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13:02 pdurbin  so all the perl people here love perlbrew, right? http://search.cpan.org/dist/App-perlbrew/ . perl on os x snow leopard is so broken i threw it on there
13:04 pdurbin  but now i guess i have to change all my shebangs from #!/usr/bin/perl to #!/usr/bin/env perl
13:06 SEJeff   pdurbin, You should do that for portability anyways :)
13:06 pdurbin  i guess
13:07 pdurbin  SEJeff: you do #!/usr/bin/env python ?
13:10 SEJeff   I do
13:10 SEJeff   As some of my scripts run on Solaris, HP-UX, and / or Linux
13:10 SEJeff   Then I often use virtualenv, which futzes the pythonpath stuff and $PATH locally for that virtual environment
13:11 pdurbin  i feel like i've seen people write #!perl but i get "bad interpreter"
13:11 pdurbin  right, i've been meaning to try virtualenv
13:12 shuff    so, i hesitate to poke the bears with a stick
13:12 shuff    but what problems have you all been having with the stock perl on snow leopard?
13:14 pdurbin  shuff: XS modules won't build on snow leopard
13:14 shuff    i cannot agree with so categorical a statement :)
13:14 shuff    i build tons of xs modules on snow leopard
13:14 pdurbin  with the system perl?
13:15 shuff    yup
13:15 pdurbin  hmm
13:15 pdurbin  shuff: you use "env perl" as well, anyway?
13:16 shuff    nope; #!/usr/bin/perl
13:19 shuff    i have perl 5.8.8 installed via fink for testing, but i primarily use the stock perl 5.10.0
13:20 SEJeff   shuff, Do you prefer fink or homebrew? I've heard people using and swearing by both
13:26 shuff    fink, far and away, but i am biased
13:27 SEJeff   why
13:27 * SEJeff isn't an OS X user, but likes to know these things for the occasional time he has to be
13:31 shuff    honestly, the main reason is that it's what i'm used to - i know how to package software for fink, and so when i need some third-party software, that's what i reach for
13:31 shuff    it leverages my existing familiarity with deb/apt
13:32 shuff    and in addition a lot of the verbiage coming out of the homebrew community back when i first became aware of it really rubbed me the wrong way
13:33 pdurbin  shuff: the verbiage? :)
13:33 shuff    oh yeah
13:34 shuff    lots and lots of "i tried to use fink/macports, but it wanted to install all this crap i didn't need"
13:34 pdurbin  what, did the homebrew guys say, "hey fink and macports, you're doing it wrong!"
13:34 pdurbin  well... it's truthy...
13:34 shuff    i understand the idea of trying to use the native libraries as much as possible
13:34 shuff    but the problem with the native libraries is that Apple can change them under your feet
13:35 pdurbin  i guess. in practice, homebrew hasn't given me any trouble
13:35 shuff    yet :)
13:35 pdurbin  i'll let you know
13:36 shuff    excellent
13:37 SEJeff   Thanks for the info gents
13:38 shuff    np
18:51 pdurbin  heh. http://joeyh.name/languages/ascountry/python/
19:37 shuff    :)
19:39 SEJeff   http://joeyh.name/languages/ascountry/ruby/
19:42 pdurbin  that's a good one too