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00:15 pdurbin_m    Computational Science Beta - Stack Exchange http://scicomp.stackexchange.com
11:12 pdurbin_m    pretty interesting questions. i.e. Best practice for storing hierarchical simulation data - Computational Science Beta - Stack Exchange http://scicomp.stackexchange.com/questions/2591/best-practice-for-storing-hierarchical-simulation-data
11:13 pdurbin_m    some mpi4py guys were promoting this site on the RCE podcast
11:14 pdurbin_m    http://www.rce-cast.com
11:48 pdurbin_m    hee hee! raid with water coolers! http://www.ghen.be/raid.jpg
14:36 Pax          morning!
14:39 pdurbin      Pax: hey there
14:39 gridiron     Is it? Damnations...
14:39 gridiron     I'll have to talk to my slum lord about addressing that
14:40 pdurbin      writing some python to query the foreman api
14:40 Pax          @gridiron we'll be lucky if fixed the leaky roof :p
14:40 crimsonfubot Pax: Error: "gridiron" is not a valid command.
14:40 pdurbin      and some perl to track the various status of our migration from vmware to kvm. #longslog
14:41 Pax          gridiron: you'll be lucky if replaces the batteries on the door lock!
14:42 Pax          hey folks, question about modules
14:43 Pax          are most people  downloading modules into a single module path, like dev/modules and then editing them, or keeping them "clean" in a separate module path?
14:43 Pax          for downloaded, modules from forge for example
14:44 gridiron     I have been putting them in the same directory but I am the bad example
14:44 pdurbin      we tend to download a module and make it our own... throw in in modules and tweak it
14:44 pdurbin      but this must mean we get out of sync with upstream :(
14:45 shuff        i've been writing wrapper modules
14:45 Pax          yeah, I've been doing that too, and kinda wondering if there's a "cleaner"  way
14:45 shuff        and submitting patches upstream :)
14:45 pdurbin      shuff: wrapper modules?
14:45 Pax          whats your puppet.conf end up looking like shuff?
14:46 pdurbin      if the upstream modules are in git, i guess we could do a git submodule...
14:46 shuff        pdurbin: e.g. i have a fas_apache module that calls the "official" upstream apache module and then also does some other stuff
14:46 shuff        this way i'm tracking the upstream releases
14:46 shuff        but i can work around their deficiencies
14:47 shuff        Pax: the relevant component is this:
14:47 shuff        [master]
14:47 shuff        ...
14:47 shuff        modulepath = /etc/puppet/modules:/usr/share/puppet/environments/production/modules
14:48 shuff        third-party mods go in /etc/puppet/modules
14:48 shuff        in-house mods go in the per-environment directory
14:48 shuff        e.g.
14:48 shuff        [testing]
14:48 shuff        modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/usr/share/puppet/environments/testing/modules
14:48 shuff        but tmtowtdi :)
14:48 Pax          *nod*nod*
14:49 SEJeff|away  A bit OT, but really clever way google beat leap second issues without updating software that is time sensitive to care about leap seconds: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/time-technology-and-leaping-seconds.html
14:49 SEJeff|away  "leap smears"
15:11 Pax          shuff: did you put /etc/puppet/modules under version control, or are you not worried about it?
15:12 Pax          I like the wrapper idea a lot
15:12 Pax          mostly, because, I'm super lazy
15:12 shuff        bwahahahaha
15:13 shuff        the contents of /etc/puppet/modules are all programmatically installed
15:13 shuff        either using the puppet module tool
15:13 shuff        or checkouts from github
15:14 shuff        the /etc/puppet/modules directory is entirely ephemeral
15:14 Pax          right, but puppet-module tool doesn't let you do a revert if say.. a lazy admin fat fingered something, just reinstall right?
15:14 shuff        correct
15:15 Pax          not that *i'd* ever do that *cough*rm -rf <modulename>*cough*
15:15 Pax          :)
15:15 shuff        the fix is `puppet agent —test` :)
15:15 shuff        unlesss github has an outage
15:16 shuff        in which case i wail and rend my garments
15:17 Pax          I have no idea, but I know can't stop seeing you as "Sir Robin" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud7YNNA0Mwo
15:17 shuff        :)
15:44 pdurbin      listening to tales of woe about openvpn and two factor auth
15:48 SEJeff       pdurbin, Want to boggle your own mind? Try: openvpn --help
15:48 SEJeff       holy insane configurability batman!
15:49 pdurbin      SEJeff: i don't even have it installed... not my project :/
15:49 SEJeff       Ah
15:49 SEJeff       You academics :P
15:49 pdurbin      we're using cisco anyconnect right now: https://github.com/pdurbin/anyconnect/blob/master/anyconnect.spec
15:49 SEJeff       Always in your silo
15:49 SEJeff       jk
15:49 SEJeff       I use it for some personal and consulting stuff
15:50 pdurbin      well, i've encouraged the guy whose project is it to jump in here and start venting :)
15:51 SEJeff       Yeah openvpn is a bit ridiculous. The guy who wrote NetworkManager has a rant blog on it somewhere that is pretty funny
15:51 * SEJeff     thinks his name is Dan Williams. Time to google
15:51 pdurbin      sounds like we need a link :)
15:51 SEJeff       Eidetic memory ftw!
15:51 SEJeff       http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/2010/07/16/re-networkmanager-openvpn-option-support/
15:52 SEJeff       The large problem is that openvpn’s dev team is absolutely spineless and apparently adds every option anyone ever requests without thinking about how they fit into the larger picture.  The larger picture is already huge:  http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/files/2010/07/openvpnopts.png
15:52 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky eidetic memory
15:52 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidetic_memory
15:53 SEJeff       yup
15:53 pdurbin      Pax: this is why crimsonfubot is barking at you (use of @): http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-06-29#i_5768344
15:54 pdurbin      holy openvpn --help: http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/files/2010/07/openvpnopts.png i see what you mean
15:54 SEJeff       Yes!
