Time  Nick     Message
18:02 pdurbin  GITLAB: Self Hosted Git Management Application - http://gitlabhq.com  "Fast, secure and stable solution based on Ruby on Rails & Gitolite. Distributed under the MIT License."
18:04 semiosis pdurbin: that is awesome
18:04 pdurbin  ventz knows something about it, i think
18:10 pdurbin  i've heard good things about gitolite, at least
18:12 semiosis yeah gitolite is pretty cool.  im using it here at $dayjob to automate web site deployments.
18:15 pdurbin  for better or worse, as with kvm, i set up our git server very "bare bones"... mkdir /path/to/new_repo.git && git --bare init etc... no real management with gitolite or anything...