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11:48 agoddard       pdurbin:  (HA-Worker-3:work-9) VM state transitted from :Stopped to Starting) < CS High Availability in action
12:43 pdurbin        agoddard: what is that? pulling the power cord on a hypervisor and watching cloudstack move VMs around automatically?
12:45 agoddard       just killing the VM on KVM and watching cloudstack see it's gone and bring it up again. I only just added a HA service offering, so can't test it properly by killing a whole host yet, but it should behave the same
12:46 pdurbin        ok. but that's the holy grail, right?  power cut.  another hypervisor takes over. vmware does this.  we're losing this by going to bare bone kvm
12:47 pdurbin        for a little context for others, see agoddard's tweet which traces back to me talking about 43 VMs went down when we lost a hypervisor yesterday: https://twitter.com/anthonygoddard/status/231356077516660736
12:48 pdurbin        shuff: the irony is not lost on my that as that hypervisor rebooting itself, we were discussing high availability of cisco's linux thing over lunch
12:49 pdurbin        Cisco becomes a major Linux server vendor overnight | The Open Road - CNET News - http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10370165-16.html
12:49 pdurbin        UCS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cisco_Unified_Computing_System
12:50 pdurbin        Cisco Unified Computing System
12:50 agoddard       ya, libvirt/KVM do what they do well, then we need another layer on top to manage clusters,resources,provisioning,HA,storage, etc..
12:51 pdurbin        agoddard: right, and you're happy enough with cloudstack? how much effort to get it up and running well? be honest :)
12:51 agoddard       so I think the best approaches have always tools which work with the libvirt api, so they don't have overreach and let libvirt do its job - plus it means you have a familiar env with libvirt/kvm.
12:52 pdurbin        absolutely. i'm for tools that use libvirt as a foundation. i'm very happy with libvirt
12:52 agoddard       CS is really quick to install, quicker than OS for sure - it's all a big monolithic java app.. and it's very flexible with Networking
12:52 pdurbin        it's not like i'm surprised this happened. i never planned for high availability or automatic failover in this iteration of our kvm/libvirt platform
12:53 pdurbin        OS being openstack, of course
12:55 pdurbin        as we've discussed a couple times, i took some notes during a cloudstack presentation: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-06-26#i_5759658
12:57 pdurbin        oh good. the tar.gz expands to a bunch of RPMs: http://www.cloudstack.org/download.html  would make an install on centos easy
12:58 agoddard       BUT... the UI is slow to navigate, error reporting sucks (errors in the API/UI are terrible and the logging can be so verbose it's hard to track them down).. and I hit a really annoying bug the other day where I had to modify the DB to get machines provisioning again
12:58 agoddard       also, the community just isn't there yet..
13:00 agoddard       I think KVM snapshots only work with centos, but that's not doc'd
13:01 agoddard       so I make a CS agent, and it doesn't work.. the one click install does 70% of the work, but now I have a long bash script to get the other 30% done, all stuff that's documented in random forum posts, sometimes linking to bug reports which have no info, or link to other trackers that require logins..
13:06 pdurbin        can you tell us how you really feel? ;)
13:06 pdurbin        so you don't do kvm snapshots at all?
13:08 agoddard       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFf8HV_OPdw&t=2m5s < ;)
13:08 agoddard       I've done a few, have only been using CS for a few weeks.. I switched to CentOS hosts for my last two clusters
13:08 pdurbin        we have been doing snapshots with `qemu-img snapshot` on qcow2 disk images but recently, to my horror, i discovered that the disk images are getting corrupted according to `qemu-img check`.  working on a nagios check to detect this.  and will be going through each disk image that's corrupt and fixing it
13:09 pdurbin        this is how i remove the corruption: qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O qcow2 /vm_storage02/images/git2-disk0 /tmp/git2-oneoff
13:10 pdurbin        qemu-img snapshots are lost, but that's ok. i'm just happy the disk is clean then, according to `qemu-img check`
13:11 pdurbin        i don't know why the corruption is happening. or why some of our disk images are ok. maybe the problem is that we're hosting these qcow2 images on NFS
13:11 agoddard       we're looking at our whole backup setup this iteration, I really want to focus as much as possible on backing up data only and being able to rebuild fast - then using snapshots where we must.. knowing that data only + rebuild isn't going to be ideal in some places
13:12 agoddard       but being able to recover fast also means being able to migrate to new infra fast, between clouds fast, etc..
