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17:20 pdurbin whorka: https://twitter.com/jamesdotcuff/status/238650747418456066
18:33 whorka  well done pdurbin
18:34 pdurbin articles!
18:34 pdurbin i can't take any of the credit. it all goes to mike
18:35 pdurbin we didn't use the rpms at all. but in the future, when we put this on a new host, i bet we will
18:36 pdurbin so... i'm not super invested in that spec file anymore. probably won't want to collaborate on github on it any time soon...
18:38 whorka  yeah, beware that Articles (if you give them a "text area" field) are not generally treated as plaintext... so when you display them any stuff in <anglebrackets> will get stripped out, and when you insert them any anglebrackets will get entity-encoded.
18:39 whorka  I have patches to render both as literal plaintext if you're interested.
19:08 pdurbin whorka: ok. thanks
19:13 pdurbin overheard: "is it *really* unbreakable?" #oracle
20:18 pdurbin python python python python
20:46 pdurbin it's confusingly easier than perl
20:46 whorka  ok right after you posted that someone in my facebook stream posted just "biochem, biochem..." and I am now thinking a messed up version of the weebls
20:46 pdurbin :)
20:46 pdurbin i'm just making sure we can read this yaml from various languages
20:47 pdurbin jimi_c: we're shoving yaml in your cobbler "comment" field :)
20:47 pdurbin no to write a script to make sure it's actually valid yaml :)
20:48 pdurbin now