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13:26 agoddard gdash cookbook https://github.com/heavywater/chef-gdash :D
13:26 agoddard a friend of mine has a little demo site as well if you haven't seen it: http://gdash.nickstielau.com/bunch/randoms/
13:52 pdurbin  agoddard: cool. but i was hoping it was truly random... that my refreshing i'd see new graphs :)
14:00 agoddard pdurbin: ah, yep.. I guess it just generates a random value for a given time, so it's still "truly" random for a given time ;)
14:10 pdurbin  so i listened to an interview with the developer of tastypie and i'm even more enthusiastic about it now: APIs and Tastypie – A Django Podcast – Third Avenue Radio - http://3rdaverad.io/shows/django-podcast/episodes/apis-and-tastypie/
14:31 pdurbin  Fedora 17, OpenStack Essex & Gluster 3.3: All Smushed Together | jebpages - http://blog.jebpages.com/archives/fedora-17-openstack-and-gluster-3-3/
14:38 pdurbin  hee hee!  it works! http://server1.greptilian.com:8000/api/poll/?format=json
15:38 agperson am i missing something, or is open shift documentation sparse and somewhat lacking?
15:44 agperson This seems like the most useful and up-to-date document: https://openshift.redhat.com/community/wiki/architecture-overview
15:46 agperson although how close it is to the real world vs what is to come i cannot say
17:58 pdurbin  agoddard: are you trying to set up your own openshift installation? openshift origin or whatever?
17:59 pdurbin  agperson: whoops, that was for you. sorry, agoddard
18:01 agperson i am looking at it as a possible service for HUIT to host, yes
18:01 agperson but it would be more of a "pilot"
18:02 pdurbin  sure
18:02 pdurbin  i'd be very eager to test it for you :)
18:02 agperson at first it did not look any more sophisticated than the sorts of things i am doing now, but that architecture document got me pretty intrigued
18:02 agperson i'm going to watch that video you referenced previously
18:02 agperson i'll keep that in mind!
18:03 pdurbin  yeah, or just listen to the audio. it's just talking heads
18:18 pdurbin  as i said before, openshift is doing interesting things with containers: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-05-21
18:21 agperson so Solaris Zones are coming to Linux, 7 years later...
19:09 pdurbin  grr. i'm still getting this error in gnome-terminal, even with unlimited scrollback off.  time to close all my gnome-terminal windows. :( http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-05-29#i_5652663 . 472 from `lsof | grep ptmx | wc -l`
19:37 agoddard wow, openstack is one bs mofry to install :|
19:39 pdurbin  heh
19:39 pdurbin  westmaas: ^^
19:51 westmaas :(
19:54 pdurbin  heh
19:54 pdurbin  agoddard: you need content for your blog anyway. you haven't updated in months
19:54 agperson storm clouds?
19:54 agoddard pdurbin: not wrong
19:55 agoddard westmaas: I gave up on the rackspace cloudbuilder cookbooks :(
19:59 pdurbin  is $shell a thing?  as opposed to $SHELL?  this is hard to google for...
20:00 teancom  I don't believe so
20:00 pdurbin  not even a tcsh thing?
20:07 pdurbin  it doesn't matter, really
20:08 pdurbin  don't anybody get up
20:09 teancom  pdurbin: Ah, well, in my world tcsh doesn't exist (it's like the boogie man). So I wouldn't know.
20:09 pdurbin  tcsh is worse than the boogie man
20:10 pdurbin  Csh Programming Considered Harmful - http://www.faqs.org/faqs/unix-faq/shell/csh-whynot/
20:10 pdurbin  http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/CshTop10.txt
20:10 pdurbin  http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/anti/csh/
20:13 teancom  pdurbin: but it's an easily fixable problem: take it out of /etc/shells B-)
20:13 pdurbin  oh, the users would scream
20:13 pdurbin  the vocal minority
20:14 teancom  Do you have a bunch of old solaris-heads hanging around?
20:14 pdurbin  i don't know who these people are
20:16 teancom  We sent all of our solaris users out to a farm, where they have lots of room to run around and play with the other greybeards. I'm told they love it out there.
20:16 teancom  My manager won't tell me where the farm is though, or I'd visit them.
20:21 pdurbin  :)
20:22 pdurbin  all the sunmanagers, together at last
20:25 pdurbin  via my boss: Difference between $0 and $SHELL - Stack Overflow - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9804517/difference-between-0-and-shell
20:26 westmaas agoddard: uh oh.  there's some official chef ones as well
20:26 westmaas and I think dell has some as well
20:26 agoddard westmaas: ya, they're in some weird place too
20:27 agoddard westmaas: same with dell ones
20:31 westmaas blah
20:45 agoddard westmaas: meh. :) it sounds like the opscode ones will be good once they're all set. And I'm sure the RCB ones would work on a new install with a bit of massaging