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02:15 jimi_c    mdehaan finds the most interesting things... https://www.ohloh.net/p/cobbler
02:26 jimi_c    we're kicking foreman's ass in contributors :) https://www.ohloh.net/p/compare?project_0=cobbler&project_1=The+Foreman
15:30 pdurbin_m well, it's an older project. :) but cool stats
15:33 pdurbin_m bummed about Thunderbird getting less attention in the future http://m.techcrunch.com/2012/07/06/so-thats-it-for-thunderbird/
15:34 jimi_c    Well, yes and no. Cobbler is older, but it shows stats for the last year and more recently plus year over year comparisons (which show cobbler is growing)
15:35 jimi_c    But ultimately, I'm not concerned about other projects beyond why someone may choose them over cobbler in order to improve it
15:40 jimi_c    regarding thunderbird - I see most if not all desktop email apps dying
15:40 jimi_c    i personally haven't used one in 5+ years
15:40 jimi_c    I used roundcube when I hosted my own email server, then I migrated it all to gmail hosting my domain and just use that
15:40 jimi_c    much easier
15:55 pdurbin_m i still like a fat email client. I've been using Thunderbird and Netscape mail & news since the 90's
16:01 pdurbin_m http://superuser.com/questions/40006/what-is-the-keyboard-shortcut-for-moving-to-last-message-in-mac-os-x-mail-app
16:02 pdurbin_m that was me using apple mail for a bit, before i switched to Thunderbird everywhere
16:03 pdurbin_m cross platform is important for me. maybe I'll have to go non graphical
16:15 pdurbin_m i didn't start using Gmail until imap was available
16:29 pdurbin_m ... saving me from the lock in of yahoo mail
22:11 pdurbin_m https://github.com/schacon/showoff