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01:59 * jimi_c     is working on creating a pxe preboot environment for cobbler using tinycore linux
03:29 pdurbin_m    see also mattdm and I talking about gPXE with an openstack dev: https://mobile.twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/218786663332192256
03:32 pdurbin_m    https://mobile.twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/218440218049650688
03:32 pdurbin_m    https://mobile.twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/218439072400678912
03:33 pdurbin_m    (more of the thread. annoying it's so chopped up, but that's twitter for you)
12:50 pdurbin      wow, my workstation is super loud this morning. fans spinning full tilt. jauth java process going nuts. this is on centos 6. i wonder if it's the leap second bug, which seems to affect java from what i've read. here's jauth: https://github.com/mclamp/jauth
12:52 rackerhacker pdurbin: we had some java explosions over the weekend
12:52 rackerhacker restarts of the java processes seemed to fix it permanently
12:53 pdurbin      rackerhacker: did you see the graphic i linked to? Graphs help tell a war story - http://crimsonfu.github.com/2012/07/01/graphs-help-tell-a-war-story.html
12:53 rackerhacker i saw that already... totally nuts
12:53 pdurbin      i just love that graphic. . . not that i'm sure what it means exactly :)
12:54 pdurbin      rackerhacker: so what's the fix? restart ntp or something?
12:55 rackerhacker for our java apps, we just restarted the apps and they began behaving
12:55 rackerhacker that was the only problem we saw
12:56 pdurbin      Jun 30 19:59:59 beamish kernel: Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC
12:56 pdurbin      Jun 30 20:18:36 beamish ntpd[1701]: kernel time sync status change 6001
13:01 pdurbin      wow, as a fix, this really works: date -s "`date`"
13:01 pdurbin      via MySQL and the Leap Second, High CPU and the Fix | Mozilla IT - http://blog.mozilla.org/it/2012/06/30/mysql-and-the-leap-second-high-cpu-and-the-fix/
13:02 pdurbin      immediately after running that, my fans slowed down. load dropping
13:04 pdurbin      i guess this is as good of a write up as any: Leap second hits Qantas air bookings, while Reddit and Mozilla stutter | Technology | guardian.co.uk - http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/jul/02/leap-second-amadeus-qantas-reddit
13:06 pdurbin      i linked to this yesterday too, but here's the patch that was made to the linux kernel to fix the leap second bug: https://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=6b43ae8a619d17c4935c3320d2ef9e92bdeed05d
13:29 pdurbin      load still nice and low on my home server, which is also centos 6: http://munin.greptilian.com/greptilian.com/server1.greptilian.com/load.html
13:35 SEJeff       yay munin
13:36 pdurbin      SEJeff: i'm too lazy to use anything else at home. so easy! :)
13:36 SEJeff       For once... that was not sarcasm
13:36 SEJeff       I've setup munin for pretty much every little consulting gig I've done ~12-13
13:36 SEJeff       I forget
13:37 SEJeff       It shoots one of my boring emails spam every so often saying the load is too high or whatnot
13:37 pdurbin      huh. i've never enabled any kind of notifications from munin. neat
13:37 agoddard     +1 for getting slammed here
13:38 pdurbin      agoddard: yeah? did you VMs go like this? :) http://s3.amazonaws.com/imgly_production/4822862/large.jpg
13:39 pdurbin      your
13:42 * agoddard   checks
13:42 * agoddard   just got new retina MBP, setting up so doesn't know where anything is right now :D
13:42 pdurbin      oooooo. fancy!
13:42 agoddard     sofast!
13:43 agoddard     seems faster than my mac pro, but maybe that's just 'cause it's got nothing on it :)
13:47 SEJeff       agoddard, Now you just need Norton Internet Security, and Popup Blocker super pro, and another Antivirus due to paranoia, and something that scans every file just to slow things down...
13:47 SEJeff       Oh... Thats windows. Nevermind :)
13:48 agoddard     SEJeff: ;)
13:48 * SEJeff     is one of those weird desktop Linux guys
13:48 SEJeff       Fedora or Ubuntu, but more Fedora lately. Not a unity fan
14:03 pdurbin      lots of noise on twitter about amazon aws being down over the weekend too. US east or something
14:05 SEJeff       Thats just free marketing for google comput engine
14:05 * SEJeff     suspects google will do a much better job than amazon
14:06 jgenus       knock knock
14:09 pdurbin      jgenus: welcome!
14:09 jgenus       appreciate the oreo bread crumb, pdurbin ;)
14:14 pdurbin      our numbers grow... :)
14:15 SEJeff       Why I remember back in the day before #crimsonfu was 20 people
14:21 jgenus       pdurbin's been kind enough to let me know what I'm missing by not being in Boston :-)
14:22 pdurbin      jgenus: it sure seemed like everyone who works for red hat was at the summit. ;) surprised you weren't there
14:23 jgenus       at last years summit, i kept getting asked if i worked for red hat.....i just gave them a puzzled looked and said no
14:24 jgenus       pdurbin: now hearing your tales, I'm getting an inkling
15:17 pdurbin      sjoeboo got `virsh console` working for us. i don't know how i was living without this
15:34 SEJeff       virsh console <3