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01:24 pdurbin   heh. i may have seen this before, but it's been years: http://grza.net/GIS/Admiral%20Ackbar%20SNMP%20Notifications.jpg
14:02 pdurbin   major network upgrade with seemingly little impact. love our network guys
14:21 pdurbin   OSPF recalc
17:19 pdurbin   very useful: Ohad's blog: Advance Search tips in Foreman - http://blog.theforeman.org/2012/01/advance-search-tips-in-foreman.html
18:46 pdurbin   ANNOUNCE: oVirt 3.1 Release - http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/announce/2012-August/000021.html
18:47 pdurbin   "oVirt 3.1 adds support for capturing and cloning from live snapshots, for virtual disk and network adapter hot plugging, and for connecting externally-hosted LUNs to oVirt virtual machines. The oVirt 3.1 web administration console also includes new interfaces for managing floating virtual disks and for configuring Gluster storage volumes."
18:47 pdurbin   semiosis and JoeJulian: gluster ^^
18:48 pdurbin   "For more information on oVirt 3.1, including installation instructions, please see the release notes at http://wiki.ovirt.org/wiki/OVirt_3.1_release_notes ."
18:49 semiosis  well, it's about time!  PHBs have been asking for a gluster GUI for ages!
18:50 semiosis  coincidentally someone was just asking about a GUI in #gluster moments ago
18:50 semiosis  so I passed that release notes link along, thanks!
18:51 pdurbin   semiosis: sure. i see some links about ovirt already in #gluster today: http://www.gluster.org/interact/log-details/?log=2012-08
18:52 semiosis  cool
18:56 pdurbin   semiosis: oh wait, not today.  huh, the whole month of irc logs on one page... and no permalinks per line...
18:57 semiosis  !!!!!!!
18:58 semiosis  makes loading those pages on a phone/tablet an exercise in frustration
18:58 pdurbin   semiosis: consider using the bot we use: http://moritz.faui2k3.org/en/ilbot
18:59 pdurbin   though we don't run it... blog | Perlgeek.de :: An offer for software developers: free IRC logging - http://perlgeek.de/blog-en/perl-6/an-offer-to-the-perl-community.html
19:00 semiosis  thx
19:02 pdurbin   semiosis: sure. see also: crimsonfu freenode IRC channel setup - http://crimsonfu.github.com/2012/02/06/crimsonfu-freenode-irc-channel-setup.html
19:09 pdurbin   note to self: screengrab ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/screengrab/ ) is super useful for capturing screenshots of webpages all the way down past what you can see but i think i have this installed to make it work with newer versions of firefox: NightlyTesterTools https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Automation_Services/Projects/Addons/NightlyTesterTools
19:25 JoeJulian Wow... this is pretty cool: http://www.referencearchitecture.org/
19:30 semiosis  JoeJulian: building a cloud, are we?
20:16 pdurbin   cool
20:19 JoeJulian Just a small one, maybe like a single Cirrocumulus
20:24 pdurbin   :)