Time  Nick      Message
03:13 pdurbin   new! https://github.com/pdurbin/vim-tsv
12:00 pdurbin   interesting discussion of google's two factor auth and how to derive the qr codes: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/aoYKqJt5tWE
14:25 Pax       morning!
14:28 shuff     good morning to you as well
14:56 jimi_c    rackerhacker: is that Shell thing a parody account, or is that a serious Streisand effect in the making?
14:57 jimi_c    https://twitter.com/ShellisPrepared for the curious
14:58 jimi_c    "PLEASE DO NOT RETWEET ANY OF OUR TWEETS. They are intended for their @ recipients only!"
14:58 shuff     someone does not understand how Twitter works
14:59 jimi_c    to say the least :)
15:05 jimi_c    if you go and look at that arcticready site, the ads are hilarious
15:06 jimi_c    "Studies prove that covering arctic ice with oil stops it from melting"
15:07 jimi_c    Unmoderated picture caption contest #ftw :)
16:15 pdurbin   curl -k https://ostk01a-obm
16:15 pdurbin   (openstack)
16:16 pdurbin   (out of band mgmt)
16:20 pdurbin   F2 F2 F2 F2 F2 F2
16:29 pdurbin   i really wonder what jeff atwood is up to: https://twitter.com/codinghorror/status/225316958265020417
16:30 pdurbin   codinghorror. the guy who brought us Stack Overflow
16:32 pdurbin   obm config done and tested. time to get out of this server room
17:35 Pax       any mcollective users out there using setting up anything but PSK with the puppetlabs module?
17:43 pdurbin   pre-shared key, i take it
17:45 Pax       yup
17:55 pdurbin   Pax: this thread you sent around is interesting: Pros and Cons of a Decentralized Puppet Architecture - Google Groups - https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/puppet-users/RYMa19Ca_mE
18:05 pdurbin   ironcamel: thanks for encouraging me to listen to http://twit.tv/show/floss-weekly/217 about scalr. especially interesting to me is http://scalr.net/features/#fault-tolerant-database "In the event of failure, Scalr promotes a slave to master and switches mounted storage if needed."
18:05 ironcamel welcome :)
18:06 pdurbin   i wonder if it sets up all the mysql master and slave stuff too
18:10 pdurbin   there's a lot under "handled by scalr" http://wiki.scalr.net/display/docs/Scaling#Scaling-ScalingyourDatabase :)
18:11 pdurbin   http://wiki.scalr.net/download/attachments/327686/db_replication.png
18:21 pdurbin   scalr seems to hide the download link a bit, even though it's open source: http://code.google.com/p/scalr/downloads/list
18:25 pdurbin   scalr-3.0.r6748/app/src/Scalr/Messaging/Msg/Mysql/PromoteToMaster.php
21:14 pdurbin_m oh duh it's at https://github.com/Scalr/scalr