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03:50 ventz      pdurbin: what do you use for the commit2irc?
11:44 pdurbin_m  ventz: it's built into github. see http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-09-08#i_5971405
11:46 pdurbin_m  my new kata is at that link if anyone wants to submit solutions :)
14:52 pdurbin    my review of "Documentation Writing for System Administrators" by Mark C. Langston: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/AMNn7giYT1y
16:10 pdurbin    you guys remember mattdm: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-05-03#i_5533957
16:10 pdurbin    larsks: i know you do :)
16:10 pdurbin    "In two weeks: new job as Fedora Cloud lead. Sad to leave Harvard SEAS; excited for new gig. #fedora #cloud #cloud #cloud #cloud #cloud" -- https://twitter.com/mattdm/status/243105431323553792
17:24 larsks     Ooo, xml parsing with awk: http://gawkextlib.sourceforge.net/
17:34 pdurbin    larsks: i know just the guy who will love that :) was schooling me on gawk vs. nawk: http://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/240433719595372544
17:56 ventz      larsks: that's interesting. thanks!
18:04 shuff      awesome that it got merged into trunk :)
18:43 pdurbin    shuff: master, you mean ;) #git
18:45 larsks     1
19:59 agoddard   http://ceph.com/wiki/Rbd
20:36 pdurbin    mmm, ceph
20:36 pdurbin    has come up a couple times... http://irclog.perlgeek.de/search.pl?channel=crimsonfu&nick=&q=ceph
20:37 * comptona is using ceph for a new openstack deployment at $work
20:37 pdurbin    comptona: do tell! :)
20:38 comptona   basically following http://www.sebastien-han.fr/blog/2012/06/10/introducing-ceph-to-openstack/
20:38 comptona   although I haven't gotten the authentication bit sorted yet
20:38 comptona   I'm using centos 6, and I spent a couple of days trying to get a version of qemu-kvm that was new enough to support ceph
20:39 comptona   now that it's working though, it seems really smooth and seems to work pretty well
20:39 comptona   I still need to test some of the more advanced use cases like fault tolerance and live migration
20:39 pdurbin    ventz: aren't you using kvm 1.0?
21:08 agoddard   comptona: u using ceph to store VM images?
21:08 comptona   not yet, but that's part of the plan
21:08 comptona   I wanted to get volumes nailed down first
21:11 agoddard   nice. what are you migrating from, storage wise?
21:14 comptona   nothing; this is a new system
21:33 agoddard   cool. I'd love to hear how it goes
21:34 comptona   I'm going to try to get permission to write up a big blog post for $company_tech_blog once I'm done
21:34 comptona   in particular, getting it running on centos was super tricky and I'd like to save other people the trouble
21:34 agoddard   sweet