, most know http/80 but not ssh/22
17:48 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky slashdot dice.com
17:48 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/18/dice-holdings-buys-slashdot-sourceforge-and-freecode-from-geeknet/
17:55 dotplus      semiosis: for sysadmins? that's outrageous. you have a link? I know someone who's looking...
18:10 semiosis     dotplus: looking for full time in miami, fl
18:10 semiosis     dotplus: http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/sad/3263366669.html
18:17 dotplus      semiosis: ha. sounds quite a bit like me. But I'm not interested in .fl.us. I'll pass it on tho.
18:17 semiosis     dotplus: many thanks!
18:21 dotplus      you might want to post to the lopsa jobs board as well.
18:21 semiosis     thanks for the tip!
18:22 dotplus      sajobs@lists.lopsa.org, don't remember whether you need to be subscribed
18:24 semiosis     cool, i found this https://lopsa.org/JobBoard
18:27 pdurbin      a little overexcited about a new public /24 block. mmm
18:29 semiosis     dotplus: hmm looks like they want me to register with LOPSA
18:29 semiosis     dotplus: which i've considered doing in the past, but never did
18:30 dotplus      I'm just checking that that info is current. I'm confident that the sajobs@ will work, although there might be moderation for non-subscribers
18:30 dotplus      ok, lopsa board member says sajobs@ is the wiser choice.
18:31 semiosis     cool, thanks
18:52 semiosis     dotplus: sent.  thanks again
19:01 pdurbin      probably moderated, unless i'm looking at the wrong archive https://lists.lopsa.org/pipermail/sajobs/2012-September/thread.html
19:02 semiosis     pdurbin: awaiting moderation
19:02 semiosis     also, just saw this on the twitter: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2010025/in-it-hiring-devops-is-a-growing-trend-dice.html
19:02 semiosis     oh hey, it's there now!
19:03 pdurbin      like magic
19:06 semiosis     great line from that pcword article... "Specifically, the [System Administrator] role is evolving to become more strategic and less task-based as servers migrate to the cloud, Dice suggests."
19:07 semiosis     that's right, STRATEGIC!
19:13 dotplus      that's both correct and incorrect, IME. roles are divergent. and it's nothing to do with the "cloud", it's to do with config mgmt
19:18 semiosis     dotplus: yeah i agree.  it would've been better if they just ended with "... task-based."
19:21 dotplus      since there are some puppet-interested folks here: I just released a puppet module for nginx that is a little more modern (stylistically) than
19:21 dotplus      some I've seen and a little more flexible than the PL one. https://github.com/dhutty/puppet-nginx
21:21 magoo        pdurbin: you the chef guy? it's been a while
21:23 magoo        n/m, i remember now, it's agoddard
21:23 magoo        agoddard: you around? :)
22:59 agoddard     magoo: back now