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02:34 pdurbin_m    Question: Use Gluster 3.3 as KVM storage pool http://community.gluster.org/q/use-gluster-3-3-as-kvm-storage-pool/?utm_campaign=cgo&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
02:46 pdurbin_m    The Podcast where DevOps chefs do battle http://foodfightshow.org
12:57 pdurbin      "I've done tests with VM's on the replicated volume. While writes from either host to the volume are fast (as fast as to be expected on a 1Gb line), writes from within a VM are painfully slow (tests show around 9 to 16MB/s). By this I mean writing to the "local" disk of the VM, from within the VM, which is stored on the Gluster volume." -- the link above
13:07 pdurbin      sex_OBJECTS, sex_DEPENDENCIES... these astrophysicists are having way too much fun: http://www.astromatic.net/wsvn/public/filedetails.php?repname=public+software.sextractor&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fsrc%2FMakefile.in
13:07 SEJeff       My thoughts are if you need to write software about sex, you're probably not getting any :)
13:08 pdurbin      "Your first stop for astronomical pipeline software"
13:09 SEJeff       Horrible pun, he
13:09 SEJeff       heh
13:22 pdurbin      "This is the most complicated operation we have. It isn't that bad, but does have a few steps." reading docs by sjoeboo :)
14:13 pdurbin      SEJeff: regarding awk vs. perl for re-ordering tab delimited input, these seems to both give "bar baz (foo)"
14:13 pdurbin      echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | awk -F'\t' '{printf("%s %s (%s)\n", $2, $3, $1)}'
14:13 pdurbin      echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | perl -F'\t' -lane 'printf("%s %s (%s)\n", $F[1], $F[2], $F[0])'
14:13 pdurbin      that is say, perl supports -F too
14:14 pdurbin      that is to say, i mean
14:15 pdurbin      i don't know why it bothers me that awk requires {}. it's otherwise much cleaner than the perl version
14:17 SEJeff       pdurbin, Being a perl monger, you are supposed to <3 curly brackets
14:19 pdurbin      i guess
14:20 pdurbin      it would be nice if `cut` let you re-order fields
14:20 SEJeff       Not a huge fan of cut. It is only good in 1 use case
14:20 SEJeff       -f2-
14:21 SEJeff       Where you want to view all fields > $num. You need a small for loop to do that with awk. cut also can't do multiple field separators or NF (the last field) like awk
14:21 pdurbin      echo showonlyeightchars | cut -c-8
14:21 pdurbin      it's not bad for that either
14:21 SEJeff       Very true
14:21 SEJeff       Ironically, I always used head for that
14:21 SEJeff       | head -c8
14:22 pdurbin      sure, but that only affects the first line
14:22 SEJeff       those are both identical
14:23 pdurbin      in the case i gave, yes, but not if you're cat'ing, um, say, /etc/services
14:23 SEJeff       http://hastebin.com/nucayicugu.tex
14:23 SEJeff       Yes they are
14:24 SEJeff       Oh wait. I see what you're saying
14:24 SEJeff       but cut -c8 /etc/services... why
14:40 pdurbin      http://www.dreyou.org/ovirt/ VDSM and oVirt Engine RPM's for CentOs/Scientific Linux
14:41 pdurbin      some docs at http://wiki.dreyou.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/ovirt_rpm_start
14:45 shuff        oooooo
14:58 ironcamel    pdurbin: regarding perl vs awk/sed, perl is portable
14:59 ironcamel    pdurbin: awk/sed are different on linux vs bsd for example
14:59 SEJeff       gawk vs awk
14:59 pdurbin      ironcamel: yeah, good point
15:01 pdurbin      if i can just remember that awk/gawk has printf i'll be fine :) . i do like the cleaner syntax
15:03 SEJeff       pdurbin, You know there is also a shell printf
15:04 pdurbin      yeah, i was looking at the bash hacker's wiki printf page
15:04 SEJeff       and that you can set the IFS env var to set the field separator
15:04 ironcamel    pdurbin: in your example, why did you printf instead of just interpolate?
