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12:09 SEJeff    pdurbin, Yes? My django version of mango is basically a rewrite of the old php mango ontop of django + django-ldapdb, a "ORM" for LDAP
12:09 SEJeff    I just never had the time to finish it
12:10 SEJeff    pdurbin, It is mostly feature complete however. Just needs some polish: http://envisionlinux.com/blog/current-status-of-mango-django/
12:12 SEJeff    In the process, I updated it to the new gnome.org css and pretty
12:13 SEJeff    http://envisionlinux.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/mango-update-user-information.png
14:35 agoddard  http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-virt/2012-June/002942.html
15:07 agperson  pdurbin: noticed a ref in last week's irc log.  if you need rt4, we've got that.  but shared with other groups.
19:02 SEJeff    This might be relevant to someone else here: https://github.com/agrover/targetd
19:02 SEJeff    http://groveronline.com/2012/06/targetd-remote-storage-admin and the blog post on why
19:03 SEJeff    pdurbin, ^^
19:05 shuff     oh, that's pretty neat
19:06 shuff     that would probably be a nice add-on for openfiler
19:15 SEJeff    heh, I was thinking the same thing
22:56 pdurbin_m good stuff. on vacation. santa's village. story land. back next week