15:55 pdurbin      spineless! them's fightin' words
15:56 SEJeff       Dan Williams is like the guy who wrote systemd Leonnart Pottering (sp?). He wears flame-proof underpants
15:56 Pax          pdurbin: crimsonfubot is a harsh and cruel dictator!
15:56 SEJeff       long live crimsonfubot!
15:56 pdurbin      Pax: you will bow before crimsonfubot
15:57 Pax          I am just a cog in the machine…
15:57 pdurbin      do not anger crimsonfubot
15:58 SEJeff       The fact that I remembered most of the blog post from memory actually creeped me out
15:58 pdurbin      i can't even remember what i was working on. that's what alt-tab is for
15:59 SEJeff       taskwarrior is for what you were working on
15:59 SEJeff       taskwarrior <3
15:59 shuff        taskwarrior! :)
16:00 pdurbin      sure, but i keep as much as possible in RT. i query its api
16:01 SEJeff       *shudders*
16:01 SEJeff       http://pastebin.com/VWQanDYN
16:02 SEJeff       tw is great for boring longer term projects
16:02 pdurbin      yeah, looks similar to the output from what i use: http://todotxt.com
16:03 SEJeff       nice
18:32 pdurbin      echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | awk 'BEGIN {FS="\t"}; {print $2,$3,"(",$1,")"}'
18:32 pdurbin      gives me
18:32 pdurbin      bar baz ( foo )
18:32 pdurbin      how do i get rid of the spaces around "foo"?
18:32 pdurbin      perl is an acceptable solution :)
18:36 SEJeff       pdurbin, Why are you defining FS?
18:36 SEJeff       default is $IFS
18:36 SEJeff       which is all whitespace
18:37 pdurbin      SEJeff: my input is tab separated
18:38 SEJeff       echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | awk  '{printf("%s %s (%s)\n", $2, $3, $1)}'
18:38 SEJeff       bar baz (foo)
18:38 SEJeff       So that isn't acceptable output?
18:38 SEJeff       echo -e "foo\tbar\tbaz" | awk -F'[\t]'  '{printf("%s %s (%s)\n", $2, $3, $1)}'
18:38 SEJeff       Same output
18:38 pdurbin      that's perfect. thanks!!
18:38 SEJeff       :)
18:38 SEJeff       -F with brackets is a not well documented super-awk feature
18:39 pdurbin      oh, wait, let me try on my actual data
18:41 SEJeff       $ echo 'help me, obiwan;kenobi' | awk -F'[ ,;]' '{printf("1=%s, 2=%s, 3=%s, 4=%s, 5=%s\n", $1, $2, $3, $4, $5)}'
18:41 SEJeff       1=help, 2=me, 3=, 4=obiwan, 5=kenobi
18:41 SEJeff       multiple field separators
18:41 pdurbin      ok, yes, working great. thanks again
18:41 SEJeff       I'm not the guy for hard perl questions, but know gawk quite well
18:41 SEJeff       np
18:41 pdurbin      and i'm digging -F too
18:42 SEJeff       Even the most seasoned admins often miss that one
18:42 SEJeff       I tried it just for kicks once and it worked
18:43 SEJeff       pdurbin, What is the cleanest way in perl to do the equivalent?
18:43 pdurbin      meh. perl -lane probably. @F and friends
18:43 SEJeff       I could do a 1 liner for the same with python + sys.stdin + re.split, but it would be cleaner in awk or perl for a 1 liner I suspect
18:46 pdurbin      been meaning to start a page on awk anyway: http://wiki.greptilian.com/awk
18:46 SEJeff       pdurbin, Here is one you should link
18:46 SEJeff       http://www.pement.org/awk/awk1line.txt
18:47 SEJeff       And this one on sed from the same guy: http://sed.sourceforge.net/sed1line.txt
18:48 pdurbin      done
18:56 pdurbin      SEJeff: awk -F'\t' seems to work too. no []
18:58 SEJeff       win
19:13 pdurbin      gonna try this some day: DataTables (table plug-in for jQuery) - http://datatables.net
19:15 SEJeff       pdurbin, If you need any help, I've used it a TON
19:17 SEJeff       pdurbin, http://envisionlinux.com/blog/current-status-of-mango-django/ Look at the pics, they are all datatables
19:17 SEJeff       powered
19:17 SEJeff       Or this video: http://envisionlinux.com/blog/the-ants-go-marching-one-by-one-or-how-the-new-mango-is-coming-along/
19:27 pdurbin      my django guy is telling me datatables is pretty standard
19:28 pdurbin      SEJeff: oh, you're using it for png's. i was more thinking of just having sortable html tables
19:28 SEJeff       huh?
19:28 SEJeff       pngs/
19:28 SEJeff       ?
19:29 SEJeff       http://envisionlinux.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/mango-user-management.png
19:36 pdurbin      SEJeff: i understand now. you have png's of your sortable tables :)
19:36 SEJeff       yes
19:36 SEJeff       and a video of the live filter in action
19:37 SEJeff       http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AxgMkIum0LU
19:42 pdurbin      meh. video. i believe you :)
20:46 pdurbin      Twitter / jamesdotcuff: when users go bad: 16:4 - https://twitter.com/jamesdotcuff/status/220256294500708352 when users go bad: 16:42:12 up 147 days, 14:46, 2 users, load average: 1399.96, 1706.70, 1769.09