15:04 pdurbin      http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/commands/builtin/printf
15:04 ironcamel    echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | perl -F'\t' -lane '"$F[1] $F[2] $F[0]"'
15:05 ironcamel    even the \n is unnecessary
15:05 ironcamel    echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | perl -F'\t' -lane 'print "$F[1] $F[2] $F[0]"'
15:05 pdurbin      echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | perl -F'\t' -lane 'print "$F[1] $F[2] ($F[0])"'
15:05 pdurbin      ironcamel: yeah, good point. this is why we keep you around
15:06 * ironcamel  should test his 1-liners before pasting them :)
15:06 pdurbin      ok, back to perl. screw awk :)
15:17 pdurbin      shuff: i'm happy to get an oooo out of you for ovirt on centos. maybe you won't have to run fedora on your server at home after all :)
15:20 shuff        believe you me, this is gratifying
15:22 pdurbin      i'll keep you posted on our progress
15:23 shuff        speaking of centos, check out this rabble-rousing: http://www.ksplice.com/beta/ol/switch
15:23 shuff        i am deeply conflicted
15:24 pdurbin      "We're bringing Oracle Linux
15:24 pdurbin      to you, free of charge." ?
15:24 shuff        because i have a lot of respect for the Ksplice guys, but this seems *really* obnoxious
15:24 shuff        yes they are
15:24 pdurbin      i thought you have to pay for oracle linux...
15:24 shuff        not any more
15:24 shuff        you pay for support, but you don't pay for repository access any more
15:25 pdurbin      as of when?
15:25 shuff        as of this announcement
15:25 shuff        sometime during the past few weeks
15:25 pdurbin      this is not super official looking...
15:26 SEJeff       They are trying yet again to undercut Redhat since redhat bought Jboss after they told them not to
15:26 SEJeff       It doesn't seem to be working. OEL is still mostly a laughing stock among much of the SA community
15:26 shuff        yup
15:27 SEJeff       I'm kind of surprised Oracle hasn't tried to eat Redhat outright
15:27 SEJeff       Given what they normally do with giant companies that compete with them (like WebLogic)
15:27 pdurbin      SEJeff: that's kind of my biggest fear... oracle buying red hat
15:27 SEJeff       I've got a huge feeling that they've got nasty poison pills in their agreements with executives and whatnot to prevent a hostile takeover
15:28 shuff        pdurbin: i got an email about this on July 25, that's how recent this is
15:28 SEJeff       But also, Redhat has been on a non-stop upward charge. They could relatively easily spin it to share holders that they're not getting a good deal unless the offer was astronomical
15:30 pdurbin      shouldn't oracle linux being free be on http://pressroom.oracle.com ?
15:30 shuff        the reason there is a "beta" in the url
15:30 shuff        is that they have not made the announcement yet
15:31 SEJeff       pdurbin, ksplice is entirely linux owned, so that wouldn't be on their website without oracle's approval
15:31 SEJeff       s/linux/oracle/
15:31 shuff        exactly
15:31 pdurbin      yes, i understand
15:32 pdurbin      beta press releases... ok... ;)
15:32 SEJeff       pdurbin, From a whois on ksplice.com: http://hastebin.com/foroxurowi.avrasm
15:36 pdurbin      SEJeff: yes, i know oracle bought ksplice. :) i used to use ksplice. it's great technology
15:36 SEJeff       Agreed
15:36 SEJeff       I'm kind of sad that it was rejected upstream
15:37 SEJeff       But the idea is quite crack even though it works
15:37 SEJeff       Then again, so is kexec
15:37 pdurbin      upstream? in the kernel you mean?
15:37 SEJeff       yup
15:37 pdurbin      huh. yeah, that's unfortunate
15:37 SEJeff       While it doesn't need to be in the kernel to patch the kernel's running code, they were trying to integrate it upstream at one point
15:39 pdurbin      i didn't know that
15:40 SEJeff       In fact, upstream (kernel.org folks) really hate ksplice. So much in fact... http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Kernel/2009-06/msg10200.html
15:40 pdurbin      "TAINT_KSPLICE flag" wow!
