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14:42 pdurbin    VimOutliner - Outline processor designed for lightning fast authoring : vim online - http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3515
15:43 pdurbin    tychoish: welcome!
15:44 * tychoish waves
15:45 pdurbin    tychoish: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/search.pl?channel=crimsonfu&nick=&q=ikiwiki
15:45 pdurbin    i'm forever going on about ikiwiki in this channel :)
15:48 tychoish   yeah
15:48 tychoish   and in #ikiwiki too ;)
15:48 pdurbin    i can't help myself. the love is so deep
15:49 pdurbin    but come on, i haven't been in #ikiwiki in weeks. it's on that *other* irc network
15:49 tychoish   I've been using it since early 2007?  or sometime in 2006.
15:49 tychoish   this is why god made multi-network IRC clients in 1994
15:50 pdurbin    and it was good
15:52 tychoish   yep
18:40 pdurbin    6.5 Million LinkedIn Accounts May Be Compromised, Change Your Passwords Now - http://lifehacker.com/5916177/65-million-linkedin-accounts-may-be-compromised-change-your-passwords-now
18:41 tychoish   wait
18:41 tychoish   they were storing passwords in clear text?
18:42 tychoish   Up to 6.5 million user accounts and encrypted passwords
18:42 pdurbin    Linkedin Blog ยป Updating Your Password on LinkedIn and Other Account Security Best Practices - http://blog.linkedin.com/2012/06/06/updating-your-password-on-linkedin-and-other-account-security-best-practices/
18:45 SEJeff     tychoish, No, the news says the password hashes were leaked
18:46 pdurbin    yeah, seems like it was the hashes
18:46 tychoish   salt too?
18:46 tychoish   heh
18:54 pdurbin    "And finally, oVirt, an advanced server virtualization management system based on libvirt and KVM, is fully packaged for Fedora 17: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/oVirt " -- [fedora-virt] Fedora virt status May 2012 - http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/virt/2012-June/003288.html
18:54 pdurbin    somehow i missed this. that oVirt is fully packaged now
19:08 shuff      sweet!
19:08 SEJeff     pdurbin, In F17, right?
19:09 SEJeff     Oh sorry. It was one of the accepted F17 features.
19:15 tychoish   but it's still fedora
19:15 tychoish   oh right this channel is a redhat lovefest
19:37 pdurbin    hmm, could debian or ubuntu use oVirt?  i don't see why not. . . it's open source
19:44 pdurbin    and what is not to love about red hat anyway :)