13:12 pdurbin        but anyway, we disabled these qemu-img snapshots for now. may re-introduce them slowly on a few test VMs because it was such a nice feature
13:13 pdurbin        for a while we were even splitting off the snapshots into their own disk images, which was nice because you could just drop the disk image in place over the current one to do a restore. very simple. just shut down the vm and do a cp
13:14 agoddard       ya, and maintaining small VM images is definitely key..
13:15 pdurbin        the thing is, a lot of our VMs are special snowflakes. not easy to rebuild because we didn't even build them
13:15 agoddard       we have some hosts which are built 100% by chef, and nobody ever logs in to, state is never stored on, so rebuilding them with chef is the fastest recover possible. takes a 10 minutes to re-provision a dozen machines with the cloudstack plugin
13:16 pdurbin        maybe we need to evangelize more to our users that they should plan how they would rebuild their VMs...
13:16 agoddard       pdurbin: yeah we have that issue too.. but thankfully we're moving away from it reasonably well
13:17 pdurbin        agoddard: i'll just point our users to you.  "look at this guy. use chef or whatever. rebuild your VMs like he does" :)
13:17 agoddard       in some cases, we manage their apps with chef and if they want a change, they can send a pull request.. but that obviously doesn't work for all users.. and then it comes down to levels of service they can expect.. If they want 100% control of an instance, and manually install everything, maybe we can't support it, but we could do snapshots for them for example
13:17 agoddard       pdurbin: :D
13:18 agoddard       pdurbin: I've got some stuff migrated off a host which I want to install OS on again. When I did the CS install it was 'cause time was short, and some Euro collaborators of ours were testing it too, but I think it'd be awesome if RC & us rocked the same orchestration
13:19 pdurbin        None of us is as smart as all of us
13:20 agoddard       pdurbin: +1000
13:21 pdurbin        it's one of our guiding principles, of course: http://crimsonfu.github.com
13:21 pdurbin        i'm starting to think another one should be "please tell me when i'm doing something stupid"
13:21 pdurbin        but people are kind of naturally good at that
13:22 pdurbin        i mean, is qcow2 over NFS insane? i don't know
13:23 pdurbin        if we're dropping the qcow2 snapshots anyway i guess we could switch to raw
13:23 agoddard       what caused the crash?
13:24 pdurbin        i haven't even looked yet. 15 year anniversary. babysitter last night
13:25 agoddard       oh man, that sucks!!
13:25 pdurbin        yeah. not the best timing
13:26 agoddard       though.. congrats by the way!
13:26 pdurbin        thanks :)
13:27 pdurbin        anyway, trying to keep a few tickets and other things in motion. then i'll look at logs, i guess
13:27 agoddard       storage is the other problem I wanna solve for our VM stuff, then networking..
13:27 pdurbin        we had another one of these Dell PowerEdge C6145's mysteriously reboot itself the other month. never could figure out why
13:27 agoddard       yergh
13:28 agoddard       we have some R710's that take down switch stacks when they kernel panic. awesome :|
13:28 pdurbin        yeah, we have the NFS traffic spread out across 4 NFS servers at least. but still i'm worried it's not a good solution. the red hat docs say as much. "don't use this in production" to paraphrase
13:29 agoddard       :D
13:31 pdurbin        "This example uses NFS to share guest images with other KVM hosts. This example is not practical for large installations, this example is only for demonstrating migration techniques and small deployments. Do not use this example for migrating or running more than a few virtualized guests." -- http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/5/html-single/Virtualization/index.html#sect-Virtualization-KVM_live_migration-Share_storage_exam
13:32 pdurbin        JoeJulian will lead me to the land of milk, honey, and glusterfs
13:32 agoddard       CS seems happy with it.. I still wanna find a good iSCSI solution though
13:32 pdurbin        i think oVirt would manage iSCSI for us well...
