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03:31 * jimi_c__ was playing with cobbler + mysql today
03:32 jimi_c     had a proof of concept working pretty quickly
03:38 jimi_c     of course it means using mysql as a key/value store...
12:53 pdurbin    jimi_c: oh? you don't like how cobbler stores its data in json?
13:07 pdurbin    i love me some json
13:15 jimi_c     i love json :) I was just saying in order to avoid having to use a database schema mysql would be kind of bastardized to just store a key/value - the value being json
13:15 jimi_c     there's always been a demand for database support
13:16 pdurbin    interesting
13:16 pdurbin    facter is key/value. strings only. we're starting to shove json into the value :)
13:16 pdurbin    agoddard: yes, i know ohai is json already :)
13:17 jimi_c     i'm really interested in postgres9.2 when it drops, since it has a native json field type
13:18 pdurbin    oh yeah. i heard about that...
13:18 pdurbin    some of the nosql databases use json, right?
13:18 jimi_c     yes, i have a beta serializer already for mongodb
13:19 jimi_c     mdehaan had made one back in the day for couchdb also - but i'd call it alpha quality
13:19 jimi_c     more of a POC
13:19 jimi_c     http://cobbler.github.com/manuals/2.2.3/5/18_-_Alternative_Storage_Backends.html
13:35 pdurbin    "Today, cobbler ships two such modules alternate backends: MongoDB and CouchDB"
13:36 pdurbin    crazy! so i guess the default is flat files, like we're using
13:36 pdurbin    oh. it says as much :)
13:36 pdurbin    no mention of git on that page, and how well it works with the flat files
13:41 jimi_c     that's a different section :)
13:42 pdurbin    oh :)
13:43 jimi_c     although it's not filled out...
13:43 jimi_c     5.20
13:43 jimi_c     so it _will_ be a different section :)
13:43 jimi_c     a guy has been hitting me up for git help via email, he's wanting to help contribute to the docs
13:44 jimi_c     I am more than willing to do some hand holding to get help in the docs :)
13:44 pdurbin    "coming soon" :) -- Data Revision Control - http://cobbler.github.com/manuals/2.2.3/5/20_-_Data_Revision_Control.html
13:45 pdurbin    it works great. we use the heck out of it
13:45 pdurbin    though it only covers /var/lib/cobbler and not /etc/cobbler, so i put that in git on my own
13:46 jimi_c     right, i think you were the one who first pointed that out to me
13:54 pdurbin    you asked me to make a ticket but i'm a slacker
13:57 jimi_c     heh
14:02 pdurbin    though honestly, i'm not sure how you'd accomplish that with git... tracking /var/lib/cobbler and /etc/cobbler in the same repo.  maybe it's best to just have two repos, like i have.  maybe there's some git submodule trickery you could do, but i've only recently scratched the surface with git submodules
14:03 jimi_c     yeah, it wouldn't be one repo
14:03 jimi_c     i don't think you can do it with two directory trees
17:54 Pax        hey gang
18:06 pdurbin    Pax: hey
19:27 pdurbin    Expression Quantitative Trait Loci web server
19:27 pdurbin    everyone should have one
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