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12:51 pdurbin  not sure why it took me so long to stumble upon the code monkey song: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/K7Sdtjvv8oF
13:02 pdurbin  agoddard: "Last edited by agoddard" -- https://github.com/sensu/sensu/wiki/Overview
15:39 pdurbin  Academic Computing Technical Blog: Chasing OpenStack idle connection timeouts - http://actech.seas.harvard.edu/2012/07/chasing-openstack-idle-connection.html
15:44 pdurbin  it all came down to a typo?!? "If it's not obvious, heartbeat was mispelled hearbeat in the above block of code. Putting this change into production has completely resolved the idle connection timeout problem."
15:56 spowers  i once hunted a bug in a backup script that turned out to be "#/bin/bash"
15:56 spowers  for hours
15:57 pdurbin  *face palm*
15:57 spowers  a great time to just slam the laptop shut and walk away
16:28 pdurbin  "Philesight is a tool to browse your filesystem and see where the diskspace is being used at a glance" -- http://zevv.nl/play/code/philesight/  pretty: http://zevv.nl/play/code/philesight/philesight.cgi?cmd=img&path=%2F
17:31 pdurbin  "The Simian Army is a suite of tools for keeping your cloud operating in top form. Chaos Monkey, the first member, is a resiliency tool that helps ensure that your applications can tolerate random instance failures" -- https://github.com/Netflix/SimianArmy via The Netflix Tech Blog: Chaos Monkey released into the wild - http://techblog.netflix.com/2012/07/chaos-monkey-released-into-wild.html
17:52 agoddard pdurbin: how did you deploy openstack?
17:55 pdurbin  agoddard: right now... only as a demo. on one box :(
17:56 pdurbin  no change since http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-07-16#i_5817977
17:57 agoddard k :)
17:58 pdurbin  the seas guys (link to their blog above) seem to be actively working on their openstack. but i just ran /names and i don't see any of them here
17:59 agoddard cloudstack has me flipping tables at the moment
17:59 pdurbin  all these projects want to be the apache of virtualization but they aren't there yet :)
19:14 agoddard pdurbin: is there a roadmap for you guys to crank OS into production?
19:16 pdurbin  um
19:16 pdurbin  do you mean a plan?
19:16 pdurbin  or do you mean a timetable?
19:21 agoddard both I guess :)
19:22 pdurbin  i don't have much of either at the moment, i'm afraid :(
19:22 pdurbin  busy fixing breakage
19:22 pdurbin  my plan is... make it awesome :)
19:22 pdurbin  at a high level anyway...
19:22 agoddard a good plan :)
19:23 pdurbin  i need to spin up more instances of myself
19:23 agoddard +1
19:23 agoddard no pun.. ^^
19:24 pdurbin  while true; do vagrant up pdurbin; done