15:40 SEJeff       http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/799023
15:48 pdurbin      right. another link to the same thing. LKML: Tim Abbott: [PATCH v2 0/4] Ksplice: Rebootless kernel updates - https://lkml.org/lkml/2009/2/24/362 thanks
18:49 pdurbin      westmaas: today i'm all keystone this, glance that
18:50 westmaas     boom
18:50 westmaas     talkin the talk
18:51 pdurbin      Getting started with OpenStack EPEL - FedoraProject - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Getting_started_with_OpenStack_EPEL
18:53 SEJeff       I never figured out the silliness
18:53 SEJeff       If you are going to run > 10 commands as root
18:53 SEJeff       sudo -i and run them as root
18:53 pdurbin      no kidding
18:53 SEJeff       People who are afraid of root tend to not be sysadmins professionally. If they are, they scare me :)
18:55 pdurbin      i'm in the habit of typing `sudo su -` and not `sudo -i` but i think they're the same...
18:55 SEJeff       They are
18:55 SEJeff       sudo -s is equiv to su root
18:55 SEJeff       sudo -i is equiv to su - root
18:56 SEJeff       the first doesn't load the new user's environment and the second does
18:57 pdurbin      yep. i guess i'll try to switch to `sudo -i` #lazy
18:57 SEJeff       lazy == less typing
19:04 pdurbin      Starting Qpid AMQP daemon
19:04 pdurbin      this feels so fancy!
19:11 pdurbin      hmm, so horizon is a django app
19:16 SEJeff       openstack is all horrible python
19:16 pdurbin      SEJeff: you're going to hurt westmaas's feelings
19:17 SEJeff       horrible in that it isn't perl
19:17 SEJeff       :D
19:17 pdurbin      good recovery
19:17 pdurbin      speak your mind. i don't care
19:17 SEJeff       I was joking as I know most of #crimsonfu is very very pro perl
19:17 pdurbin      no
19:17 pdurbin      come on
19:17 SEJeff       As evidenced by my extended "discussion" with ironcamel and some others
19:18 pdurbin      we welcome all comers
19:18 pdurbin      i'm trying to learn some python
19:18 SEJeff       Where he played the condescending card
19:18 SEJeff       heh
19:19 SEJeff       I'm actually in the process of learning some php. Not really by choice, but out of necessity for somethings I want to hack on
19:19 westmaas     pdurbin: SEJeff: a lot of it is horrible python too  :?
19:20 westmaas     even if you ignore the perl comment :P
19:20 SEJeff       lol
19:20 SEJeff       \o/
19:20 SEJeff       The new Network as a service thing looks awful nifty
19:21 westmaas     yeah, its pretty exciting
19:21 SEJeff       Can't wait to see openflow gain critical mass to where normal switch vendors are all supporting it
19:21 SEJeff       That is a complete game changer for the networking industry
19:21 SEJeff       All SDN is
19:21 westmaas     yeah, when you can just bump your network into an openstack provider
19:21 westmaas     (or other clouds I suppose :))
19:21 SEJeff       yup
19:22 pdurbin      d'oh! ran `nova boot` and status went from BUILD to ERROR rather than ACTIVE :(
19:22 westmaas     pdurbin: that's not right, just fyi
19:23 westmaas     pdurbin: major didn't join this channel?!
19:23 westmaas     what a slacker
19:23 rackerhacker OY
19:23 westmaas     oh
19:23 westmaas     haha
19:23 * westmaas   acts natural
19:23 rackerhacker westmaas: stop texting me and get back to work, i can't watch dora the explorer with you now
19:23 rackerhacker :P
19:25 pdurbin      "Instance failed network setup"
19:33 pdurbin      man nova
19:33 pdurbin      whoops
19:34 pdurbin      "NB the network range here, should *not* be the one used on your existing physical network. It should be a range dedicated for the network that OpenStack will configure."
19:34 pdurbin      yeah, i screwed this up
19:34 pdurbin      westmaas: how do i list the networks i created?
19:35 pdurbin      nova-manage network list
19:46 pdurbin      2012-07-05 15:46:04 TRACE nova.rpc.amqp Timeout: Timeout while waiting on RPC response.
19:46 pdurbin      that doesn't sound good...
20:12 westmaas     pdurbin: usually means you can't talk to whatever your network service talks to
20:12 westmaas     for us that means quantum + nicira
20:13 pdurbin      westmaas: so in this all-on-on-box install, you mean a dhcp server that should be running on the box?
20:14 westmaas     pdurbin: hmmm. I'm not 100% sure.
20:15 pdurbin      should i ask in #openstack? or some mailing list?
20:15 westmaas     #openstack might be a good place to start
20:16 pdurbin      ok. i might re-kickstart this box first, run through that fedora wiki page again