13:35 agoddard       with CLMV?
13:35 agoddard       CLVM
13:36 pdurbin        hmm, that sounds familiar, but i don't know
13:42 * pdurbin      wonders if there's a gitweb for the ovirt-docs: http://wiki.ovirt.org/wiki/Documentation#Source_Control
13:44 agoddard       my gut at the moment says to go with OpenStack 'cause the community seems to be collecting around it, and maturing quick... it's always a trade off though.. oVirt and ProxMox would give us some nice storage out of the box with KVM, but we'd need to write the tooling around them for chef provisioning integration etc.. and I'd imagine with the turnkey storage we'd make tradeoffs for flexibility
13:45 agoddard       one thing I still haven't tested is provisioning iSCSI LUNs directly to guest OS's for places where fast storage is needed, though that could be tested on any KVM setup..
13:45 pdurbin        westmaas: and we have you on our side :) #openstack
13:46 agoddard       ..and there's that :D
13:46 pdurbin        in the short term, open stack seems like a great way to have your own ec2. but ec2 is pretty different than traditional vmware. vsphere i guess you'd call it.  where VMs are not so ephemeral
13:47 pdurbin        at the red hat summit it was interesting to see how red hat is talking up both ovirt/rhev and openstack. sort of a portfolio of virtualization offerings
13:48 agoddard       agreed, I like the idea of architecting for ephemeral VMs and persistent storage
13:48 agoddard       though it's not as easy, I think it's the right move in the long run
13:49 westmaas       woo!
13:49 westmaas       :)
13:49 westmaas       sorry I've been absent from here so much, just had a big release :)
13:49 pdurbin        agoddard: you can read out iscsi and ovirt at http://www.ovirt.org/w/images/a/a9/OVirt-3.0-Installation_Guide-en-US.pdf
13:50 westmaas       I know I was a staple before! :p
13:50 pdurbin        westmaas: congrats
13:50 westmaas       thanks
13:51 westmaas       I can now confirm that openstack can be in production on thousands of compute nodes (not sure that I can say exactly how many thousands!)
13:51 pdurbin        agoddard: the problem is that many of our users are *not* architecting for ephemeral VMs. you are the exception.  they want their VMs to be persistent
13:52 pdurbin        and openstack is working on persistent VMs but they're optimized for ephemeral VMs at the moment. hence, red hat is advocating ovirt/rhev for persistent VMs right now. ideally RHEV, from their per$pective :)
13:52 agoddard       westmaas: saw the rackspace announcement, that's awesome :)
13:53 pdurbin        link?
13:53 agoddard       a few links in this post: http://www.openstack.org/blog/2012/08/celebrating-an-openstack-milestone/
13:54 westmaas       including a spam link!
13:55 westmaas       I guess this is our official post: http://www.rackspace.com/blog/the-open-rackspace-cloud-better-faster-more-affordable/
13:56 agoddard       lulz.. didn't see that spam link ;)
13:56 pdurbin        thanks
13:57 pdurbin        "Today OpenStack marks another milestone in its young existence". that's the thing. it *is* young
14:01 pdurbin        nice post
14:01 * pdurbin      wonders how much rackerhacker is involved in ops for rackspace open cloud
14:02 rackerhacker   deeply
14:02 rackerhacker   :)
14:02 pdurbin        heh
14:02 westmaas       only if I keep yelling at him
14:02 westmaas       rackerhacker: do more things
14:03 * rackerhacker rattles his chains
14:04 pdurbin        oh, semiosis will help with the gluster fu too
14:12 ventz          Anyone know of a good "gui" client for kvm management
14:13 ventz          i do everything via the xml files/by hand and it's getting difficult
14:13 pdurbin        ventz: virt-manager
14:13 ventz          specifically -- when having to add drives/change boot order, etc...since that requires a decent modification of xml
14:13 ventz          pdurbin: the thing i am afraid w/ virt-manager is that it doesn't create the proper xml files on the backend
14:14 pdurbin        sure it does
14:14 ventz          i still want to keep all the extra settings (like extended drivers, and block to prevent IP + arp spoofing)
14:14 ventz          as in, if i create the xml template, will virt manager just modify what i do w/ it from that point on (ex: add CD drive, image, boot from it -- vs creating a new template)
14:15 pdurbin        as a child, were you burned by microsoft word fscking up your loving hand crafted html?
14:15 ventz          heh
14:15 ventz          also, another question -- anything web based?
14:15 ventz          my server is running on a system w/ no X
14:15 pdurbin        in my experience, virt-manager is pretty non-invasive. please let me know if it destroys your xml, takes out stuff and what not
14:15 ventz          yes, i can forward, but prever something web based anyway
14:16 pdurbin        i've got nothin'
14:17 ventz          there's this: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Management_Tools
14:17 ventz          but some are half broken
14:17 ventz          looked at:
14:17 ventz          http://www.convirture.com/community.php
14:17 ventz          and
14:17 ventz          http://www.ovirt.org
14:17 ventz          ovirt being "rhel" centric is annoying -- yes you can build for debian/ubuntu, but it's a pain
14:18 agoddard       http://archipelproject.org always looked kinda neat
14:18 agoddard       ovirt is built by the RHELV guys I think
14:18 pdurbin        ovirt is upstream for rhev
14:18 agoddard       rhev..
14:18 agoddard       ya
14:18 pdurbin        fedora is upstream for rhel, etc.
14:19 pdurbin        crimsonfubot: lucky RHEV
14:19 crimsonfubot   pdurbin: http://www.redhat.com/products/virtualization/
14:20 ventz          pdurbin: looks like i found it: https://www.webvirtmgr.net
14:22 ventz          there's also: http://karesansui-project.info
14:23 pdurbin        ventz: cool. please let us know how they work out
14:23 ventz          will try and let you know
14:25 pdurbin        thanks
14:54 semiosis       did somebody say gluster?
15:02 pdurbin        :)
15:05 agoddard       we were gonna upgrade our gluster today, but now we can't access it for some reason 0_o
15:05 * agoddard     calls network admin
16:19 semiosis       java devs: http://timberglund.com/blog/2012/08/03/the-maven/
17:47 pdurbin        sigh. [Mrusers-list] CBSCentral - https://lists.hcs.harvard.edu/pipermail/mrusers-list/2012-August/000794.html
18:19 pdurbin        yay, it's back alive
18:43 agoddard       https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.protocols.time.ntp/vhVlH4ENsJQ
19:14 pdurbin        agoddard: "WARNING: someone's faking a leap second tonight" huh?
19:29 pdurbin        ha! a co-worker just said to me, "hey, perl, i mean, phil" :)
19:30 pdurbin        i answer to both :)
20:06 agoddard       semiosis: that maven poem is awesome
20:14 pdurbin        to time to read it but i like the idea :)
21:02 pdurbin        other people are reporting the same qemu-img corruption i mentioned above: qemu-img snapshot qcow2 problem - http://forum.proxmox.com/threads/7109-qemu-img-snapshot-qcow2-problem
21:03 pdurbin        i just cleaned up a disk image and it didn't help the vm boot
21:03 pdurbin        i may have to re-migrate it from vmware
21:03 pdurbin        or forget about all this kvm business and pay for vmware :)
21:04 pdurbin        ok, my kids aren't going to pick themselves up. have a good weekend, all